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Levi and Hange continue to fight and survive in their broken world.
Forming new alliances and making new discoveries.

Well it’s taken forever but it’s finally finished, the follow up to This Could Be Anywhere in the World aka the LeviHan zombie!au.

snk fandom

it’s funny bc we get so grossed out when irreverent nonfictional couples make out in school hallways but if any of our otps were making out in a hallway we’d go fetch a big ass beanbag, some popcorn, & a slurpee & sit behind them & enjoy the show


I just wanted to talk about this scene because I noticed something:
Levi is picking Hanji up, but the way he is leaning at the door and looking, I think he was waiting there for a longer time and didn’t just came at the very moment .
And when he called Hanji to get moving(because she didn’t listen to poor Moblit), she looked surprised, as if she didn’t knew he was there the whole time(when he just came she would have heard his footsteps and we , the watchers ,would see him coming at this moment)

So I call it a levihan scene because it seems as if Levi watched her working and was waiting in patient for her while the others left them

Criminal OTP/AU

-“We both broke into the same person’s house and now we are watching Supernatural on their TV IS THIS A DATE?!”

-“Our cells are across from each other and I got something in my eye and now you think I winked at you WOW THIS IS AWKWARD”

-“We are both robbing a bookstore AND YOU LIKE HARRY POTTER TOO!”

-“Our hands brushed when we were both taking down our wanted posters and now I’m blushing”

-“The guards ship us”

-”We both got arrested and now we are riding in the Police car together and now we are flirting wow this is strange”

      Bonus-”Now the policeman is laughing at us… DO WE HAVE A SHIPPER?”