Shout Out To Trans People Who...

…are forced to give their birth name in places like Starbucks

…have corrected their friends/family when using the wrong name/pronouns but still are disrespected and misgendered

…are forced to put their birth name on application forms

…have to come out multiple time to people because they have forgotten, don’t believe you or think it’s a phase

…have come out as a gender they identify with then later identify with a different gender and have to come out all over again

…are told, “you’ll always be _______ in my eyes”

…are outed because they came out to some people but not others

You are loved and valid and all of you are gorgeous. I believe in you 💞

Here's my issue with some dudes.

It’s late, I’m out with my girlfriend, who’s quite feminine and dresses in a very, very girly way, often puts lots of make up on. And we’re attending a social event, lots and lots of people around to talk to. And at some point I’m going for drinks and an old acquaintance of mine picks up a conversation with me on the way. Everything’s completely cool, except that whilst we’re talking, in the distance I see my girlfriend talking with this big dude. At first I’m like.. oh, okay. But then something bugged me quite a little bit, because I know her well and I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed kind of uncomfortable. So I excuse myself and approach them, and the very moment she saw me, she hooked her arm around mine, smiled and politely introduced me. In this introduction, the words “that’s my girlfriend” were present. She looked rather bugged herself, so I sort of figured out what was going on. His reaction was “cool”. But what surprised me was that he continued to look at her in that very flirtatious way and talk to her that way too, despite my presence.

So we were just about to leave, and the guy stops us, still smiling, didn’t seemed bothered at all, and straight up asked her if she’d like them to meet up sometime. She kindly refuses, whilst I’m already boiling inside. Then on our way, he asks her about full name so that he can add her on Facebook. To which I react with a “fucking what?” I got very, very, very freaking angry and he told me to “chill”. Chill? Chill my ass. You fucking touch my girlfriend, I don’t care if I’m 5'5 tall, I’ll punch you in the face, break your nose, and then I’ll get into a fight with you.

It bugs me, because I’ve seen guys do it before, but then the boyfriend of the girl shows up, and it’s like they just back off. But then I’m the girlfriend that showed up and he didn’t give a damn. It bugs me, because something like this doesn’t happen for the first time.

Ye, I’m a girl and that’s my girlfriend, you freaking bother her and you’re gonna wish I was a guy.

I love how a film that’s about a closeted boy manages to get over 8 million views in two days, was trending number 1 on YouTube and other social media platforms, won multiple awards, and has gotten viewers and critics BEGGING for a feature film, yet homophobes still have the AUDACITY to say “Nobody wants to watch queer romance.”