Oh hey, look what I’ve found! I remember when Tron: Legacy just came out I was very impressed with the designs of characters, tech and architecture, so I decided to build a self-moc Toa Tagg and his lightcycle. Here are some rare photos with a couple of working engines instead of two fuel tanks.

I miss this guy. Maybe I shall make a new version?

Building in Hotel Rooms, No.7: Chimaera

Sequel to last week’s Thaumaturge (No.6), this is either a sorcerer who can turn himself into a dragon or a masked dragon who can assume human form. After building that mask I just couldn’t resist going in both the directions I thought of for it. Definitely also inspired by Miyazaki and eastern dragon shapes.

More on flickr, as usual.


Omega Mesonak

This was my first shot at a titan sized MOC and I definitely have some things to work on. But other parts I’m really happy with. Also he’s massive and that’s a big plus :D

This was also going to be an original character, but it was so similar to the selfMOC TTV board member and leader of the TTV podcast, Mesonak, that I just decided it would be an Omega version of that.