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I’m looking for a new assistant. Please help me out by spreading the word.

AS POSTED BY Mitch Kellaway, my current assistant:

JOB OPPORTUNITY! I’ve worked for the fabulous Robyn Ochs (& Pixel Ochs) this past year, and now maybe you can too?! Here’s my job posting: 

“Ten Things That Are Good About Working For Robyn”
(By Mitch and Jareka, former assistants)

1. A flexible, casual work environment (make your own hours!).
2. An opportunity to do meaningful work for someone who is easy to respect.
3. Working for someone who wants to talk about intersectionality.
4. Free cashews, string cheese, and excellent coffee.
5. Supporting someone who genuinely values your work & pays fairly.
6. Being surrounded by animals in your workplace (Jareka: ♥ cats! Mitch: ♥ lizard!).
7. Single-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms.
8. Learning new organizational systems.
9. Interacting with a diverse, widespread group of students and faculty/staff at colleges and community groups.
10. Peg (Robyn’s wife) might give you a ride on her motorcycle.

ROBYN OCHS, Speaker, teacher, writer, and LGBT and social justice activist seeks self-motivated, organized and innovative administrative assistant. Strong communications skills (writing, speaking on the phone, etc.) are essential, and you should be comfortable with social media, Microsoft word, Excel and WordPress. 

15-20 hrs/wk. Flexible hours. Requires working in Jamaica Plain, MA at least once a week. Start date: June 1, 2014. A two-year commitment to this job is desired.

• Maintain routine correspondence with organizations interested in booking Robyn’s workshops.
• Work with student groups, student life departments, and academic centers to coordinate logistics of Robyn’s speaking tours.
• Prepare and proofread marketing mailings.
• Help to manage email and prioritize a busy inbox.
• Maintain a speaking calendar and online contact databases.
• Plan and booking travel arrangements (flight, car, and hotels).
• Prepare contracts.
• Design handouts.
• Keep Google

-based organizational systems running smoothly.
• Research relevant resources and make contact with new potential hosts.

• Excellent phone and email communication skills
• Ability to self-motivate, prioritize tasks, and focus while working from home/Robyn’s home.
• Good organization.
• Creativity.
• Design experience, including graphic design and knowledge of relevant software.
• Ability to explain Robyn’s work and activism.
• Strong attention to detail.

Email a cover letter, your resume and a paragraph explaining why you’d be a great fit to by May 18, 2014.


I am feeling profound gratitude toward all of the amazing people I have the privilege of meeting in the course of my work. I know I give something valuable to the students, advisers, faculty and staff at the schools I visit, but the truth is I get back even more in return. My thanks go out to everyone who has taught and inspired me in 2014, through your words and/or through your actions.

We’ve made amazing progress this year on the marriage equality front, as this map demonstrates. My thanks go out to every single person who spoke up, came out, rallied, wrote letters, spoke to their friends, families and coworkers, donated money to advocacy organizations and to pro-equality legislators all across the United States in 2014.

And remember that with all the progress we’ve made, there’s still a lot of work in front of us until every LGBT+ person is safe from cradle to grave.

Let’s double down and make sure that 2015 gives us progress in trans rights, protections for LGBTQ+ seniors and youth, employment protections, marriage equality across the United States, and more.

Please consider donating funds and/or volunteer hours to local and national advocacy organizations, telling your story to everyone who will listen, and making a commitment to support one another.

I’m in. Are you? 

Go team!
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