[On dating in New York versus London]

“It doesn’t happen in London. You just don’t really date in London. You just go out and meet someone you like. If you happen to hook up more than three times in a row, you don’t have the conversation. You just wait until someone gets jealous enough to have some pub brawl over you and then you go, ‘Well I guess that’s my man.’”

—  Alexa Chung

London Cat Killer Important Information! Please read & share!

As most people are now aware, there have been upwards of 50 cats, rabbits and foxes found dead, apparently murdered, across London over the past couple of years.

SNARLLondon and the RSPCA are liaising with the police. There is an active investigation. It is believed it is one person who is highly mobile. It is highly recommended that if you live in these areas you should keep your cat in at night - both friendly and shy/nervous cats have been killed.

SNARLLondon says: “ If you see someone behaving suspiciously around a cat, PLEASE DIAL 999 IMMEDIATELY and report it.  It doesn’t matter if it turns out to be nothing - the police want to know. If you find a cat with these injuries

contact us on 07957 830 490 or mobile 07961 030064 immediately. It is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that the body is/ parts are safeguarded and we will come out, even if it is after hours.  We will liaise with the police and RSPCA to secure the scene. If the animal is still alive please take him or her straight to the vet for treatment and call us as soon as you can afterwards.”

Contact: RSPCA on 0300 123 4999.

Anyone with information about any of the incidents call police on 101 or in confidence via CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111. DS Andy Collin from the Metropolitan Police on 0208 6490216.


Google map of attacks.

Petition to create a new offence of “animal murder”.

News updates on the case.

Twitter updates on the case.

PETA is offering £5000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

This is horrible & I realise it is very upsetting but it is so important to raise awareness of this. Even if you don’t live near these areas, you may have followers who might. Please share. The more people who see this, the more chance there is of someone coming forward with information. Keep your cats safe!