Empire State Building New LED Light Show - Alicia Keys - Hoboken / NYC (by KTaylorTV1)

The Empire State Building, to show off its new LED lights, put on its first ever “light show” on November 26, 2012 at 9PM. The light show was synchronized to Alicia Keys songs Girl is on Fire and Empire State of Mind.

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Jimmy Edgar’s synchronized LED show entitled MAJENTA (March 31 2012, Watergate Berlin Germany) - hope that makes you wanna see Jimmy Edgar’s live performance during #tnmfestival 2012 even more! :D:D

the promised madoka post

The problem with analyzing Madoka, and honestly a lot of female-led shows written by dudes, is how hard it is to tell how much feminist stuff is intentional.

One feminist analysis of Madoka suggested that it was a spiteful narrative that punished girls just for wanting things. Not necessarily misogynistic, but certainly… questionable. Regardless, people latched onto it because they felt that, “YEAH, THAT’S HOW IT IS. I FEEL YOU.”

So, the major primary theme of the show is just that: everything has a price, nothing is free, and the price of power for a girl is a rigged game where you are doomed to lose before you even start playing.

This is where the virgin-whore complex comes in.

For reference, there is a double-standard for women regarding sexuality in most cases. You can live your life freely and having sex whenever you want, but you will be judged for it. Alternatively, you can abstain until marriage but end up potentially burying your own desires. Society judges you based on that standard and there is very little middle ground.

Intentionally or not, I believe that this is what the conflicting endings of of the Madoka Rebellion movie and the Madoka TV endings illustrate.

In the TV ending, Madoka saves all magical girls from the fate of becoming witches through a Christ-like act of sacrifice. She does not die, but she ascends to godhood and surrenders her ability to interact personally with the living people she loves. She gives up her family, her friends, romance, sex, possessions, everything.

It is an act of ultimate abstinence.

However, in the movie, Homura descends to demonhood. Her “evil” is beyond that of a witch, yet she maintains her identity and sense of reason. Although her actions are certainly questionable and have earned her a great deal of hatred from the fandom, she creates a happy ending for all the characters we care about. There are two basic reasons for our resentment:

1. it destroys a bitter yet fulfilling ending for what was very likely an attempt to keep the franchise alive.

2 it sacrifices Madoka’s purity and godhood for Homura’s selfish reasons.

1 is understandable and reasonable. 2 is what I want to look at.

In all honesty, Homura’s actions are not so different from Madoka’s. Both involve manipulation of people’s minds and memories. They have similar end results even though Homura’s actions create a world in which she is the ultimate power.

However, Homura’s solution frames her as evil because what she has done is selfish. An innocent and thoughtful person like Madoka could never pull it off.

the true “Rebellion” is Homura’s rejection of purity as a solution and recognition that becoming a selfish witch of a girl will earn her happiness that is utterly unobtainable as a magical girl.

The desire for purity and the rigid lack of flexibility Kyubey (the rigged game of female empowerment) insists on as the nature of power is the downfall of all magical girls.

It’s partly why Kyoko proves so resilient: she gives no damns about others until she meets Sayaka.

(I think it’s worth pointing out that Kyubey’s dialogue can veer into uncomfortably abusive territory. “you already gave me consent. you already agreed to my conditions. You can’t take it back now. What did you think would happen? If you cannot conform to my standards then I am the one being wronged.”)

The only thing that holds Homura back from true happiness is the knowledge that she has done something that she defines as wrong and that she knows her friends think that she has done something we all define as selfish. We value Madoka’s actions more because they are altruistic, not because they are inherently better or more effective.

She takes Madoka’s power and uses it in the way she wants to for her own reasons, not with the intention of truly saving anyone other than the girl she’s in love with.

It is an act of ultimate indulgence.

Happiness or righteousness? Abstinent God or indulgent devil? Both provide a solution, but there is no in-between because the game is rigged.

Homura frees magical girls from oppression by gleefully annihilating Kyubey and his race, but Madoka does it by taking the burden of purity on herself. Homura saves lives, but Madoka saves souls. Madoka sacrifices individuality whereas Homura sacrifices dignity.

