youtuber: *comes out as gay*

youtube fandom: “Aw I’m so happy for them” “I’m so proud” “I’m happy they’re my idol”

youtuber: *comes out a bi*

youtube fandom: “Who the fuck cares??” “it’s not a big deal” “I bet they’re not even really bi” “fucking greedy” “why do they think it’s a big deal it’s not like they’re gay” “not really lgbtq+”

Lesbian couple wins $135,000 in lawsuit against homophobic bakery.

On Saturday, the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa were ordered by the civil rights division of Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries to pay $135,000 in damages to a lesbian couple they had previously refused service. The suit, and others like it, are proof the battle over marriage equality isn’t over.

Meet 9-year-old Q Daily, who recently finished third grade at the Brooklyn New School in New York City. Q, who was born a girl, just spent his first full school year as a boy.

And to him, that’s liberating. Really, he explains, it’s everything: “It feels like — instead of a dead flower — a growing flower.”

It might be a feeling his peers don’t totally understand, but it seems like they really don’t care, either.

Billy Griffith is one of Q’s closest buddies. They were friends when Q was a girl, too, and they have a lot in common. “We both like Michael Jackson a lot,” Billy says. “We’re both obsessed with him a lot.”

For This Transgender Third-Grader, Life As A Boy Is Liberating

Photo Credit:  Brad Horrigan for NPR
The Simple Feeling and Beyond: Kirk and Spock’s Place in Queer History
The modern understanding of queerness and fandom, in all its myriad forms and complexities, owes the lion’s share of thanks to James T. Kirk and Spock.

Contributor Vrai Kaiser breaks down just how important it was that Gene Roddenberry okayed Kirk and Spock’s queerness. 

Think about the LGBTQ kids who have killed themselves. Some of them missed the way we remembered Leelah and Zander and everyone. They missed the ban on conversion therapy. They missed seeing Caitlyn Jenner come out. They missed Marriage Equality. Think about all the things you might miss out on. We’re gonna have an openly trans president hopefully in our lifetimes, your transition related care will be insured, Intersex babies wont be subjected to surgery. NB people will have their gender marker recognized, kids will learn about gender and sexuality and sex in school. The more of our community we lose however, will only make it grow exponentially. No one needs to die. There is so much to look forward to.


Remember this video asking kids how they felt about same-sex marriage? The creators are back, interviewing the same kids two years later about the SCOTUS ruling legalizing marriage equality. These kids have been paying attention over the last two years, and not only are they adorable and empathetic to the cause, but they’re really insightful. Worth watching the whole thing. 

It’s like these anti-gun people think us gun owners are all just fat greasy cis white men who put stars and bars on everything and think women and gays have no rights and that Christianity is the end all be all religion. Like uhh. I’m a pansexual transgender girl who thinks everyone should have equal rights and opportunities, I think the government should be held responsible for the terrorism it is engaged in and perpetuates. I’m a feminist, I don’t consider myself to be a part of any religious group. Fucking let me defend myself with the best tool for the job! I don’t want to be beaten to death because some roid raging hyper masculine guy feels threatened or embarrassed because he thinks I’m cute but finds out I’m trans and decides to kill me. Fuck that.