Matt Bomer will play a trans sex worker in a new movie, because of course he will
Another transgender awards-baity role goes to a cisgender actor.
By Mic

Oh, goodie. It’s happening again. Matt Bomer, a cisgender out gay male actor, has signed on to play a transgender woman who’s a sex worker in the upcoming movie Anything. Again, we’re doing this. From Mic: 

A lot of parallels exist between this casting decision in this role and Jared Leto’s casting as Rayon in the Dallas Buyers Club. Both roles are iterations of a very old stock character: the “hooker with the heart of gold.” However, as such stock characters, they only exist to serve the emotional arc of the protagonist, a cisgender male. Like Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, the character is portrayed by a cisgender actor.

Characters like these are huge awards bait — for example, see Leto’s Oscar. But, once again, it’s cisgender men who are more apt to get praise for playing transgender women than transgender women themselves.

Sure, there are not enough stories about transgender people being told in the media, but trans characters should be played by trans actors. It’s that simple. 

It’s horrifically offensive that Hollywood would rather give the recognition and accolades to another attractive white cis guy rather than let a trans woman have the spotlight. Shame, shame, shame. 

One day...

One day we’re going to have a wlw ship that we will pour our fucking hearts into, one we’ll binge repeatedly, write fanfics about, relate to and obsess over.

One ship where the actresses are just as on-board with the ship as we are, where they are co-captains of the damn thing. They’ll be so into it that we’ll all joke and speculate and god, hope, that they’re actually going to date in real life.

 And they’ll joke about it too…but then they actually fucking will start dating and it will be so so glorious. We’ll rally, we’ll cheer, we will go absolutely batshit and it will be a beautiful day for us and our community and representation.

2016 has been a hard year for us wlw shippers but you can only go up from rock bottom and I look forward to this day, hoping that it will be reality.

Dolly Parton on How She's Helped Her Gay Family Members Come Out: 'You Don't Need to Live Your Life in Darkness'
"Most of the gays I know just want to make the world a more beautiful place like I do," Parton said in the interview

“Country legend Dolly Parton is speaking out about her love for the LGBT community and fans.

Growing up in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, Parton said her first introduction to the gay community was unknowingly through her family.

“I didn’t know they were at the time!” she said to Pride Source with a laugh. “We were just mountain people, and I did not know at that time – I sure did not.”

“In my early days we did not know (what gay was). It didn’t take me long to know that people were different and that was always fine with me,” Parton, 70, continued. “I was different too, and I embraced and accepted them and I knew them. I knew them well.”

The icon also revealed she’s the go-to in her family to lend love and support when someone is opening up about their sexual identity. “Later on, I did find out I have many gays and lesbians in my own family. We accept them, we embrace them,” she shared.

“Oh, there are some in the mountains who still don’t know quite what to make of it or how they should feel about it, but they’re ours and they’re who they are and we know they’re wonderful and they’re like us,” Parton said, adding, “We love the fact that they are who they are and we nurture that. We don’t try to make them feel separate or different. We embrace it.”

“Actually, I’ve had many people through the years who I have helped to feel good about themselves. I say, ‘You need to let people know who you are and you need to come on out. You don’t need to live your life in darkness – what’s the point in that? You’re never gonna be happy; you’re gonna be sick. You’re not gonna be healthy if you try to suppress your feelings and who you are.’”

“I have a huge gay and lesbian following and I’m proud of 'em, I love 'em and I think everybody should be themselves and be allowed to be themselves whoever they are, whatever they are,” she said.

Read the whole piece here <– there are more great quotes, if you’re a Dolly fan or fan of awesome human beings / LGBTQIA+ allies, read it!!

Very touching and heartwarming!


The “First Girl I Loved” trailer is finally here

it excites me
wanting to write about her i mean
when my pen hits the paper
or my fingers tap the letters
its like my love pours into them
my love for her possesses my fingers
and i can’t stop it
just like my love for her

she reminds me of the sun
sometimes she’s too bright to look at
sometimes it hurts looking at her
but it’s always worth it
i’d always look again
the pain doesn’t matter

maybe she’s from a past life
or maybe she’s an alien
i can’t say i’d be surprised
she has a beauty about her
that i just can’t describe

i want her to hold me
but i’m too scared i’ll turn into nothing
someone that powerful and beautiful
just like the sun
isn’t made to love me back

—  k.f