None of those things have concrete definitions or values beyond what we assign to them, but the society-wide values we believe in are what makes Homura see herself as evil.

I guess this isn’t an incredibly well-written post. I don’t think it quite communicates what I’m getting at, but I think if I don’t write it now I never will. Honestly, a lot of it is just my train of thought. I just think it’s something worth considering.

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Short scenario of genma getting jealous and asking you not to go on a date with another guy ? Please and thank you

Hey, I hope that this is close to what you had in mind anon. Thank you so much for the request!

If anyone else has a request for me my ask box is always open :)

~~~ M

It was a hot and humid summer day in Konoha village. It was your day off, and you were finally able to take your friend Genma up on his offer for lunch. You two had decided to meet in a little park at 12 where you would then choose where to go and eat.

You walked towards a little bench in the park and a fresh breeze blew past you cooling you off, but just for a moment. It was almost unbearably warm outside, so you were wearing a thin summer dress with your hair in a high pony tail. This, of course, led to you showing a lot of skin. You sat down on the small wooded bench and the wait for Genma began. You were a bit early so you weren’t concerned that he hadn’t arrived yet.

As you sat and waited a nicely dressed gentleman approached you.

“Hi, I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself from saying hello to such a beautiful lady,” he said with a gleaming smile on his face. “My name is Ahiko and what would your name be?” he continued.

“I’m [Y/N], but thank you so much. It’s not everyday a stranger comes up and calls be beautiful like this,” you told him. You would be lying if you said that you couldn’t feel a blush creeping up your neck.

“Well hopefully we won’t stay strangers. Would you maybe… like to go… on a date with me?” he asked shyly. His eyes looked hopeful, and you just couldn’t say no. I mean going on one date hurt couldn’t hurt.

“Sure that would be wonderful actually,” you said smiling.

“Would friday afternoon work? We can meet right here again. If that’s okay with you of course!” he rambled, his nerves getting the best of him.

“That works for me,” you told him. “I’ll see you then!” And the man was off.

Not soon after this encounter Genma finally showed.

“Hey, I’m sorry I’m a bit late, I had some last minute paperwork to finish up for work,” Genma said rustling his hair. However, in actuality he wasn’t doing paperwork. He had taken extra time to put on some new cologne and to iron his shirt to look extra good for you. He was a bit nervous with this arrangement. He had had lunch with you many times before, but there had always been other people accompanying the two of you. This time it was just the two of you. Alone. It felt almost like a date.

“You’re fine! I completely understand. You will not believe what just happened before you got here though,” you told him excitement in your voice.

“No? What happened?” he asked. Whatever it was he knew it would be special. With you everything was special to him. He couldn’t help but notice how great you looked in your sun dress. You were just so.. beautiful.

“Well this nice guy came over, and he just randomly asked me out on a date! Can you believe it?” you gushed to him. You were still quite in awe that the whole situation had happened. However, Genma’s face had immediately fallen. “Wait what’s wrong?” you asked noticing his strange reaction.

“Sounds kinda weird to me. I don’t like guys that just come up and ask random strangers on dates.” He said annoyance seeping into his voice.

“Well that was kind of rude,” you said shocked at his response. “I thought he was a very gentlemanly guy.”

“Ya, well they all start out that way. Then they get all weird with you on the date. Trust me it’s bad news.” Genma continued.

“Well maybe you’re just jealous! When was the last time you went on a date Genma?” You retorted. You were getting very tired of this side of Genma. You just didn’t like him like this.

“I’m not jealous of some random guy! Plus my dating history has nothing to do with this,” he defended.

“You’re totally jealous, and I think it may be time for me to get home. We can get lunch another day when you’re not as sour,” you said getting up. You were not going to be spending your day off arguing.

“Wait. I’m sorry Just please don’t go on the date [Y/N]” he said grabbing your hand. As he looked up at you you saw something in his eyes that you had never seen before. Something strong, passionate, and maybe even protective.

“Why not?” you asked. A small part of your unconscious already knew the answer, because you felt the same way. It seemed as if the world became still as you waited for his answer.

“Because. Well. I want to be the one going on dates with you. I want you to be mind, and only mine. I don’t want you to go on dates with anybody else.” he announced as he stood. “I’m in love with you [Y/N]”  Upon hearing this you stepped into his arms, and embraced him.

