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What is a big goal you are working towards?:
I am trying to get my first full-length drama professional produced. It has history and pirates and bisexual/lesbian pirate ladies.

What’s your aesthetic?:

Canadian wilderness.

Do you collect anything?:
Not really. I used to collect Beanie Babies as a kid. I guess the closest thing to a collection I have is my pile of programs/posters from every show I’ve worked on. I always keep those. 

What is a topic you’re always up to talk about?:
THEATRE! Playwriting. Acting. All of that stuff. Dragon Age. Fantasy and science-fiction. Video games. Anything to do with writing, fanfic or no.

What’s a pet peeve of yours?:
A disorganized, dirty kitchen. Particularly not cleaning up the kitchen after cooking. I consider cleaning up to be part of cooking, so if you just cook and leave the dishes and remnants of food all over the counter for someone else to deal with, your job’s not done. And for goodness sake, take out the trash/recycling before it starts to pile up. (Spiders live in my recycling bin if I don’t take it out regularly. I hate spiders.)

Good advice to give?:
When facing an important decision, your gut instinct is usually your best. Overthinking the pros and cons again and again usually ends up tricking you to go with a decision you’ll ultimately be unhappy with. 

Recommend three songs:
Where We Were Before (World Beyond)
Lady of Worlds (Miracle of Sound)
Gorecki (Lamb)

A food that’s nasty in your opinion:
Cheese (except on pizza, and even then it has to be super minimal). I’m so sorry. It makes me gag. And cheese sauce is my worst nightmare (it even smells so bad to me). 

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  • What gay movies are: attractive, but shy guy meets attractive, but shallow guy. There's a lot of sex and it probably ends sad.
  • What lesbian movies are: blonde girl who is about to marry her loving fiance suddenly falls in love with the dark haired wild lesbian. There's a high chance that at least one of them dies at the end (probably the dark haired one).
  • What other queer movies are: ???????!? Do they even exist?
  • What queer movies should be: Bisexual space pirates save the universe. Genderfluid kid is the protagonist of a teen rom com. Transboy travels the world to make good music and meet interesting people. Asexual demigirl kicks ass in her secret super hero identity. Polyamorous squad goes on a fantasy adventure with dragons and quests. Not everyone is white and able-bodied and a walking stereotype. Queer ladies live. Happy Endings.

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History? Pirates? Please tell me when the opening night is so I can buy the plane ticket in advance! (In all seriousness, I hope you can get it produced. Sounds like one heck of a play😎)

Hahaha, not for a while. These things take a REALLY long time. But I keep sending it out to playwriting competitions and readings and such and hopefully someday, some artistic director will be like, “Yes. This one. This is the one I want to do.”

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History and pirates and bisexual/lesbian pirate ladies?? :D I wanna see that!!

Unfortunately because of the cast size (7 actors) and content (historical dramas are hard to costume, and also you have to deal with 18th century weaponry and swordfights), it will be really hard to get someone interested. Most ADs don’t take chances on big plays anymore. (Yet they’re perfectly happy to do productions of pretty much any Shakespeare play, or plays like The Crucible time and time again–both of which have larger casts and are longer than anything I’ve written. But I digress… the difficulties in getting new work produced is a rant for another day.)

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OH MY GOD A CANADIAN!!! 👍🏻I am so happy. And I want to hear more of these bisexual/lesbian pirate ladies as well!!   


OK. Here’s the deal on the lady pirates. I’m putting this under a cut because I got excited and blabbed too much.

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im gonna be a writer just so i can make literally everything about lesbians. r u ready for lesbian spaghetti westerns?? are u ready for pirate lesbians in space?? no?? too fucking bad kiddo u cant have ur pudding until youve finished ur lesbians  

Fantastic Lesbians and where to find them (FemSlash February)

It’s FemSlash February so at least once a week every week this month expect some lady on lady love to be filling your eyeballs. Now that isn’t rare content on my blog at all I write about this stuff all the time but my FemSlash February I will attempt to make it a super positive month (Positive from me, we’ll see).

