Daylight (levihan one shot)

 I was totally inspired by this song, it’s pretty cool so go check it out. 

*Here’s a summary: Having been in tension with each other for a month after the mission in Shinganshina, Levi and Hanji have a deep conversation in Hanji’s room. Hope you enjoy it! 

PD: please forgive my gramatical incompetence, english isn’t my native language.

Hearing the soft drops grow slowly harder outside, Hanji was sitting on her desk trying to go through some paperwork that her new position as commander demanded her to resolve. While reading, she played nervously with her hair in an intent to concentrate, but her mind wouldn’t ease. Since it was late at night everyone had gone to sleep, so there was complete silence. Still she couldn’t focus. Her memories dragged her back to that moment. Over and over, she could see that scene go through her head and all that’d happened next. Although, what kept her mind far away the most wasn’t the fight, the gruesome scenario she’d seen or the death of her friends. Even if that was a burden heavy enough to carry, she felt bretrayed. And that was the worst part. She knew that it wasn’t right to feel that way, that it was unfair, but she couldn’t help it. Levi and her’d always had each other’s back. They’d never disagreed, well at least not in such important matters. It wasn’t like Hanji would never be able to forgive him… or would she? No, what was she thinking? Of course she would, she just wasn’t ready. But most importantly, would she ever trust him blindly and with her whole heart like she’d always done? Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the hall. 

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imagine your otp
  • person A: you know, i'm jelous of you
  • person B: huh? why?
  • person A: your partner is way hotter than mine *walks away*
  • person B: wait but
  • person B: but wE ARE DATIN-
Criminal OTP/AU

-“We both broke into the same person’s house and now we are watching Supernatural on their TV IS THIS A DATE?!”

-“Our cells are across from each other and I got something in my eye and now you think I winked at you WOW THIS IS AWKWARD”

-“We are both robbing a bookstore AND YOU LIKE HARRY POTTER TOO!”

-“Our hands brushed when we were both taking down our wanted posters and now I’m blushing”

-“The guards ship us”

-”We both got arrested and now we are riding in the Police car together and now we are flirting wow this is strange”

      Bonus-”Now the policeman is laughing at us… DO WE HAVE A SHIPPER?”


The worst thing about becoming old

The increase of the number of my OTP’s. 

Reblog if your ships ruin your life.

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