I want everyone who’s ever called Reid a ‘Woobie’ to watch this scene. Watch him go from the first picture to the second in the span of a minute and tell me that any perceived weakness on his part isn’t an act to make others underestimate him.

He does this many times throughout the series. Like here, here and here

Dowd certainly didn’t expect Reid to be the one to take him out and that was the plan.

Do not underestimate the beautiful genius. :D

listen i promised i wouldn’t make this post but. i don’t care

anyways the reason a giant chunk of moreid fanfic (and headcanons) bother me and sometimes downright offend me is because of how horribly both characters are written. reid isn’t a shy, submissive, asexual beta male. not once in canon has he ever really acted as such. he’s quite outgoing (pilot episode) always speaks his mind and shares information, is close with his friends and teammates. he’s not subordinate, and isn’t afraid to stand up to hotch and his superiors on many occasions (elephants memory, it takes a village) he can protect himself and others just fine (LDSK). he ogles women often and has shown sexual interest in several characters (JJ, elle, austin, lila, and even ethan) and morgan? morgan isn’t a womanizer. he isn’t dominate or an alpha. he’s sensitive and effeminate, and often carries himself in quite a feminine way. he takes care of his body, but he’s not vain or self absorbed (elephants memory). his head is always either clean shaven, or when he had hair, neatly cropped. his facial hair is always trimmed immaculately, as are his eyebrows. his skin is flawless, and he probably has a quite intricate skincare routine. when he says he couldn’t remember jordan’s name or face and reid and emily insinuate it’s because he’s slept with so many people, it’s not the case. he’s so incredibly respectful to women. on many occasions he treats women most of the world would look down upon (drug addicts, sex workers, homeless women) with the utmost respect. in one episode, he politely asks a drug addicted sex worker a question, addressing her as ‘miss’ and then calling her 'sweetheart’ as he thanks her, all the while other officers look at him with disdain. he tells that homeless women he believes she’s beautiful and her life has worth, and this seemingly shocks emily, but he thinks nothing of it. he loves and respects women, and quite frankly the womanizer trope isn’t grounded in canon but instead racism. he’s also, once again, not actually an aggressive, domineering alpha male. he’s the muscle, sure, but again, refer to elephants memory. “this was never about vanity.” take it into account that derek endured horrific sexual abuse for years. i see so many people forget that. understand the effects that had on him. imagine how helpless and weak he felt. imagine how emasculated buford made him feel. and remember how often he was bullied and beaten up. of course he’d pack on muscle and display his strength. he is gentle and caring. look at any episodes in which he cares for children (profiler profiled, foundation, prince of darkness). he’s soft and kind with them, so much to the point where he gets james to open up about his abuse, angel to welcome his touch, and ellie to treat him as a confidante and surrogate father. cases affect him so much more deeply than the others (sandman, restoration, all of the episodes revolving around emily’s past). he carries things with him because he feels things so much stronger than anyone else. he shows the most emotion out of anyone. morgan and reid’s actual roles are eons away from being accurately represented by fandom and that will never cease to annoy me

Caffeine Ban

A/N: An anon request where the reader kicks a lot in her sleep and she ends up waking up Spencer in the middle of the night. @coveofmemories


“Y/N,” Spencer said, poking his girlfriend in her sleep. “Y/N, wake up.” He knew she had sleep problems, but tonight was worse than normal. 

She yawned, pushing up off the bed. “What’s wrong?” Her eyes were barely open. Spencer chuckled under his breath as she practically slumped back into the bed.

“You were kicking in your sleep again,” he replied, leaning over and giving her a kiss on the shoulder. This was a nightly thing - at least once. Thankfully the bad nights, like tonight, didn’t happen all that often. Even when she did kick, it normally didn’t wake him up, but tonight. Tonight was hell. Good thing he loved her. “Badly.”

“I’m sorry, babe,” she said, flopping back into the mattress. When she collapsed, her hair flipped back into her face. She was exhausted. Why was tonight so much worse? “I feel like I get worse with the kicking when I’m more exhausted.”

