The world's most publicly out soccer team just won the World Cup!
With four out players and a head coach, the Swedish and American women's soccer teams are the most publicly out of any in the Women's World Cup, which starts in Canada June 6. All told, 17 participants are out as gay, bisexual or otherwise.
By Cyd Zeigler

This is actually really important.

Shoutout to all the transpeeps that have difinitive masculine or feminine features.

Shoutout to the transpeople that have disabilities. You are just as valuable as an able bodied person.

Shoutout to the transpeople who can’t transition because it might/would lead to them being attacked or harassed.

Shoutout to the transpeople who have already come out to their family, but have been denied the right to transition.

Shoutout to the people who can’t afford to transition, especially if it’s illegal where they are.

You all matter. You are loved. You are you and that is enough.