I’m just gonna leave this here. 

Please, everyone, if you like Star Wars, whether for its themes or its characters or its plot, watch this.

(Not mine. Vidder’s name is LynnisaMystery on youtube. All of their vids fantastic, so go check ‘em out!)


“Jesse, move on with your life. Leave it behind, all of it." 

Jesse Pinkman: 4x03/5x16



After many months of hard work, actual sweat, and legitimate tears, our book, This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, is here and ready for pre-order. We can barely believe it. *cry emoji*

Finally, there will be a resource for parents to use when their kid comes out to them that gives them the practical and supportive advice that they need!!

This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids will answer the many questions our parents have no idea how to ask: 

  • Is this a choice? 
  • My child wants to come out at school, but Im concerned for their safety. This goes against my beliefs, but I want to support my child, how do I reconcile that? 
  • How do I handle sleepovers? 
  • When should I tell people? Whom should I tell?

There are chapters on Telling Others, Religious Beliefs, Gender, and more, and each chapter contains personal stories from Kristin, Dannielle, and other young people and parents who have been through similar experiences.

We are so proud to share this with you!

One last thing - PRIZES!
Check out our pre-order page to find out how you can win signed bookmarks, lunch dates with Kristin and Dannielle, tickets to our NYC Launch Party, and moooore!

     Pre-Order on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes, Google & More Here!

How to play down star status 101:
  • Interviewer:You were performing up there and there were girls in the stands, I don't think you saw this, were legitimately shaking, crying and tears pouring down their faces
  • Darren Criss:That's because before every show we release a legion of rattlesnakes through the bleachers
  • Interviewer:That the secret?
  • Darren Criss:We lose a few fans along the way, they look like they're fainting but they died. They're dead now.

the first time i saw the doab lyric booklet and saw “panic at the disco is brendon urie” i legitimately teared up this boy. is everything he lost his bandmates and his friends and he kept pushing and pushing and pushing to keep this band alive and he is the band he’s the fucking band and he is doing so goddamned well and i am so proud of him. i am so fuckign proud of him