Experience Buckyball, a towering 25-foot illuminated sculpture that features two nested, geodesic spheres. Inspired by the shape explored by futurist and inventor Buckminster Fuller, Buckyball is the creation of New York–based artist Leo Villareal, celebrated in San Francisco for his monumental public sculpture The Bay Lights.

Comprised of 4,500 LED nodes arranged along a series of pentagons and hexagons, Buckyball is animated by custom software programmed by Villareal to display over 16 million distinct colors. The lights dynamically shift and fade in both sequenced patterns and random order, generating vibrant hues that will enliven the Exploratorium’s public space in both daylight and moonlight.


All finished with the Trepan helm :)
He´s chilling with Overlord on the trophy shelf now~
I installed some LED and used new metallic paint. The color is really nice (Pebéo acrylics)
The design is actually kinda based on @koch43s awesome Trepan fanart (:D I think you already noticed! I wanted to tag you in this post, when it was all finished! Guess I wasn´t sneaky enough :) )

Tomorrow I´ll fly over to the UK and I will be at TFNation :D So no more posts until monday~ See ya there