Listen, so Dorian and Vivienne are friends, right? And they’re both the kinds of people who pretend they don’t care about other people while caring a LOT? So imagine them looking out for one another but point-blank refusing to admit it.

An Orlesian nobleman is unconscionably rude to the new Divine? Mere weeks later, it’s revealed that he has rather unsavoury trade ties with Tevinter, and he’s forced to leave the court in disgrace.

When asked about it, Dorian is shocked, shocked that anyone could believe  he was involved.

One of the members of the Magisterium makes veiled threats to Magister Pavus? It’s not a month before most of his trusted contacts refuse to trade him for his grain, citing rumours about blood magic. He ends up making a loss on the harvest.

When someone brooches the topic with Vivienne, she looks down at her perfectly-manicured nails and says, “Tragic.”


This Week on Future Card Buddyfight DDD:

Bushiroad probably: “Are you one of those suckers watching more than one card game anime at once? Do you happen to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V? Aren’t you glad that Zarc mini-arc is over?

Well, we’re gonna make you relive it by having Kyoya become one with his Buddy, so get comfortable.” 

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pick 3 of your fav characters (eextra points if it has Riccardo this one for u admin chrome) :D and tell me how they'd react to finding out that the s.o they thought was cheating on them is actually pregnant


Here ya go~

// Admin Chrome



  • Ricardo’s first reaction is anger. He throws and breaks things because you are so obviously cheating on him. You had been skittish around him lately, and he finally snapped when he saw you crying in the arms of one of his subordinates. You were his, how dare you stray?! You are then thrown out and labeled a whore.
  • In reality, you were pregnant, and now, alone. It was hard getting on your feet afterwards. You had no money, and had to find a job somewhere to pay the bills while you tried to support yourself and when you have a newborn.
  • You are about six months into your pregnancy when you run into two of Ricardo’s lackeys on the street. You were walking home from the grocery store when you noticed the black sleek car in front of the pub. Outside of the door was the two men who Ricardo had asked to throw you out of the house. You try to hide your face when you walk by, but they know your face too well to miss you.
  • You are stopped, and they take one look at your swollen belly, before they look at each other with unreadable looks on their faces. Before you know what’s happening, they both grab your arms, and drag you into the pub. You are struggling to get away, pulling with all your might against them, but you are ultimately lead right to the one man who threw you out when you were most vulnerable: Ricardo.
  • It’s like he doesn’t recognize you when you are thrown in front of him. His glare is intense, and he stands up from his chair. The walk over to you is nerve-wracking, as his footsteps echo in your ears. Once he reaches you, his hand comes to your face, gripping your jaw, forcing you to stare at him.
  • “Are you fucking kidding me? What is this? Did you think I would be happy that you show me that this whore is pregnant?” His words spark something inside you, and you refuse to let him talk down about you any longer.
  • “Stop calling me a whore, asshole. I never cheated on you, and yet before I can even explain myself, you jump to conclusions and throw me out. I was not cheating on you! I loved you so much, but you proved to me that you are just a cold-hearted asshole.” You are panting from the adrenaline running through your veins. Ricardo is frozen still, his expression unchanging, and yet you can’t bring yourself to care. You try to leave, but Ricardo grabs your arm, refusing to budge when you try to shrug him off.
  • “You aren’t leaving until I say so, I may have fucked up, but I’m going to fix it.” You didn’t know what to believe.


  • All Giotto can see if red. You had been keeping a secret from him, he knew. You refused to tell him where you went when you left the mansion and you had been more distance from him whenever he wanted to take you to bed. There really was only one reason why you were being like this: you were cheating.
  • Giotto confronted you over dinner. The two of you were in the dining room, and the silence stretched on between the two of you. You could feel like the dark aura coming off of him in waves, but you didn’t know why. You had just dismissed it as a bad day, but you were wrong.
  • “[Name], I don’t like being kept in the dark. Who are you seeing behind my back?” It was a passing comment, but you heard Giotto loud and clear. You are startled, yet you feel your brain shutting down. This isn’t what you wanted to happen. You can feel panic start to take over, as Giotto gets angrier at your silence.
  • “Why aren’t you saying anything?! Are you that shocked that I find out your dirty little secret?!” Your only reaction is tears at his words. You are frozen, you can’t move.Giotto slams his hands on the table you jump at the suddenness. You can’t read his expression, but you know that he has not calmed own. “Leave. I don’t need someone who is unfaithful in my life”
  • You don’t even hear him as you drop your silverware. The tears are still running down your face, but you muster up the courage to stare Giotto in the eyes. “I’m pregnant.”
  • Your words hit him, and it’s as if the whole world slows down. You excuse yourself, and Giotto starts to laugh. The door slams, and you are gone, but Giotto still laughs to himself. He can’t believe, he let himself get carried away, and now you are never going to forgive him. Giotto falls back into the chair, and stares up at the ceiling, contemplating what to do.