“I’m in love with you too Genma,” you whispered. After a long embrace the two of you stepped apart. You were both smiling and couldn’t look away from each other. “I guess I’m going to have to cancel my date now,” you laughed.

“Yah, I guess so.”

On another level, Illya’s character grew in stature and importance because of a very old, tired and true element–sex appeal. Most of the fanatic followers of McCallum/Illya were female. And not just teens, but housewives and teachers and most women of childbearing age. His good looks, combined with a role that put him in a hero’s position in a totally new and different show, readily led to his emergence as a new sex symbol, a role and a term he professed both to fail to understand and to hate. Illya, not being a woman-chaser like Solo, represented a nonthreatening male who offered a challenge to his female guest stars–and vicariously his female viewers. As Felton put it, “Illya does not kiss girls–girls kiss Illya.”
Felton and Sam Rolfe experimented with what was obviously a new and unexpected element in their show’s success. In “The Bow Wow Affair,” a first-season episode that featured McCallum almost to the exclusion of Vaughn, Illya ends up kissing guest star Susan Oliver. A flood of angry fan mail came in protesting the scene. It seemed that Illya’s female fans wanted him all to themselves, and his apparently celibate background was an essential part of his appeal. For similar reasons, Jill Ireland’s character of Marion Raven, once considered as a continuing love interest for Illya, was dropped. By the second season of the show, Felton sent a memo, on October 11, 1965, to Mort Abrahams on “The Adriatic Express Affair” saying that the blond girl chasing Illya through the train in the script must be kept from actually catching him, as was necessary to preserve the “Illya mystique.”

The Man from UNCLE Book: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of a Television Classic, by John Heitland, page 49

Frustrating as it invariably is watching dudes editorialise about why the womens like the things they like*, I figured it might be worth quoting the section covering some of the background to how the Illya/romance issue was being thought about behind the scenes.

…mind you, I’m still boggling a bit at “the blond girl must be kept from actually catching Illya” part. This is the same blonde girl who backs him into a cabin from which he doesn’t reemerge for several scenes, gets an extended snog out of him when he needs her help getting out of a jail cell, then ends the episode sitting beside him of a bed, sharing a single glass of champagne, right? So… did that memo get buried in someone’s inbox, or was there even more in the original script that never made it to screen?

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ttalovebug replied to your post:I have a feeling the Emmys operate primarily by…

This. Also, I would argue that Outlander is one of the most critically acclaimed shows on tv that is unabashedly female-skewing, not just female-led. And shows made for a female audience just can’t possibly be good enough for awards, no matter what the reviews say ��

I absolutely agree. There’s a great deal of stigma around shows that are considered “for women” that leads to them being dismissed right off the bat. However, I also would argue that it being female-led, and having complex female characters who interact with each-other in realistic ways doesn’t make it “for women,” it’s just that that’s what society reinforces - that shows with a primarily female POV are things only women can relate to, whereas shows with male POVs are things everyone should be able to relate to.  

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Being butch is sooo boring. Who wants to see Tyler again anyways.. Shut up. In over cate and ty. They bore me as much as Amber. And cate jus said that they script the voice overs.. How lovely. Just let them view it and say what they mean

The voice overs are obviously scripted. So much of the show is led by the producers.

Remember how, at the time, I was really annoyed by how many people went on about how gamergaters were autistic?

Yeah, I was doing research for @canonauties and just uncovered the worst round of google searches ever. Let’s just say, it sent me to Reddit, and then there was another blog where the quote that had led google to show me it was “now I’m not saying all gamergaters have autism”…


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saw s/pn trending on twitter & i clicked hoping to see that its cancelled, but no, its getting a 13th season. 13! imagine a show led by women, men of color, or esp women of color being a creative flop for more than half a decade, yet getting renewed year after year. fans get angry when we point out how many good (or just better than spn) shows get canceled after merely 1 or 2 seasons, as opposed to sp/n, but it's definitely a commentary on what shows are allowed to be less than mediocre.

supernatural has been on for 34567 years and been terrible for all of them, but according to fans it got terrible after season 5, who is even watching that show still?