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I am feeling profound gratitude toward all of the amazing people I have the privilege of meeting in the course of my work. I know I give something valuable to the students, advisers, faculty and staff at the schools I visit, but the truth is I get back even more in return. My thanks go out to everyone who has taught and inspired me in 2014, through your words and/or through your actions.

Okay, so this is absolutely stupid and disgusting. Cutting your wrists because some trashy viner was beat by one of the biggest LGBT+ speakers on the Internet in a pre-decided contest that in he scheme of life, really doesn’t matter. Seriously? I think this person is looking for the attention of Cameron Dallas and basically the entire internet. I am giving them the attention they want, but its negative. Did #cutforbieber do anything? No. Did #cutforzayn to anything? No. Some people cut for legitimate reasons, this is just attention seeking, and it’s disturbing. Calling Tyler Oakley “Tyler Oakleaf” is actually very disrespectful, considering that’s getting his name wrong on purpose.


I’m looking for a new assistant. Please help me out by spreading the word.

AS POSTED BY Mitch Kellaway, my current assistant:

JOB OPPORTUNITY! I’ve worked for the fabulous Robyn Ochs (& Pixel Ochs) this past year, and now maybe you can too?! Here’s my job posting: 

“Ten Things That Are Good About Working For Robyn”
(By Mitch and Jareka, former assistants)

1. A flexible, casual work environment (make your own hours!).
2. An opportunity to do meaningful work for someone who is easy to respect.
3. Working for someone who wants to talk about intersectionality.
4. Free cashews, string cheese, and excellent coffee.
5. Supporting someone who genuinely values your work & pays fairly.
6. Being surrounded by animals in your workplace (Jareka: ♥ cats! Mitch: ♥ lizard!).
7. Single-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms.
8. Learning new organizational systems.
9. Interacting with a diverse, widespread group of students and faculty/staff at colleges and community groups.
10. Peg (Robyn’s wife) might give you a ride on her motorcycle.

ROBYN OCHS, Speaker, teacher, writer, and LGBT and social justice activist seeks self-motivated, organized and innovative administrative assistant. Strong communications skills (writing, speaking on the phone, etc.) are essential, and you should be comfortable with social media, Microsoft word, Excel and WordPress. 

15-20 hrs/wk. Flexible hours. Requires working in Jamaica Plain, MA at least once a week. Start date: June 1, 2014. A two-year commitment to this job is desired.

• Maintain routine correspondence with organizations interested in booking Robyn’s workshops.
• Work with student groups, student life departments, and academic centers to coordinate logistics of Robyn’s speaking tours.
• Prepare and proofread marketing mailings.
• Help to manage email and prioritize a busy inbox.
• Maintain a speaking calendar and online contact databases.
• Plan and booking travel arrangements (flight, car, and hotels).
• Prepare contracts.
• Design handouts.
• Keep Google

-based organizational systems running smoothly.
• Research relevant resources and make contact with new potential hosts.

• Excellent phone and email communication skills
• Ability to self-motivate, prioritize tasks, and focus while working from home/Robyn’s home.
• Good organization.
• Creativity.
• Design experience, including graphic design and knowledge of relevant software.
• Ability to explain Robyn’s work and activism.
• Strong attention to detail.

Email a cover letter, your resume and a paragraph explaining why you’d be a great fit to by May 18, 2014.

The Roles Played By Lgbt Speakers
By Daphne Bowen

There are many upcoming things that are related to gender and sex orientation of people. Increasing the awareness to the people is the major way to help people realizes their civil and personal rights. In order for this to be done effectively, a number of people have formed associations which do these services to the general public. The lgbt speakers hold forums which enable the people to understand important facts about the sex issues affecting the society.

All members of this bureau are well trained to handle many things relating to homosexuality or trans-gender matters. A number of them have their personal experience which they share with the people who attend their seminars. Those who have faced some discrimination due to their gender choice are encouraged to attend these events to help them get the right guidance.

The operations conducted by any association activating for the rights of people are recognized by the law. Support is given to ensure all citizens receive equal treatment despite their gender or sexuality. The passing of gender marriages to people of same sex has been one major breakthrough by the activists who want people to get fair treatments. People with these conditions can therefore stop hiding since the law is ready to protect them.

A number of programs are designed for people who have various challenges in their lives. Most of them take place in groups where those facing similar conditions are set aside and given a counselor to take them through the programs. The events are held in public lecture halls to ensure many people can attend to these useful training which will make them acceptable by the people and reduce stigma.

Guidance services are also provided by these speakers. In some events, these people are trained lawyers who understand all the legal matters concerning the right of individuals. If you have been a victim of sex violence, the issues can be tackled by these experts. Filing the case is helped by the body or at times they can hire the litigators to present the matter before the courts.

The experts have taken the initiative to educate the younger generation which is more prone to these life challenges. Most programs are offered in the universities and colleges where the number of youths is very high. The educative courses are offered to all people free of charge to ensure the entire society accept people with these choice in their lives.

A number of notable activists hold press conferences in the media houses to address the whole nation. These interviews that are held are being encouraged by many groups advocating for equality of all people. The awareness about the homosexuality that has been a hot topic over the years is being settled. The benefits are being enjoyed by people who are becoming acceptable in their community.

Speakers encourage people to come out from their secretive relationships to get the right guidance. Various campaigns are being run by these individuals to increase this awareness to the world. With the support from the people, all people will enjoy living their lives without suffering because of their choices.

About the Author:

Read more about The Importance Of Lgbt Speakers.


