ppl who follow my main know i’ve been reading a lot about service dogs lately… remember never to pet someone’s service dog! don’t even ask! service dogs are working very hard when you see them in public and distracting them can put their owners in danger. everyone loves dogs, they very cute, but service dogs are very busy and the best thing you can do is ignore them and let them do their jobs.

Jen attempts to art
  • talks to artist husband about drawing Chat Noir for the 51st time
  • is told “maybe this weekend” for the 51st time
  • thinks “fuck this imma do it”
  • remembers she has SAI & a touch-screen laptop
  • tracks down iPad stylus
  • briefly thinks about asking artist husband one more time to draw
  • remembers artist husband took 5 months to draw last idea
  • decides she can DO THIS
  • an hour later…
  • forgot she didn’t know how to art ᗒᗣᗕ
  • …prepares to ask artist husband for 52nd time

A shiny new commission info post! 

Commissions are OPEN!

SKETCH: $40 



GRAB BAGS: You could get anything from a bust to a fullbody piece! It is essentially paying a cheaper price to let me do some experimental art with your character!

CHARACTER DESIGNS: +$10 to the base price

COUPLES: x2 the normal price. I will do couples in all styles.


  • Any weapons, familiars, props, etc is +$5 to fullbodies/sketches and +$2 to chibis. 
  • Character design means I am designing the character or the majority of the character from the ground up. If you would like an OC in a particular outfit, that is not a character design, but if you would like me to design an AU version or a certain outfit, that is a character design. Ask me if you have questions!
  • For more examples/full version of examples, please see MY ART TAG
  • My only limit is not doing nsfw & drug references. Apologies I’m just not comfortable with it.
  • I like being contacted on discord or DEVIANTART (chiickadee.deviantart.com) best, but if you send me an ask that’s fine too! You can also e-mail me at chii.commission@gmail.com (though I tend to be slower answering it!) 

Thank you all so much even for taking the time to read this ;_;/


Presenting an art piece for @calebski s “Air” story featuring Viktor/Hermione pairing. I highly reccomend the story, its very endearing and amazing and you can read here:

This piece took quite a while because I had so much trouble figuring out how the overall border would look. I finally did a little research on a few native bulgarian treats as well as the different types of flowers that are native there. Roses are definitely a thing in Bulgaria, but from all of the landscape imagery I saw I felt that a wildflower bouquet not only suited the land but was a good representation of Hermione. I also looked up their designated wands so you can kind of see them hidden. And I had no idea what else to put on Viktors side and then I drew the tiny dragon. Eating flan. He’s so cute.

Anyway thank you for letting me do art for you, I adore your story and your writing. Hope you like it!


So the lovely @saphruikan let me do some concept art of her Naga!Marco from her fanfic Dichotomy! It’s an amazing fic filled with angst and humor and asshole!Jean and socially awkward snake butt Marco. I’m sure lots of people have read it by now, BUT IF YOU HAVEN’T, PLEASE GO DO SO.

@eaoisnotawhore blessed me by letting me do art of one of my favourite characters, Elphanse (And one of my characters BFFL’s, whether she likes it or not)! Detailing took forever but I love the way it came out! Thank you in believing in me, Eaocakes. Someone has to >:)


Please feel free to contact me regarding commission info, as I always have slots open! Otherwise please consider donating to my ko-fi at ko-fi.com/kaedeycat to keep me highly strung caffeinated :D