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Last Updated April 26th 2015

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Am I finally actually free from dysphoria at the age of 23? 

3 years with the Gender Clinic, 2 and a half years of testosterone injections and 3 life changing surgeries later, I now look down at my body from head to toe and feel..content. Not overwhelmed with happiness necessarily as most would expect me to say at this point of transition, but I feel calm. I don’t look at myself naked in the mirror and hate my body anymore or see something wrong, I see my body pretty much how it should be. I’m not about to go out and shout from the rooftops how happy I am with it, because you wouldn’t expect that from a cisgender person who isn’t bothered by their body would you? I am me now, my body fits me and I can go on and really live my life. One more minor surgery for completion, and then I am done, I will be free. 


RosaleiTheWitch is transphobic.

[Top left picture shows Rosalei’s kik account that they publicly published on their blog, and had clarified was open to anybody who wanted to talk or ask questions.]

Earlier this afternoon, I was browsing through my dashboard and had found Rosalei’s account on accident. Interested, I scrolled through some their posts to see if this was a blog I wanted to follow. Noticing a certain post that had hints of cissexism, I decided that maybe I should contact them before I made the commitment of following. So, seeing as I had kik, I decided to message her there and keep everything private and relatively casual. I was respectful and poise, and did not incite the harsh replies that you see above [the top right, middle left, middle right, and bottom left pictures].

The messages were so transphobic that I threw up and began to have extreme anxiety, verging on an attack. And when I explained to them that this was very triggering, they laughed at and gaslighted me to the point where I began to doubt my feelings of anger and hurt. Moments later, they called me abusive, which not only fueled my upset but it gave me incentive to reach out to other bloggers about this misguided child who has the potential to trigger, hurt, or demean others.

This person has displayed that they are trash. Their behavior is completely unacceptable and I want to warn other witchlings and fellow bloggers who may want to or are already following them about their obvious transphobia and cissexism.

Please share and spread the word. This should not be tolerated in our community, or any community for that matter.

Is it a ‘’Phase’’?

(From internet)
First of all, let’s not call it a “phase.” Calling what you’re going through a phase diminishes what you are going through. What is happening is you are looking at yourself and trying to figure out who you are. That is a good thing!

Questioning your sexual orientation is a very normal thing to do. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people often have questions. If you are feeling this way today, does it mean you will always feel this way? Maybe, maybe not.

Some people may seem like they’re born knowing they’re gay. But actually, most people in the process of coming out do question their sexuality. Some will eventually come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans, but others will decide that they are straight. Each and every one of these identities is okay, as long as you are comfortable and true to who you are.

Some girls and women only realize they are gay in their teens or twenties, or even later. It’s also normal to feel that your sexual orientation shifts over time.

But whether you are absolutely certain that you are gay,bi, or still trying to figure it out is probably less related to how old you are, and more related to various individual factors. But no matter how long it takes to answer that question, rest assured you are the best person to do the answering, whatever your age.