I want everyone who’s ever called Reid a ‘Woobie’ to watch this scene. Watch him go from the first picture to the second in the span of a minute and tell me that any perceived weakness on his part isn’t an act to make others underestimate him.

He does this many times throughout the series. Like here, here and here

Dowd certainly didn’t expect Reid to be the one to take him out and that was the plan.

Do not underestimate the beautiful genius. :D

listen i promised i wouldn’t make this post but. i don’t care

anyways the reason a giant chunk of moreid fanfic (and headcanons) bother me and sometimes downright offend me is because of how horribly both characters are written. reid isn’t a shy, submissive, asexual beta male. not once in canon has he ever really acted as such. he’s quite outgoing (pilot episode) always speaks his mind and shares information, is close with his friends and teammates. he’s not subordinate, and isn’t afraid to stand up to hotch and his superiors on many occasions (elephants memory, it takes a village) he can protect himself and others just fine (LDSK). he ogles women often and has shown sexual interest in several characters (JJ, elle, austin, lila, and even ethan) and morgan? morgan isn’t a womanizer. he isn’t dominate or an alpha. he’s sensitive and effeminate, and often carries himself in quite a feminine way. he takes care of his body, but he’s not vain or self absorbed (elephants memory). his head is always either clean shaven, or when he had hair, neatly cropped. his facial hair is always trimmed immaculately, as are his eyebrows. his skin is flawless, and he probably has a quite intricate skincare routine. when he says he couldn’t remember jordan’s name or face and reid and emily insinuate it’s because he’s slept with so many people, it’s not the case. he’s so incredibly respectful to women. on many occasions he treats women most of the world would look down upon (drug addicts, sex workers, homeless women) with the utmost respect. in one episode, he politely asks a drug addicted sex worker a question, addressing her as ‘miss’ and then calling her 'sweetheart’ as he thanks her, all the while other officers look at him with disdain. he tells that homeless women he believes she’s beautiful and her life has worth, and this seemingly shocks emily, but he thinks nothing of it. he loves and respects women, and quite frankly the womanizer trope isn’t grounded in canon but instead racism. he’s also, once again, not actually an aggressive, domineering alpha male. he’s the muscle, sure, but again, refer to elephants memory. “this was never about vanity.” take it into account that derek endured horrific sexual abuse for years. i see so many people forget that. understand the effects that had on him. imagine how helpless and weak he felt. imagine how emasculated buford made him feel. and remember how often he was bullied and beaten up. of course he’d pack on muscle and display his strength. he is gentle and caring. look at any episodes in which he cares for children (profiler profiled, foundation, prince of darkness). he’s soft and kind with them, so much to the point where he gets james to open up about his abuse, angel to welcome his touch, and ellie to treat him as a confidante and surrogate father. cases affect him so much more deeply than the others (sandman, restoration, all of the episodes revolving around emily’s past). he carries things with him because he feels things so much stronger than anyone else. he shows the most emotion out of anyone. morgan and reid’s actual roles are eons away from being accurately represented by fandom and that will never cease to annoy me

I love Hotch and Reid so much i am literally screaming.
The scene where Hotch just softly
‘Pst’ to get Reids attention and fist bumps him.
The fact that they have deeper conversations with one another (i.e. the episode where Hotch recalls details from their discussion about narcissism to help save Reid).
How Hotch has no trouble understanding Reid and putting his ramblings in layman’s terms.
The episode where Hotch trusted that Reid would catch onto his plan to kill the LDSK and trusted him with a gun even though he failed his last exam.
How Hotch could understand what Reid went through with Maeve like no one else.
Oh my god
I! LOVE!!! MY!! BABIES!!!!!!!

  • Hotch: Nice shot
  • Reid: I was aiming for his leg.
  • Hotch: I wouldn't have kept kicking if I was afraid you didn't get my plans.
  • Reid: I got your plan the minute you moved the hostages out of my line of fire.
  • Hotch: Well I hope I didn't hurt you too badly.
  • Reid: Hotch, I was a 12-year-old child prodigy in a Las Vegas public high school. You kick like a 9-year-old girl.

Criminal Minds Appreciation Week, Day 3 - OTP

I started this shipping manifesto back during season 6 or 7 and then didn’t touch it until about a week ago, so because of that, as well as some issues I have with character fluctuation in later seasons, most of this is based on s1-5.

Sections include:
- General
- Episode Specific
- Superficial
- Myths about characterization*

(*I hate that I feel the last section is necessary, but I have been in fandom long enough to see way too many “I don’t ship this because of [untrue statement about character]” or “I ship this because of [really offensive stereotype]” posts, so it seemed necessary)

I understand if you don’t ship Morgan/Reid, but I do ask that you please respect those who do. I’m happy to discuss various points, but only if you are respectful. I’ve tried to put this under a read more, but tumblr’s kinda inconsistent as to whether or not that works; my apologies if it doesn’t.

Special shoutout to lilijuliet who looked it over and added a few more things from later seasons.

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I thought I’d take the time to compile a list of all the times Reid has been hurt or in danger: 

1. LDSK- Held hostage in a hospital with Hotch

2. Derailed- Taken hostage by Ted Bryar

3. The Popular Kids- Had a gun pointed at his head by Cory Bridges

4. Somebody’s Watching- Takes down the UNSUB on his own

5. The Fisher King Part 2- He was nearly blown up by Randall Garner

6. The Big Game/Revelations- Kidnapped, tortured and drugged by Tobias Hankel

7. Damaged- Him and hotch are nearly attacked by a death row inmate named Chester Hardwick

8. 3rd Life- Has to face the victims father, who has a shotgun, without backup.

9. Elelphant’s Memory- Had an AK47 pointed at him while he tried to talk down a suicidal teenager named Owen Savage

10. Minimal Loss- Held hostage by a religious cult with Emily

11. Amplification- Nearly died during an anthrax attack 

12. Faceless, Nameless- Shot in the leg protecting Dr. Barton

13. Corazon- Almost shot by the UNSUB

14. Zugzwang- Shot in the arm trying to save his Girlfriend, who he lost

15. Rabid- Punched in the head by the UNSUB, before taking him down


17. Demons- Who the hell knows what’s going to happen in this episode


- Little Hotch Moment: 1.06 LDSK

This whole scene with Dowd shows how a clever profiler and negotiator Hotch is.  His negotiation trap started the minute he surrendered his gun.  Hotch made it clear he was the dominant one (e.g.“shut up, Reid”).  He showed that he was the same kind of person as Dowd, who treated lesser ones with contempt ( e.g. “go head genius, tell him”).  His posture and voice showed he wasn’t easily manipulated, but his words showed his approval for Dowd’s action.  Hotch let Dowd feel he was competitive.  And then, he let Dowd have his moment.  I think this is the most clever and critical part of this scene.  When Hotch said, “I said,they know you are in here.”, his posture, for the first time, swayed.  He showed, for the first time, uncertainty.  He let Dowd believe, he figured out Hotch’s mistake before Hotch knew it, therefore he outsmarted Hotch.  Why this is so important is because Dowd wanted to be smartest of smart.  Hotch gave him what he wanted.  This made his guard down.  Dowd was not stupid.  He was cautious at first.  But after he let his guard down, he started to believe what Hotch was saying.  He believed Hotch was same kind of person as him.  In the end, he showed even a hint of admiration for Hotch.  Dowd was manipulated by Hotch before he knew it, despite he was cautious.  “How do you think I found you.” was Hotch’s victory call.

This is truly clever writing in best use of profiling way.  I really want more of this kind of writing, and this Hotch every once in a while.  I desperately want to see more of negotiator Hotch in the future.

And one more thing I want to point out here is Hotch’s voice.  My friend, who was very light CM fan, when she watched this scene, said that most people would be manipulated by his voice.  His voice is weapon.  Calm, quite, soft and strong.  Very persuading and captivating.  His voice is one of his best weapon and no other person has.