Happy Birthday - Maksyl Fanfic

So this is the first Fanfic that I had written. I kept it for a while waiting for a good time to post it. This is what led me to start writing. I got the inspiration one night and started writing. I haven’t been able to stop since. I hope you like it. 

Happy Birthday

“Ugh Charlie! If I have to sit on this plane much longer, I think I’m going to explode or go crazy!”

“Well you are already crazy so it would be the first one” Charlie joked with a big grin on his face.“Ouch!” Charlie exclaimed after Meryl smacked his arm.

“I’m serious Charlie! I can’t take this much longer” Meryl said as she looked out the window next to her. She tried to convince herself that she was just talking about the flight and not anything else. Sure she loved skating and really enjoyed skating in Japan but it was really starting to complicate things. Being in Japan meant that she missed being home to celebrate Maks’ birthday. She felt tears well up in her eyes but she quickly shoed them away. It wouldn’t have been as bad if she would have been able to be with him for Christmas or New Years Eve and her birthday but she those hadn’t happened either. Who was she kidding! Yes it would because these were the first time celebrating these holidays and birthdays in each others lives. The tears started to form again but she hear a ding indicating that seat belts needed to be put back on. Meryl almost screamed out of happiness. But she caught herself. Charlie looked over at Meryl and laughed.

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Stars On Ice In Lake Placid Recap Finally!

Okay! So I hate writing but I promised everyone a recap of my trip to lake placid to see stars on ice!! Sorry this took so long! As I said I hate writing so I kept getting distracted! Lol I went to see stars on ice and the meet and greet last year with my best friend and we were planning to go again this year but they aren’t going back to the arena near my friend. Lake Placid and Hershey were the 2 shows closest to me but the Hershey show is during my college semester so I decided the lake placid show would work best! Plus I would get to go visit all of the Olympic sites there so that was a bonus! I go to the Adirondacks every summer so it was like a nice seeing it in the winter too! So anyways, after a few months of sending my dad texts everyday saying “STARS ON ICE IN LAKE PLACID WITH MERYL AND CHARLIE” (he is so lucky I can keep up on my job of annoying him from college, isn’t he?! Lol ;p) I finally got floor seats to stars on ice and meet and greet passes for Christmas! Best Christmas Present!!!!

Anyway… now to lake placid! As we were driving to Lake Placid Meryl put the picture of lake placid on Instagram. I was determined to find the place where she took the photo when we got there. That wasn’t too hard though because my hotel was right by it and it was on the 1 busy street in lake placid! Lol She is an amazing photographer! Although it was beautiful, it was just a public outdoor theater and lake front, which wasn’t anything too special. She really has an eye for making everything seem beautiful! My dad kept making fun of me the whole trip because I had to get a picture in that spot and every time we walked past the spot he would ask if I could feel Meryl’s ora… he’s a pain in the butt sometimes! lol

Downtown lake placid is VERYYYY small with little antique/country stores! I spent most of my time there skiing, skating in the Olympic center rink, shopping, visiting all of the Olympic sites, and warming up because it was SOOOOOO cold there! I warmed up by getting starbucks just incase Meryl walked in! lol Having the Olympic atmosphere made me even more excited to see the show!!

 I kept my eyes out for Meryl, Charlie, Tanith, their families, and a certain hot Ukrainian! Lol I spent so much time going to starbucks hoping meryl would go get her coffee! I thought I might actually run into them because Lake Placid is so little! I didn’t have any luck though unfortunately… :/ I’m actually really surprised because it was so small but they were probably too busy getting the show ready to go out and do anything!

We were allowed to go in and explore the Olympic Center where the SOI cast was practicing but unfortunately there was a guard right in front of the actual rink entrance. He let us peak through the window but we couldn’t see much. I could hear their music though!

Now I will talk about the actual event! Because we had floor seats we entered through the hall connecting to the skaters dressing rooms. I wanted to sneak back there so bad but I kind of didn’t want to spend my night in jail! Lol so I went and took my seat! The seats were awesome and they were right near where the skaters entered the ice!! Before the show an NBC rep came out and told us that they were filming this show to air on NBC (Idk when it will be aired yet… hopefully soon!). They told us that if they had to redo any number that those would take place after the show and they wanted us to stay.