  • Xanxus’ drinks until he can’t see straight anymore. It was reported to him that you were going into town whenever Xanxus was away, and always came back before he had arrived home. Xanxus didn’t know what to think, until one of his subordinates told him that you may be cheating on him. That’s what plagued Xanxus’ thoughts now, and it was building up inside of him. How dare you do this to him?
  • Xanxus doesn’t like to beat-around-the-bush, so he goes and finds you. You are in the kitchen, helping around, trying to get your mind off things. Xanxus storms in, and it all goes quiet when they all realize that Xanxus is deadly angry. You aren’t scared at all, having dealt with his mood plenty of times, and wander over to him. You smile and ask what’s wrong.
  • When you try to touch his arm, Xanxus bats it away. You are shocked but you don’t get to say anything when Xanxus states that he knows what you are doing when you’re gone. You freeze but there are words tumbling out of your mouth. You’re saying you’re sorry, that you didn’t know how to tell him. Xanxus is only getting angrier.
  • He yells that he can’t believe that he let himself have a whore as a lover. This confuses you and the both of you stop. How did Xanxus come to this conclusion?
  • “W-what are you talking about? I would never cheat on you! I’m pregnant. I’ve been going into town to my doctors appointments. I didn’t want you to know because I didn’t know how you would react…” You’re crying now, and you don’t know what to do. You can’t believe that Xanxus thought that you would cheat on him at all. You loved him so much.
  • Xanxus doesn’t stop you when you run out of the room. He’s frozen solid, his mind racing on what to do. You’re pregnant… pregnant. Xanxus feels the anger come back again, but this time it is directed towards himself. He lets out an frustrated yell, throwing and breaking the vase that was next to him.

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i desperately need more jihope fics to read do you have any recs?


Here is a combination of every genre and rating since I don’t know your preference. 99% of these don’t have sad endings - because I cant cope with that. Majority of these stories are also completed so I bet there tons of amazing ongoing stories that I havent included. Enjoy! (everything italicized is new on the list)

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Attractive Male Character: *literally attempts to…

I once for real saw a post with someone arguing why what koth did was betrayal and deserving of death but what Quinn did wasn’t. Pretty white males truly get away with murder

Y i k e s

BTS Reaction To: their younger sister showing up in tears because her boyfriend has been cheating on her

(in which BTS’s younger sister comes to their dorm in tears one night after discovering her boyfriend has been cheating on her and took her virginity while claiming she meant a lot to him)

Thank you to @panda-bitch-aru for the request!

***I do not own any of the gifs***


When you showed up to the dorm in tears and told him what happened, Jin would be so pissed, but he’s not the type to cause conflict, especially violence. Instead, he’d cancel all his plans and devote his time to making you feel better. He’d get all your favorite movies and food and tell you lame jokes to get your mind off what happened. 


Yoongi would be unbelievably furious when he discovered that someone had taken advantage of his baby sister. He’d probably smash a few things out of anger before trying to hunt your boyfriend down, and you would have to keep him from killing someone. 


You and Hoseok would be as close as siblings could be, so when he found out that something like this happened to his angel of a baby sister, he’d be so upset he wouldn’t be able to speak. The thought of his younger sister being like this would break his heart. Hoseok would sit down and talk to you for hours on end and tell you how great you are and he’d do everything he could to make you feel better. 


Namjoon would be furious, but he wouldn’t let it show. He’d just be kind of quiet so he could contain his anger and let you pour your heart out. You guys would share a very deep conversation where he’d tell you that you deserved far better than the guy who cheated on you.


Jimin would tell you over and over about how much better you are than your boyfriend and how he doesn’t deserve you. He’d let you rant and then you guys would talk about how much of an asshole your boyfriend was over ice cream. He’d also make every attempt he could to make you laugh, and you could expect a ton of hugs from him.


Like Namjoon, Taehyung would be really upset, but he wouldn’t let it show that much. He would be such a good listener and let you talk as long as you wanted and he would give you his full attention the whole time. 


You and Jungkook would be extremely close, and when you showed up at the dorm and told him what happened, he’d be shocked at first but then would start suggesting revenge. He wouldn’t suggest anything violent, but he’d start thinking of pranks you guys could play on your boyfriend like egging his house or shaving off his eyebrows.

