Think about it this way: there are maniacal LEGO collectors out there, with those fancy elaborate sets they bought decades ago, who are missing just one damned piece. Maybe their nephew swallowed it and the doctor wouldn’t give it back after the surgery. Well, those people are willing to pay big to make their collection whole again.

That’s where comes in. It’s an online marketplace that allows hobbyists to buy and sell individual LEGO pieces. And if some of those pieces are out of production, an unusual color, or have some kind of manufacturing fault, the price skyrockets – like this red Darth Vader helmet that Vader apparently donned during his college Marxist phase, which sells for over $400. A particular antenna – the type of thing you probably lost in the backyard when you were 10 – sells for over $200 in good condition, or $84 if it’s a little beaten up. Boba Fett’s legs are selling for around the same price. Even a regular 2x2 brick, if it’s a certain color, can list for $200 new (less than a buck if used). Hell, the freaking instruction booklets can sell for up to $275 without a single brick included.

But the most expensive item on the site? A pink Duplo castle turret, which is being hocked at an astounding $1,374. Because, shit, someone out there is building a pink Duplo castle with one off-white turret, and it’s keeping them awake night after night.

8 Insanely Valuable Items You Probably Owned (and Threw Out)


TAKO by nobu_tary


some dimensions drawings from yesterday and today, including the unikitty i posted yesterday

i’ve been devoting pages to characters, like some kind of log or something. i’m having fun tho so that’s nice


@Regrann from @emmy4mayim - #otd On this day Sept. 24, 2007 The #bigbangtheory premiered. Happy anniversary @bigbangtheory_cbs @cbstv
• With its premiere a whole universe of fandoms collided and unique ways to show appreciation have appeared including creativity with iconic #lego #brick art . Here is a stellar reimagined #tbbt scene done by JimA73/YouTube 📽

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Lego Dimensions stuff was 50% off today at the Lego Store today so I picked up everything they had, or at least what I happened to be interested in. I don’t actually own Lego Dimensions yet and probably won’t for a bit but I’m glad to have picked up 75% of what I was looking to get from this series for a good deal. Not much left that I actually want from this series so I’m pretty happy!

But the big surprise was coming across the Neo Shodo series 1! My Hot Topic happens to have a really good import section so I just figured I’d stop by and check, and I’m glad I did! I was really into the original Shodo line and was very much looking forward to Neo Shodo coming out when it was initially announced. Despite my excitement, I had to cancel my orders when it finally came close to releasing because I was flying back to California to visit my family and I wouldn’t be in Japan to receive it. It was unexpected so I had already missed my chance to import it from HLJ or AmiAmi -.-. Enough time passed that I never came across them in Osaka when I did return so it just seemed like it wasn’t meant to be… especially since the mark ups for this line were astronomical as well. But here we are! 

As much as I love these, please don’t pay $30-$40 for any one of these. They are amazing figures at there intended price point but are not worth that much!

In 2013, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas predicted the film industry as we know it would “implode” if/when, in the near future, too many wildly expensive blockbuster movies flopped. And if ever there were a year for an implosion on that scale to occur it would be 2018, the year when there are nearly as many major studio tentpole releases as there are weeks in the year. Well, here’s the thing …

2018 will see the release over 40 massive, tentpole movies. There are nearly 20 releases that happen exactly a week apart. This means that Marvel’s Black Panther will have only a week to make most of its money before Pacific Rim 2 steals its audience, which will give the unnamed Marvel/Fox movie a week to make its money before Wreck-It Ralph 2 comes out, which will only have a week before The Flash and/or Tomb Raider comes out, because Warner Bros. is dumb and scheduled two of their own tentpole movies for the same day. And all of those movies will be released in February and March, the two months studios usually use as a landfill to dump the movies they think suck. The year isn’t just crowded; it’s a clusterfuck, and there are going to be big casualties. There are too many massive movies and not enough people to watch them.

Why The Blockbuster Movie Bubble Will Burst In 2018