The show started with “Rhapsody in Blue” the skaters all came out at different times and Meryl and Charlie were last! It was a good number but I thought too many different things were going on and it was hard to watch everyone! I mainly just focused on Meryl and Charlie anyway so it didn’t bother me too much! Lol Meryl and Charlie’s “Say Something” was amazing! Lord Sharna did a wonderful job!!! I loved Meryl’s dress and they were so good at showing the emotion of the song. At the end Meryl “takes a ring” (pretends to) off her finger and handed it to Charlie and skated away leaving him sitting at the table. It actually made me really sad because it felt like this song was kind of a goodbye to their career together. No one is sure if they are competing anymore and if they aren’t then they won’t be spending as much time together as they have all their life. It just made me kind of sad to think about it as kind of a “goodbye” L I’m obviously not good with change! Lol

 Ryan Bradley was amazing as always and did tons of flips! I am always amazed he can do that!! Tanith and Ben did an adorable dance to “Boogie Shoes” they were dressed in nerdy clownish outfits! It was a fun, upbeat, cute number! They also did a dance to “A thousand years”, which was really good! In the middle Ben dropped Tanith on a lift but she landed on him so they were all right! They got right back up and finished the dance! They redid the dance after the show for TV purposes! All the other skaters did amazing! If you want to hear more about them let me know! I am just going to mainly focus on Meryl and Charlie in this post though!

 At the end of the first act Meryl, Charlie, Tanith, Ben, Ekaterina, and Patrick did a dance to St. Louis Blues. It was soooo good!!!!  All 3 girls were in chairs on the ice in sexy sparkly outfits (I think they were black? There were so many outfits I can’t remember the color exactly) I believe this number was the one that the girls had hats on (the hats like Maks wears!) then they put the hats on the guys heads! But each girls respective partner was with them and they did a flirty dance and the guys spun the girls around in the chairs, then the guys moved away from their girls and patrick came and “flirted” with Meryl as she was sitting in her chair. His face got a little close to hers and she had a flirty smile and look on her face and then Charlie came skating over and stole Meryl away from Patrick. (Fanfic idea maybe?! Maks not being able to be with Meryl and Charlie is there protecting meryl from other guys hitting on her for Maks… idk I just thought it might be a cute idea!) It was a sexy, flirty, fun dance! I liked it a lot! I wish they had redone this one at the end! It was one of my favorites of the show!

 In between some of the dances some skaters had mini dances to transition into the next dance. Meryl came out with Ben and John and did a little dance with them! Charlie came out later with Tanith and Ryan and they were fighting for Tanith. Of course Charlie won! It was a cute mini dance that led into Ryan’s solo!

 “Stompa” was the first song of the 2nd act. This was a cast number and all the girls were in sparkly black “suit” costumes and they had little white cuffs on. In the middle of the dance Meryl’s cuff got loose and she almost lost it! Since she is amazing she didn’t seem phased by it at all and tucked it between her fingers to hold it on and she kept dancing! When I saw the cuff come off I thought/hoped they would do the dance again at the end but they didn’t unfortunately. It was an upbeat fun dance! I liked it a lot!

 Sleeping beauty was Meryl and Charlie’s next dance. It opened with Meryl laying on a “stone bed.” Prince Charlie danced around some and then went over to Meryl and grabbed her hand to wake her up… Only Prince Maks is allowed to kiss her to wake her up! Lol All I wanted was for Charlie to switch out with a certain Russian and go and kiss her to wake her up! (Ooo fanfic idea for anyone maybe?! Lol) The sleeping beauty number started off as classical music and then changed to “Once Upon a Dream” from the original movie. It was a great number and Meryl looked like a gorgeous princess in her pink glittery outfit! DWTS was so stupid to not have her be a princess during Disney week!! She’s the perfect princess!!

 They ended the night with a dance called “Shut up and Dance” like Meryl tweeted the prior day! It was a fun song and they all came out with Meryl and Charlie being last and Meryl and Charlie were the stars of that dance! The photos of practice that Stars On Ice had posted were from this dance. This is the dance where they all got in a big line. It was a great last dance.