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Do not quit omg! You are one of the best writers ever! The anons have no idea what they're talking about. Don't let shit faced assholes bring you down you don't deserve it. ❤️

Shit faced assholes 😂😂😂 that’s the best ! I think it hurt be so bad because I already felt guilty for now posting any stories lately and so seeing that made me scared people were going to “get over me” or not want to read my stuff. I love knowing people like what I’ve written and the thought that no one would read it again is my biggest fear.

He doesn't see you the way I do

Request: Hai! Love your imagines and one shots! I was wondering if you could do a Sam x Plus size! reader and her boyfriend broke up with her because she was ‘too fat’ and Sam tries to comfort her but she goes upstairs to have a shower and he walks in on her and she gets upset because she’s scared he finds her ugly too? Fluffy, angsty and smutty if you squint? Thanks!

Characters: Sam x reader

Warnings: insecurities, body shaming, body issues, fluff

Word count: 1142

Too fat. The words you’d never expected to leave his mouth. How stupid could you be to think that an amazingly hot guy like that wouldn’t turn out to be a total jerk? Todd had an amazing face and an amazing body, but he didn’t think so about you. You had always been a little over weight your whole life and never really had a problem with it, you didn’t mind how you looked.

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let’s talk about Justin. in the book, he was an asshole, pardon my french, that’s really it. the show adds so much more to Justin’s character. for one it shows how the school didn’t only fail outcasts like Hannah (she kind of is at the end) and Skye; i mean some of the faculty ‘suspect abuse in the past’, how long ago was that? the way it’s mentioned with the many step-dads and boyfriends make it safe to assume that it’s always been pretty bad at home. think about that for a second, i mean Justin is super messed up by the end of the show, but he is what 17? 16 at the earliest? it was not that difficult for Seth to grab his neck and choke him against the wall; his ‘mom’ (worst parent in the series/why do people even bring up Clay and Hannah’s?) obviously wasn’t too surprised at the whole horrific scene. there is zero chance that was the first time something like that happened, but it seemed like the first in awhile. for the detached faculty in a district like this to notice, the abuse was most likely more consistent at some point when he was younger, and if it isn’t that hard for Seth now… and when he’s talking to Jessica, he even mentions that Bryce (not even going there this rant, well not too much) would take him in when he was starving, i personally can’t imagine his mom cooking dinner and grocery shopping. what did he even eat at home when he was younger? when Bryce assaulted Jessica Justin didn’t do nothing. had to get that out. no, he didn’t do the right thing, and he obviously could have done more, but he didn’t do nothing. i’m certainly not trying to justify his actions, but take a moment. Justin’s been betrayed by his mom over and over again throughout his life (twice we see it clearly), Bryce was his best friend, the person he went to when his mom, his home life, just totally failed him; Bryce represented his school life, the one thing that was supposed to be right, and was the one person never supposed to betray him. i mean, Justin tried to go in and stop it but Bryce shoved him out and shut the door. why didn’t he get help? right? his entire world was crashing in, school would never be safe again, he had no supports (he kind of had Jessica, hence his accelerated emotions towards her near the end of the season, but besides that…). he was in his school life, where he was supposed to be able to have at least some control, only to find out he was just as helpless as he’d always been.

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i thoroughly agree that JR and Ian are fucking. lets talk more on that

Oh, darling, let’s. Let’s talk about how these two assholes blatantly show their love for each other. Let’s talk about how Ian liberates JR’s fucking jacket

and wears it to a fucking convention

like he’s declaring JR is mine, damn it, now stop asking to caress his beard, that’s mine too.

Let’s also talk about their obsessive need for couple selfies.


is not


you dicks.

And also, we must talk about this:

because why the fuck, you assholes.

Talk to me about these teasing little bastards, dearie. I need someone to rant with.

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This guy once told me (in front of the class) that if I had been white, he would have wanted to date me, and the teacher said WELL GOOD THING SHE ISN'T LAWRENCE BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO DATE RACIST ASSHOLES, speaking of racist assholes, class let's talk about Donald Trump.

You teacher is a blessing, good god.

Can we just talk about how Stefan lets himself be an asshole with Caroline?

He lets himself be sweet and kind like he doesn’t usually with Damon.

But he also lets himself be flawed and direct like he didn’t with Elena. I mean time and time again we saw Stefan babying Elena when they were dating but look at how he treats Caroline this episode…

He respects her. He confronts her directly, doesn’t say it softly or kindly, pushes her to the point where he knows she’ll break so he can be there for her and not see her repress all the bad things (his forte).

I just loved how he kept pushing her out of respect and admiration and knowing exactly how Caroline works and what she needed.

