Уникальный проигрыватель под названием “The Planet” представляет из себя полнофункциональный 33 /45 RPM проигрыватель выполненный в ретро-стиле. Проигрыватель, состоящий из 2 405 деталек, был разработан разработан корейским LEGO энтузиастом по имени Найроби. Конечно, The Planet не на все 100% выполнен из Lego деталек, имеются инородные элементы… но зато у проигрывателя имеются свои 98%-ые LEGO колонки. И они чудесны!=)


I’ve been tearing apart one project and working on another and my housemate said it looked like there had been an earthquake on my desk. 

So here we go!

Colors grayed and muted for dramatic effect… so moving!

And the last left untouched for accuracy. 


Someone made a short montage of scenes from Community made out of Lego! Check it out while you’re waiting for the next episode. :)

“So, Ray, have you been having fun outside without me?”

“That is the whaddyacallit, the main point of getting grounded, Fraser, Missing out on fun.”

“Oh is it. Well, why don’t you come here and show me what other points there are to this exercise?”

“Heh, you’re interested in the point, huh?”

“Very much so, yes.”

“Yeah, I can help with that. I am all over helping you with that.”

“Thank you kindly, Ray.”

“Yeah, yeah, no problem. Education is my middle name. I am all about helping you, uh, helping you… get… get the… point.”