We’ve made amazing progress this year on the marriage equality front, as this map demonstrates. My thanks go out to every single person who spoke up, came out, rallied, wrote letters, spoke to their friends, families and coworkers, donated money to advocacy organizations and to pro-equality legislators all across the United States in 2014.

And remember that with all the progress we’ve made, there’s still a lot of work in front of us until every LGBT+ person is safe from cradle to grave.

Let’s double down and make sure that 2015 gives us progress in trans rights, protections for LGBTQ+ seniors and youth, employment protections, marriage equality across the United States, and more.

Please consider donating funds and/or volunteer hours to local and national advocacy organizations, telling your story to everyone who will listen, and making a commitment to support one another.

I’m in. Are you? 

Go team!


In mid-July, I was on the faculty and also a keynote speaker at Camp Pride 2014 ( For my keynote, rather than give a speech (I can do those too!),  I did a version of my Beyond Binaries program. Seventy campers completed the anonymous questionnaire that is part of this program.

One of the questions asked: “What identity word(s) words do you use to describe your sexual orientation?” Here’s how folks responded:

ace/queer (1)

bi (1)

bisexual (4)

bisexual or pansexual (1)

bisexual, demisexual (1)

bisexual, queer, pansexual (1)

confused (1)

Fluid bi sapiosexual (1)

fluid lesbian (1)

gay (18)

gay, queer, homosexual (1)

lesbian (5)

lesbian or homoflexible (1)

Lesbian/dyke (1)

lesbian/gay (2)

lesbian/gay/queer (1)

panromantic gray het/het?/Demisexual (1)

pansexual (2)

pansexual –> skoliosexual (1)

people lover, questioning (1)

Queer (10)

Queer, energy-sexual (1)

Queer, gay (3)

Queer, gay, lesbian, fluid (1)

queer, grey, asexual, kinky, nonmonogamous, pansexual

Queer/lesbian (1)

queer/pansexual (2)

Sexually fluid/Pansexual/Poly/Queer/mostly I say I fell of the sexual orientation wagon (1)

straight (3)

straight-ish (but usually straight) (1)

Note that 24 people wrote in more than one identity word when filling out the questionnaire.

Here’s something to think about: if these students had instead been filling out a multiple-choice questionnaire in which they were asked, “What is your sexual orientation?” with only “Straight” or “Lesbian” or “Gay” or “Bisexual” as options and where they were required to choose ONE of these in order to move to the next question, how would that have affected what researchers [thought they] could conclude?

Words matter. They can reveal or conceal a great deal about us.

With love,


After several weeks at home [almost] finishing up a new book, REC*OG*NIZE: The Voices of Bisexual Men–An Anthology that I am co-editing with the amazing Dr. Herukhuti, I begin touring this week.

Here’s where I’ll be during my first big tour:

Jan 28: Potomac State College of West Virginia Univ. (Keyser, WV); 
Jan 29-Feb 2: Creating Change Conference (Houston, TX); 
Feb 3: Texas A&M University (College Station, TX)
Feb 5: University of Texas Arlington (Arlington, TX) 
Feb 7-9: MBLGTACC (St. Louis, MO)
Feb 10: Emory University (Atlanta, GA)

For more info:

On tour! It’s been quite an amazing two weeks, with schools in West Virginia, Texas and Georgia and TWO major conferences: Creating Change and MBLGTACC. I was at Emory University in Atlanta on Monday and just slipped out before the big storm.

Here’s what’s coming up next:

  • Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY) February 13, 2014
  • Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA) February 18, 2014 – February 20, 2014
  • UMass Dartmouth February 24, 2014
  • Tufts University (Medford, MA) February 26, 2014
  • Rhode Island College (Providence, RI) February 28, 2014
  • LGBT Media Journalists Convening (Washington, DC) March 1, 2014            

You can find lots more information on my website:

I am just home from an amazing week at Campus Pride Summer Leadership Camp where I had the privilege of spending time with over a hundred amazing people, mostly LGBTQ+ and ally college students from schools all across the United States. I go to Camp as a “teacher” but in all honesty, I learn as much as I teach. I am thankful to each and every person who shared their experience, their perspective, their ideas, their hopes and fears and aspirations with me. We have so much work to do to heal this world, but I return from Camp knowing that there a lot of other brilliant and creative people committed to moving us forward. Thank you for that gift.
The Scientific Quest to Prove That The New York Times Exists

I dare you to find even one (legitimate) scientist on the planet who is on any quest to prove that bisexuals do or don’t exist. So why would a paper with as storied a tradition and valuable a reputation as The New York Times put out an article with t…

 Amy Andre ’s brilliant response to the article that appeared in last Sunday’s NY Times on “The Scientific Quest to Prove that Bisexuality Exists" 


Hey, everyone! I wan’t y'all to know that I’m doing a full court press to get my fall speaking schedule in order. I’m planning to be out on the road from September through mid-November, and if you are interested in bringing me to your school, please let me know NOW. 

I’m open to speaking just about anywhere anytime, but here are a few areas I’m targeting:
September 14-17: KY/TN/southern OH
September 21-24: CA
September 29-Oct 1: WI
October 5-8: TX
October: 12-15: PA & MN
October 19-22: IN (and surrounding states)
October 26-29: FL
November 2-4: between Boston and PA
November 9-12: anywhere!
November 16-19: anywhere!

(And a special note to schools within 2 hours of Boston: anytime, y'all! Special discounts for you as well.)

If you’re not the person on your campus who makes these decisions, please pass my interest in speaking on to whoever holds this power.

Best way to reach me:

To learn about my work: