Why We Love Lagos Fashion And Design Week

“You get to see creativity and business merge together and it showcases Nigerian talent. I think it’s a great environment to get a new perspective on African design. I think it’s quite nice for the world to see that we don’t just to Ankara fabrics, so it’s such a breakthrough to see our fashion week in Lagos and there’s so much happening in terms of infrastructure and it’s nice to have different people in the industry come together. I’m a model so I love fashion. Asides walking the runway, it’s nice to be a spectator and a consumer, asides being part of the creative process.” -Aina Fadina, Model  

Why We Love Lagos Fashion And Design Week 

“I am a visual curator and youtube person. I really just come to see individuals who are not part of the show, come and show their street style. That’s the best part because it gives everyone an excuse to actually show who they really are through their outfits.” - Yagazie Emezi

Photo- TheStyleHQ


Vanity Fair Italia | La Moda Che Arriva Dall'Africa (Fashion That Comes From Africa)

We were in Lagos, Nigeria for the fashion week that brings together the best of local style. If you think about ethno shirts and hats from the big mama, you’re light years away. The neo-chic comes from here.

Photographer: Marcello Bonfanti

Fashion Editor: Cristina Manfredi

Styling: Veronica Odeka

Models: Chika and Moyin

Make-Up: Bimpe Ogunmakin

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