Labor appoints Australia’s first national equality spokesperson
THE Australian Labor Party has appointed the country’s first national equality spokesperson as part of its shadow cabinet in Parliament.

Federal member for Griffith Terri Butler was announced as the party’s Shadow Assistant Minister for Equality over the weekend, a role that will be responsible for issues affecting Australia’s LGBTI community.

Butler said it was an honour to be selected for the position, one that’s a historic first in Australia.

“I’m proud that for the first time the nation’s alternative government has a role focused on addressing discrimination and disadvantage for LGBTI people,” she told the Star Observer.

“I hope that one of the consequences of having a role like this in the nation’s shadow executive will be to reduce marginalisation and disadvantage, and for the LGBTI community’s needs to be considered in the course of lawmaking and government.”

Butler said she plans to advocate against the costly and potentially harmful plebiscite, instead championing the idea of a free vote.

Alongside same-sex marriage, Butler said she plans to advocate for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) access, LGBTI aged care, and the mental health of queer youth.

Butler’s appointment follows in the footsteps of the Victorian government, who appointed Rowena Allen as the state’s first gender and sexuality commissioner last year.

Absolutely great news for LGBTI Australians! It’s just a shame that the Liberals have formed a Government. We need a Government that truly supports and advocates for our community. 

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