Robert Plant teases Pearl Jam's Mike McCready about song theft during SiriusXM interview
  • Mike McCready:How important is it to create?
  • Robert Plant:Crucial, absolutely crucial. Being an entertainer, outside of skill, craft, experience, and whatever else it is you grow into, repetition is a hell of an evil bedfellow. To repeat yourself as regularly as we do as entertainers, you know this, I mean how many times have you played "Going to California"? Oh sorry, whatever your song is called. Fucking hell, what is it called?
  • McCready:It’s called "Given to Fly," yes, yes.
  • Plant:Yeah, yeah, whoops-a-daisy. Mind you, nobody’s perfect. The truth of the matter is—
  • McCready:We all borrow, right? Or steal?
  • Plant:Well that's what your singer said.
  • McCready:Yes. He said "Given to California." When you came to see us in Sweden, we did the song, and he said, he dedicated it to you I think, and acknowledged you, and [said] "Given to California."
  • Plant:It’s a good job he had some dancing girls backstage afterwards to take the heat out of the moment. We’re all mature, so we all know that’s okay. I didn’t get a check in the post, nothing like that.
  • McCready:It could be in the mail!