When he looked over, he saw that it was 1:30 AM. His head smushed back into the pillow, so when he spoke, he spoke out the side of the his mouth. “It probably doesn’t help that you had an enormous cup of coffee about an hour or so we went to bed.”

“Probably not,” she yawned. “Caffeine normally doesn’t bother me that much though.”

“Come here,” he whispered, reaching over and wrapping his hand around her waist. “You can normally sleep a little better if I cuddle you.” He buried his head in her neck as he spoke. “Try and get some sleep.”


As was always the case, they drifted away from each other as the hours went by. They normally ended up at the furthest ends of the bed, but facing each other. The caffeine must’ve really been running through her system because she started kicking incessantly. However, she didn’t wake up and although he kept being kicked in the leg, he didn’t have the heart to wake her up. So he dealt with it - tossing and turning for another couple hours to try and avoid her soccer-like movements until he couldn’t take it anymore. “Babe,” he said, watching as she shook in her sleep, “Y/N, wake up…I’m sorry,” he said, as she groaned.

“What time is it?” she asked sleepily, rolling once again into his arms.

“It’s 4:15. Are you okay? The kicking is getting really bad,” he said, rubbing his palm against her stomach. 

She leaned back, her head in the crook of his neck. “I’m really jittery. I guess it is the caffeine. Do you want me to go on the couch? I can sleep out there for the rest of the night if you want.”

“No, it’s fine,” he lied. “I can handle it. You kick like a nine-year-old.”

Y/N snorted slightly. “Didn’t you say that to Hotch once? When you just started out? I feel like I remember sitting next to you in the ambulance after you and he confronted the LDSK.”

“I did,” he smiled. “Although I lied. My ribs did kind of hurt for a couple of days, but it wasn’t too bad…Just try and get a few more hours, and if we wake up again, we’ll just get up for the day.”

“Alright,” she yawned, reaching her arm back and running her hands through his hair. “Night, again. Sorry I can’t stop kicking.”

He laughed into her mess of hair. “It’s okay. I forgive you. Just try and get some sleep. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


Only a half hour later, Y/N fell asleep again, but she was still kicking and Spencer couldn’t deal with it anymore, so he got up and went outside to sleep on the couch. She’d offered just a while ago, but she was the one having such a hard time sleeping, so he figured she deserved to have the bed. Plus, before they got together, he fell asleep just fine on the couch many times. 

Gently, he snuck himself out from under the blankets and walked outside, grabbing a blanket and pillow from the hall closet before heading to the couch. Since he was out of the room, he felt there was next to no chance of Y/N waking up, so he threw the pillow into place at the end of the couch and let the blanket flutter over as he fell into the cool leather. 

Within minutes, he was asleep - no kicking whatsoever.


Hours later, Spencer woke up when he heard rustling in the kitchen. “What time is it?” he asked, sniffing in the air for the sweet smell of coffee. 

Y/N brought a cup to the side table, placing it next to his head with a dull thud. “It’s 9:30. I didn’t want to wake you.”

Spencer pushed up off the couch, eyes still closed and clumsily reached out for his cup of coffee, which she guided into his hand. “Thanks, babe.”

“No problem. It’s the least I could do for someone who put up with all that kicking last night.”

“It was pretty awful,” he chuckled, still barely alert as his lips hit the mug of sweet elixir. “Are you having a cup?” He still hadn’t bothered to open his eyes. He was not a morning person. Night owl all the way.

“Yea,” she said. “I always have to have my morning cup.”

Finally, he managed to open his eyes, taking another sip of coffee before he replied. “I really do like sleeping next to you, but not when you’re kicking, so I’m cutting you off from caffeine after lunch this afternoon. I have to save my shins from your assault…Zinedine Zidane.”

“Nice soccer reference, babe. Thought you would’ve gone with Mia Hamm though,” she laughed.

“That’s the obvious one,” he said. “But anyway, you are banned from caffeine after lunch. I need to keep my shins from breaking.”