@AllRiseSilver  매점에서 에프엑스 이름달고 챙겨왔지롱 요건몰랐을거다 짜식들 pic.twitter.com/y9OEjMFKga

[TRANS] I used F(x)’s name to get these from the store~. You probably didn’t know this, kids

└ @llama_ajol (amber): @AllRiseSilver kk enjoy your meal, oppa ^^

└ @AllRiseSilver: @llama_ajol Ah right, we were following each other, right? It wasn’t like that .. Oppa wasn’t planning to do it secretly like um… Fighting, Ambul^^

@llama_ajol: @AllRiseSilver kk it’s okay. When oppa has a comeback, I’ll also go eat delicious food with oppas’ names kkk

@AllRiseSilver 밥도 챙겨줌…하..눙물……
[TRANS] They even provided me a meal..Ha.. tears…..

@AllRiseSilver  오 대박 에프엑스 봤음!! 사진도 찍어줌!! 짱착해 짱예쁨 숨멎 오오 pic.twitter.com/VVRO7WRI78

[TRANS] Oh daebak. I saw F(x)!! They even allowed me to take a picture with them!! They’re very kind. Very pretty. I wasn’t able to breathe. Ohoh

@AllRiseSilver With 루나 pic.twitter.com/23yAuKF1kL
[TRANS] With Luna

@AllRiseSilver With 빅송 pic.twitter.com/APeWV7hZND
[TRANS] With Vic Song

@AllRiseSilver With 앰벌 pic.twitter.com/t5VrjhCrT5
[TRANS] With Ambul

@AllRiseSilver With 수정 pic.twitter.com/VP7k4SAxGh
[TRANS] With Soojung

@AllRiseSilver With 썰리 pic.twitter.com/tLQPO1X9GF
[TRANS] With Ssulli

@AllRiseSilver 집찍 pic.twitter.com/MsAysQMxEJ
[TRANS] Fan photo taken at home

@AllRiseSilver 빰!!! 오늘은 여기까지 에프엑스 레드라이트 화이팅 pic.twitter.com/QWKHKymQ8s
[TRANS] Bam!!! Stopping here for today. F(x) Red Light, fighting

(trans by nksubs)