this legitimately brought tears to my eyes . I can’t even begin to describe how sad it is that these people are being harassed in this way . Its sick and its terrifying to think that so many people share the same views and beliefs as that orange fuck head .

for all the people out there who couldn’t go to tatinof (including me)

do you ever just think about how much you love dan and phil and how much time you spend phangirling and it just kinda hits you that in a way you’re waiting to meet them but you probably never will and the pain after you realize is just so real

it fucking hurts ok i cried legitimate tears because of this


I’m just gonna leave this here. 

Please, everyone, if you like Star Wars, whether for its themes or its characters or its plot, watch this.

(Not mine. Vidder’s name is LynnisaMystery on youtube. All of their vids fantastic, so go check ‘em out!)


ronald speirs + kleptomania (pt. 1)

“He couldn’t sleep at night thinking there was a necklace or something around.”

Can I be honest?

I’m just thinking about when I finally see the kiss. Like I’m going to be watching the new series with my sister, who is responsible for me watching Sherlock in the first place, and my religious parents who followed me into the hole that was Sherlock.

They don’t know my orientation. They don’t know how deeply I’ve become invested in Sherlock. How desperately I’ve been following TJLC and consuming every piece of meta I could get my hands on for years.

They don’t know how I spent years rping johnlock with @chaostheoryy and found a friend for life. How I found such a connection rping John Watson. How much their story meant to me. How much their relationship meant to me.

And when we are watching and that kiss happens, my sister and I are going to jump and scream and cheer because history happened. And we were right.

Then I’m pretty sure I’m going to break down into legitimate tears.

I can’t wait.

When you’re exhausted, over your work, and you’re worried that you’ll never get the drive to write again…

and then you get a fanfic review out of the blue that legitimately makes you tear up and remember the days when writing gave you so much pleasure.

Reviews can mean so much.

okay listen i haven’t watched svtfoe in i think maybe over a year but trans girl marco makes me so happy and i believe it 


LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL NERD! Look at one of my gifts from the amazing @luciana-dolls 

I can’t handle how wonderful this mini-me is. She’s so smol and precious! I legitimately had tears in my eyes while opening this birthday gift from Lu (which started while reading her sweet letter). This is my first custom doll from anyone besides myself, and it’s absolutely beautiful. The clothes are perfect, and Mini Vee even has Louise’s bunny hat! She has my tattoos, and my nose ring. The details are so mind blowing. Lu even gave me some beautiful wool for rerooting! 

I feel so much love around me this year. I’m so happy, and I hope I can reciprocate the love. 

Thank you so much Lu. I love you, sister doll buddy!

I’m actually crying legitimate tears right now you guys you guys

In Mass Effect Andromeda not all relationships will end up sexual. Some will but, “another NPC relationship might culminate in a meaningful, but non-sexual, encounter “

I’m legitimately crying this is all I ever wanted. I can have an ace partner. In a video game. This is the most amazing thing I could not be happier.



i know it’s gonna be fine, storywise, and it’s gonna be great having a different character and new dynamics to play with, and i’m excited to see it develop

but for me, having literally started crying (and i don’t cry at things but there were legitimate tears leaking from my eyes multiple times every time i remembered the things scanlan said about his family and how he felt and what he did, it hit far too close to home and i’m shaking just thinking about it) i feel heartbroken and yanked around and and and


i agree with keyleth, it feels way too soon

i think they should have introduced him next episode so everyone, including the players, had time to recover from that fucking awful heartbreaking split

and i think i need to take a little break from the show

just for a while

(just like scanlan)

emilyxestelle  asked:

I really like the xmas shopping simulator from last years (I think?) gamingmas because it's just so funny that everytime I watch it legitimately have tears rolling down my face


the reactions to punching santa and plunging a child through the floor (and the iconic “me thinking about responsibilities”)

i just love this video holy fuck