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I guess some classpect combos could doubly embody their thing, like a Prince/Bard of Time being a "Destroyer of Destruction" or a Maid/Sylph of Space being a "Creator of Creation". Any others you could see as doubling a factor like that?

the problem with that way is you’d use up all your classes when you get halfway through the aspects :p

I think just Prince of Time would be a double whammy, since the Prince’s naturally stubborn unchanging behavior naturally ties into Time’s themes of routines, repetitions and patterns, as well as the double destruction factor

Then Sylph’s are meddlesome, always wanting to fix things, their is always another way, they want to get people to do something new, to nudge and help them grow, or like, to get new converts to their philosophy, something of that nature. Then Space being new things, the feminine, variations upon things, mutations, different routes, chance and fluctuation seems to be a pretty alright connection. Fits better than Maid of Space anyway

Maids then fit better with another aspect anyway. They are usually shoved around at first, made to rely on others for their aspect, but then rising up to their challenge means they start defining what it means to them personally and relying on themselves for their aspect and maybe even defining themselves with it. it’s really a very Hearty way of doing things. Plus there is that Maids are very passionate types so I can see the double whammy in a Maid of Heart. There is also Made as in what you are Made of. You are Made of Your Heart, aka you Are what your Soul is. Which fits into the ‘Maid of X’ pun pretty well

A Bard can be pretty avoidant laidback people, very whimsical and free floating in nature, which suggests Breath at first, but they also deal with two very extreme states, in which they are pushed into and out of without much control at first. And the avoidance, easily pushed around can also suggest the very Binary and decaying/submissive and yet explosive Doom as it does Bard. Plus there is that Breath is usually the one that does the pushing and is indepedant, you can’t tell Breath to do anything, it floats where it wants to. So I would say Bard of Doom is more likely

Witches on the other hand are rebellious rule breakers or benders, always finding a will or a way through their own brand of stubborn confidence to Change their Aspect as they please. This mixes well with Life’s themes of Unrestricted Energy, Overcoming Barriers, Breaking Rules and Reckless Temptations that are also part of the Witch’s challenge. So Witch of Life I’d consider another ‘double whammy’

For Heirs, They unconsciously gravitate towards their aspects, and seemingly draw insurmountable strength from it in some form or another. Their challenge also being knowing when it times to move on or let go. Coupling this with Blood’s iron strength tying you down to one thing, pulling you with chains always toward a single direction, almost as if the natural magnetism of its cold iron keeps drawing you steadily back like an anchor to a ship can Make quite a double whammy for an Heir and make their challenge of moving on that much more difficult. Likewise Heirs always seem to be pretty strong in Body anyway despite aspect, John and his Hammer weilding and Equius and his bloodcaste related strength. So an Heir of Blood would have this x2 bodily strength or constitution as well. 

Mages shctick is one personal experience and suffering from either their aspect or from their aspects effects. And of the left Rage can very much be an aspect of suffering. It has to do with emotions of fear, despair, anger, things that hold you back or try to stop you from advancing. Learning to deal with Rage is one of learning to discern reality from illusion. I think Ive said before a Mage’s challenge is like one of overcoming their aspect, and coming out on top with the neccessary knowledge and experience of it despite it, and Rage I think fits as making a Double whammy of an effect coupled with Mage. basically itd be twice as Hard for a Mage of Rage than other Mage’s since Rage seems to be an aspect all about being geared towards as a Challenge for a Mage, who is already challenged in the same way by their aspect.

Seer of Light is a pretty obvious one, Seers being all about seeing the possibilities, Light being about probabilities as well as Eyes themselves. Seers being a knowledge class and Light having to do with Information. Seers also deal with symbolic manifestations of their Aspect to receive knowledge, like Crystal Balls, or Mental Visions and the like and Light is a very strongly Symbolic Aspect, dealing with symbols and the meaning we assign to them. This double whammy makes their challenge of getting and understanding symbolic and probable knowledge from symbols and probability itself almost twice as hard to decipher the right knowledge and decision from

For Thieves they can be very ego centric, maybe even uncaring or apathetic just a little to the needs of others. They are very indepedant creatures as well, letting no one tell them what to do or not and being extremely self confident. For this reason I actually think Breath fits quite well as a double whammy for them. Breath is all about independance, moving where you want. Trying to catch a skilled Thief is almost as futile as trying to catch the Breeze as well. They seem to be able to go anywhere and steal anything like they were intangible ghosts. They are the ultimate pursuers of freedom basically. 