America Chavez from Young Avengers:

America Chavez is one of my favorite characters of all time. Young Avengers is where we get to see her really shine although she doesn’t get to be in a romance I think it’s important that we have stories were queer people are queer but that’s just their orientation like the heteros get. So Young Avengers really works well with that and makes her just this awesome action hero that on further readings actually has a lot more depth in everything then when you first read.

Undyne and Alphys from Undertale :

One of the very few games to have actual lesbian characters inside of it. Undyne and Alphys in nearly all their interactions (at least in the mercy run) mention their things for one another in subtle (and not so subtle ways).  Anyway in the game you can get them to kiss so there is that. It’s a really cute romance and honestly I can’t think of another lesbian relationship in video games that aren’t with your self insert character (and they are super limited normally). (Edit: Several people pointed out Alphys is Bi, I never saw that inside the game this post was made from my experience with the game. )

Raven and more from Raven the Pirate Princess

Raven (as of issue 4) is the only real confirmed lesbian in this series but I mean she is the lead of the book, with the series named after her so you know expect other lesbians. There is already lots of romantic tension between people and Raven is a fantastic character. Raven is the rightful heir to a pirate dynasty but was sent off to a tower to be rescued (In Princless she is then rescued by a princess and amazing adventures happen for a volume). After going free she swore vengeance on her brothers for convincing their father to send her off. So she is building a new crew, has a new boat and is off to claim what is hers.

Kimber and Stormer from Jem and the Holograms

This is a romance I hadn’t expected but it’s truly outrageous how quick I feel for this couple. They are not treated like Misfits for being gay although their Romeo and Juliet esque love affair from Rival bands does cause tension.  These two are the leading romance in this book for sure even when you do have a cast of other awesome ladies.

Connie and Carla from Rock and Riot:

Rock and Riot is a webcomic so you can go read that for free at http://rockandriotcomic.tumblr.com/ set in the 50′s about  LGBTQ people. It’s a romance comic and it’s pretty new it’s first volume only recently went to print. This is a series that is really worth supporting and really worth reading. There isn’t a whole bunch of drama but right now our Lesbian couple and our gay male couple are both hiding their relationships from their gangs and we’ll see how that plays out.

Angela and Sera from Angela Queen of Hel

Angela and Sera are Marvel’s power lesbians. Angela is a goddess raised as an Angel who is in love with a magical trans woman who is also an Angel. She then has to dive into hell to rescue her lover from death because Sera is so clever she managed to let Angela know what had happened. They are both these insanely powerful lovers who are taking over freaking Hel. It’s this amazing Adventure Romance and these two’s love is just so amazing inside this comic. You don’t need any previous context to become totally committed to to these two’s deep love.

Maybe everyone from Lumberjanes:

No one in the janes is confirmed to be straight but we do have lots of gay hinting and straight up gay characters.  Mal and Molly are a cute couple that is there in the comic from the start. Jo seems to be at least at times romantically interested in April. Speaking of Jo Jo is trans and has two dads so that is awesome too. Hell even Roise the leader of the camp seems to have had some sort of close encounters of the feminine kind at some point.

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All space rocks except for the bi one from Steven Universe:

I’ll start by saying I’ll just go ahead and block anyone who wants to be like “The gems don’t have a gender so not lesbians.” Moving on from that disclaimer you want lesbians Steven Universe is gay girls the show. Some of this gayness in blunt and other is just so gushing out of the subtext you have to be homophobic or at least not know gay people not to get it. Spoilers but Garnet is a fusion of two people in love meaning we just always have little lesbians dancing around inside of a main character. Even Steven is pretty gender non conforming so even though he seems straight you never know how straight that is. This show is just so amazing in general and if you haven’t watched it you should do yourself a favor and do it. From it’s brilliant soundtrack, acting, and animation to what it means for kids animation Steven Universe is A+ all the time.

no no no but hear me out

a lesbian ghost haunting her old apartment and falling for the new tenant

the ghost doing little things around the house while the girl is away, like trying to sort the mail or put the milk back into the fridge or get her keys from under the sofa

and at night, she pretends to sleep on her old side of the bed while the girl is asleep on the other and tries to not laugh when she starts sleep-talking