no no no but hear me out

a lesbian ghost haunting her old apartment and falling for the new tenant

the ghost doing little things around the house while the girl is away, like trying to sort the mail or put the milk back into the fridge or get her keys from under the sofa

and at night, she pretends to sleep on her old side of the bed while the girl is asleep on the other and tries to not laugh when she starts sleep-talking

I finished reading the first lesbian pirates book (A pirates heart by Catherine Friend) I ordered yesterday - it was the first LGBT*-book (OK, only the “L” was dealt with) I ever read, which was a nice experience and I’m looking forward to the second book with lesbian pirates :) I really enjoyed the pirate-setting and I was positively surprised that one woman of the 18th century couple was black.

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I just remembered that I wanted to make this post since forever:

The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin by Colette Moody


I read this book immediately after another one featuring lesbian pirates and I have to say: this one was not just way better but also downright good. It’s well written, the protagonists are funny, witty and likeable and we see their relationship develop in a natural way (both inside and outside their bedroom). I especially liked that the topic of consent is taken seriously even in a same-sex-setting so the ugly trope of “it’s not rape if a woman does it” is consciously avoided. Besides the lovely, sexy and funny storyline revolving around the two major characters there’s also a thrilling plot involving the rescue of two maidens in danger (who were, to my relief, not the usual Damsels in Distress but more than capable of helping themselves), a good old treasure hunt, sea battles with fire and blood and beautiful fighting pirate ladies and a bunch of arrogant and sexist bastards who get what they deserve. All in all everything someone reading with the “female gaze” could want from a lesbian pirates story (except maybe a few more characters of colour, hence only four of five stars).


Maggie Smith’s Hot Son And Lesbian Pirates In Starz’s Treasure Island Prequel

Suddenly my irritation over another “prequel” that is a prequel in spirit only waned. Because look at all the pretty pirates!

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