 After the final number Meryl and Charlie came out to talk. They talked about how much work they all had put in the show, how nice it was to be in lake placid where they Olympics were, and then they mentioned that they had to redo a couple numbers. They said something “even the best of us make mistakes, and we have the best here tonight” and then they asked us to stick around and cheer as loud as we could. They skated off the ice and some people started to get up and leave. Charlie poked his head out of the curtain and said something like “I see what you guys are doing here, I leave and you all leave” then he said that the skaters had to change so he was sent out to entertain us. He went up to a girl in the front row and asked if she loved him. She of course said yes and he laugh his adorable laugh! He then went down the row of people and asked where everyone was from. He kept saying how he is not meant for interviewing and he should stick to skating! Haha Ryan Bradley came to save poor Charlie and Ryan redid his dance because he had an almost fall. He did it perfect the 2nd time! Tanith and Ben also redid the 2nd half of their dance where Ben fell. They did it great the second time. Then Charlie came out to announce the show was all over and he got some “awes” from the audience who wanted more dances! I so wanted Meryl and Charlie to skate again!

 After the show I went to the meet and greet. They led us in a room with couches and a bar next to the athletes changing rooms. I went to the meet and greet the year before and there were way less people at this meet and greet! I saw someone wearing Valentin apparel so I went over and we got into a convo about Sway! She had gone to see the show in December! Then we formed a group and all talked about Sway and Meryl! Thanks Val for helping me meet some wonderful people there! Lol

 Meryl was the last one in the room. Charlie was waiting on her to finish getting ready but she looked gorgeous! She is gorgeous in pictures but she is SUPERRRR gorgeous in person! I couldn’t stop looking at her! She was in her signature leather dress. I completely forgot to look for her rings but in my picture it looks like she has the diamond on on her right hand. She also had her red string bracelet on and of course the ring she always wears. While waiting in line I became a professional photographer for Meryl and Charlie because they kept asking if I would mind taking photos of them with people! I wasn’t complaining! They were super nice when I met them! I gave them collages the girls I baby sit for made. ( I may have gotten the girls a little obsessed with Meryl, Maks, and Charlie… oops!) But Charlie said that I had to take a picture of them holding the collage letters for the girls! I gave them puppy cards, then I gave Meryl a puppy birthday card and chocolates! They were so excited to get presents! Lol We then talked a little and Meryl answered some questions I had pertaining to their competition years! I got pictures and then went to meet everyone else! I talked to Tanith for a bit and she said her grandma was in the audience and her grandma thought it was one of Tanith’s best shows! Awe! We talked about DJ and Finn a little and she said she missed her babies so much! They are with Tanith’s parents at the moment! They are also staying there while Charlie and Tanith are on tour for Stars on Ice. After meeting the other skaters the skaters started leaving. The meet and greet seemed really short compared to how long it was the prior year. I caught Meryl and Charlie before they left and asked Charlie to take a selfie! They were happy to do it but they had to leave right after. All the skaters were rushed out of the room (maybe they had a flight to catch or something?). The meet and greet was wonderful! Meryl and Charlie are sooo nice! Also, I think I saw something about someone saying the Fedor was at the meet and greet. As I said, the meet and greet was on the smaller side and I did not see anyone who looked like him. I was around Meryl most of the night and Fedor was no where to be seen. Tanith came to sit by Charlie while he and Meryl finished up. I can say for sure that he wasn’t in any of the floor seats or the meet and greet!

I can’t wait until its on TV! I wish it wasn’t over! It was soooo good!! If anyone has anymore questions or wants me to be more specific about any of it let me know!! This was just a quick recap so I may have forgotten some things! Enjoy and Happy New Year Everyone!!! J PS MAK’S BIRTHDAY WISH TO MERYL <3 #dead Maksyl On Everyone!! 

i can’t let go (extend your hand to me, pt. 2) | a meryl davis & charlie white mix “after seventeen years it makes sense that everything we do from now on, is linked.”i always wanna be with you - the high fives // holding onto heaven - foxes // shadow and a dancer - the fray // distance - christina perri feat. jasom mraz // find a way - safetysuit // i choose you - sara bareilles // overjoyed - matchbox twenty // still - katy b // silver springs - fleetwood mac // more than nothing - holly henry // every walk that i’ve ever taken has been in your direction - civil twilight // reaching out - caroline pennell // running back to you - for the foxes // heavy - midnight cinema // please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin // calling in the name of love - active child // bright lights and cityscapes - sara bareilles // open your eyes - snow patrol // falling for you - the 1975 // bonus. all of me - john legend