Page and Hope were talked about as being a double whammy class, and its easy to see with Page’s whole schtick being ‘fake it til you make it” and Hope being literally the power to make fake things real. Plus the unbridled optimism and forward marching even in the face of all failure, letting nothing stop them back from eventually getting their their destination, like a slow burning unstoppable force really seals the deal for a Page of Hope double whammy

For Knights, They already have a pattern of hiding their true selves behind a preconcieved notion of who they should be. Masking their true inner insecurity behind an unnecessary facade of competence. Mind being the aspect of such personas and masks makes this one very fitting as well. Mind is also obsessed with seeming outwardly apathetic or unaffected by all things, unwilling to let any bias shine through. Then also the Knight’s obsession with practice and making sure they get it absolutely right can tie into Mind’s similar expression with Choices, humming and hawing and taking their sweet time deliberating on the presented evidence before making their choice. 

Rogues lastly are thus paired with Void. I can see this as a fitting pattern because a Rogue will at first think themselves truly unworthy or incompetant with their aspect in some way, or they see a supposed Lack of it in someway, making them give it up to others, aka making it even more nonexistant in themselves. Giving it a sense of they aren’t good or important enough for their Aspect, downplaying themselves and their abilities, like how Void makes things irrelevant or meaningless. Thus a Rogue of Void also has the harder challenge of the Rogues. Having to reconcile meaningless and irrelevance itself as still having meaning and relevance to them personally. 

If there one thing I noticed as well from all of these double whammy classes, is that while giving them almost more power and influence over their Aspect, it’s makes the challenges of the classes itself seemingly twice as Hard to Master

Prince of Time have to be careful not to be destroyed by destruction itself

Witch of Life have to reign in Life itself and control the uncontrollable

Heir of Blood though drawn naturally to the most connective of aspects, must learn to be able seperate themselves from it as well

Rogue of Void must find the meaning in true meaninglessness, to find importance in the most unimportant

Maid of Heart has to rely on themselves for themselves

and stuff like that

very interesting!

Dio notices the small things.

Watase Aoba is an incurably cheerful and energetic person. He’s so positive that, arguably, it’s bordering on stupid some times. That being said, a depressed Aoba would have certainly been something that the whole Cygnus crew would notice and be concerned about. But nobody commented on Aoba’s sulky mood. In fact, nobody seemed to notice it. (Aside from Dio, that is, but we’ll get to that later.)

After returning to the Cygnus, Aoba did not tell anyone about his time with Hina on the island. He knows he cannot tell anyone that he let an enemy soldier go free (although, IMO, they would’ve totally understood the moment he says “Hina.”) ANYWAY, He would’ve pretended that things were okay and acted the normal happy Aoba even though deep inside he’s carrying such a heavy burden. But every now and then, when he thinks no one is looking, the hurt escapes from the cracks around his heart. 

While these small, fleeting moments of sadness went unnoticed by everyone else, it did not miss Dio. This shows just how much Dio cares for Aoba despite the fact that they’ve only been together for a short while. He notices the minute details about him, things that Aoba isn’t aware of himself. Dio knows that there are only two things that can cause Aoba sadness: his “past” life and the girl named Hina. Being naturally intuitive on everything that does not concern his real feelings, Dio had put two and two together and realised that “Hina” can be the only reason for Aoba’s pensiveness. Of course it helps that he saw Aoba plummet down the raging storm with Hina’s Valiancer. 

Dio confronted Aoba about it but Aoba just kept on being depressed. Dio cannot bear to see Aoba down. He even made fun of Aoba but Aoba did not come up with a comeback the way he usually does. Now, Dio doesn’t know how to handle Aoba when he’s sad, he’d rather see him mad. SO HE PUNCHED HIM. SERIOUSLY, DIO, CAN YOU GET MORE TSUNDERE? But punching Aoba did have an effect. It got him talking, it got him to release the frustrations he kept close. It was something that only Dio could’ve possibly done.  

Dio calls Aoba a weakling and a weeper but, in the end, he’s really the one who cares for Aoba the most. 

TSUNDEREEEEEE! [screams into the sunset]