‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Lego commercial


Here she is, finally. Veka, Toa of Lightning.

She’s from a more remote region, and spent most of her life using her elemental powers to operate crude electronic machinery for her local village. As such, she doesn’t get a lot of action with her toa tools, other than fending off the occasional rahi. She’s pretty reserved, but passionate about her work.

also dark blue ccbs shells WHEN


The LEGO Architect By Tom Alphin

Who says LEGO’s can be outgrown? No one ever did (okay, this might not be correct), and no one ever should. The reason for that is simple, as this block set has let your imagination run wild when you were a kid, you can put it to an excellent use even when you’re all grown up in order to learn things that might seem challenging and overwhelming. The testament to this is the LEGO Architect, a book by Tom Alphin.