When Donghae went back to Mokpo, he brought along our single to offer to his dad. I want to thank Hae’s dad. Thank you for encouraging Donghae to come to Seoul to fulfill his dream of being a singer back then. If it wasn’t for your encouragement, I would have never met Donghae in my life. I will protect Donghae. Just like when Donghae was young, Hae’s dad would carry him on his shoulders. Now I will use my shoulders to carry him.
—  Lee Hyukjae
  • donghae:eunhyuk? who is he?? I- [trips] [hundreds of eunhyuk pictures slip out of his pocket] these? -these aren't mine I'm just- [sweating profusely] -no listen to me listen- [trying to gather them up quickly] this means nothing I- [more pictures slip out of his pocket and scatter across the floor] I'm just holding them for a friend lisTEN TO ME