Catch 22 - Anon Hate

I don’t like having to make posts like this on here, but I know how important they are/can be to people so I’m going to bite the bullet. 

Its been brought to my attention that a further spate of anon hate has been flowing through the community again. We don’t know who it is, or particularly why they feel the desperate need to be an asshole but there you go.

The thing is, it is a catch 22 situation.

On the one hand do we all come together and collectively shout

which will be giving them the attention these narcissistic fuckweeds need and therefore they are potentially winning.

Or do we pretend they don’t exist and delete their messages, but that means that the people who are getting hate are on their own almost. It looks like the community doesn’t care and thats the furthest thing from the truth.

Personally? Personally, if you are getting anon hate messages the most important thing you have to do is know that they ARE NOT  part of the Markiplier community. They may claim they are. They may pretend to be the voice of the community, but they are the last people we or even Mark would want to represent us. So please, don’t take what they are saying as truth.

The problem is with these people is that they thrive of the desperation and hurt of others. They are like dementors worming their disgusting selves into communities, sucking the life out of them, leaving them helpless and dejected and move onto the next one to destroy. The problem is as Mark grows, the more the community grows too. There will always be bad seeds in a community this large.

So, what to do if you’re messaged? Delete it. Delete it and ignore it. Publicly at least. Tell someone you trust and care for that you have received something. They will be able to talk to you and support you. By doing it this way, we aren’t giving them the recognition. And yes, I do realise that by making this post I am going against what I just said, but I hope you see my reasons behind this post.

I am a blog that you can come to. I will welcome you with open arms with love and encouragement. I mean, I’ve been doing it for over 18 months now, its what I do best. Even if we have never talked you can come to me.

So, lets forget about those assholes and hope they step of lego and get a paper cut.


don't listen to people who will have forgotten your name the moment they close their eyes.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing - seriously.

I know we are tired, but I also know that this is the time to give all our support to our ship. 

The time will never be more in our favour.

Look at Legend of Korra and The 100.

Look the praise they got from the press.

When was the last time someone other than Eonline and TVline mention Once Upon A Time?

When was the last time someone talked about CS and/or OQ and it wasn’t about promotion? No one talks about them ‘cause they are a dime the dozen. Look at S1 and how they all talked about Snowing and Josh Dallas and then Colin came and no one is talking about Snowing anymore.

That’s the life span of a “hot” couple in tv. 

And we all know that when a couple gets too comfy people lose their interested. Snowing anyone?

So if it’s a time to fight, it’s now.

We need to stop feeding the trolls and start making some noise.

Not the bad type of noise.

The good type of noise; go to the FB page and leave positive comments about Swan Mills Family. I’m saying Swan Mills Family cause the FB page is notorious for deleting pro Swan Queen posts. People will be assholes, but let them! Keep talking about how much you love their relationship and how much you want to see more of them. 

They will get the message. They already did. Now it’s time to saw them that people won’t be too against (some people will always be against) a relationship between those two women. And while I know some of you are mad about “friendzoning” Swan Queen, I’ll just remind you that the most epic love stories of TV started as friends.

We have a trend this week.

Good, but it’s not enough.

We all are tired, drained more likely, but we made it so far, what’s eleven more weeks? 

Don’t fool yourselves thinking that just 'cause we got three very nice SQ sneak peeks that S4b will be all about Swan Queen. They can’t change things like Hook or Hood over night no matter how we all wish for it.

And, seriously, who wants Swan Queen over night? It will be ridiculous and with no depth; just look at Outlaw Queen. GA doesn’t feel attached to the story/couple because it came out of nowhere and had no real development. Do you want that for Swan Queen? You have every right to be mad, but, again, friendship is the BEST base for a relationship. 

People, the GA, they will see Emma and Regina working together, opening up to each other, helping each other, carrying about Henry and when we mention SQ they won’t fight it so weird anymore. Because the #1 reason for anti-SQ fans is that Emma and Regina are enemies, right? Well, not anymore. 

I’m going to admit something; I’m the most negative person you’ll ever find. But the reason I’m negative it’s because I have hope. People, fans, have the power to change things and we all have examples.

So all I’m asking are those eleven weeks. S4b is already done deal, but S5 is ours to take.

Let’s get out tag back. Let’s talk about Swan Queen.Let’s not talk about Swan Queen with people who only want to cause trouble. 

Let’s take thirty minutes every day and tag #SwanQueen, let’s write fics, do art, vote polls, talk about SwanQueen. We’ll get enough scenes this half so reblog them till your fingers bleed!

Let’s talk about what we Love instead of what we Hate.