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Can you write a scenario about Eden having a hard time saying he loves you, please? :)

Hello there anon!!! I am soooo sorry this took so long. Both of us literally just got out of school!! I had this written out for a while but didn’t get a chance to type it up! I hope you enjoy it and forgive us for being sooo late!!!

Setting: Hawaii
This may have been the best thing that had ever happened to you. It had been such a long time since you had been on a really long vacation. To top it all off you were on vacation in Hawaii with your boyfriend. You glance shyly over at E.Den who was talking to his manager. The conversation seemed very serious so you stayed put in your spot.
“Noona!” AO called out jumping on you and giving you a big hug.
“AO what’s up?” You ask hugging him back. He was such a cute maknae but you weren’t deceived by him anymore. AO had a knack for switching a flip and becoming a really sexy guy.
“You need your own girlfriend.” E.Den said picking AO off of you from his shirt and throwing him away.
“Hyung you just get jealous over a little guy like me.” AO joked pouting cutely.
“He’s right you know.” You agree with a laugh.
“That isn’t the point.” E.Den replies rolling his eyes. “Now come on we’re going out on a date.
“already?” You ask surprised. “I thought you would want to rest. I mean it was a long trip out here.” You shake your head when E.Den yawned. “See, you need to rest. We can go out tomorrow.”
“Oh fine. But we’re going out in the morning.”
You had no problem with that. The boys’ manager led all of you to your hotel. After a hot meal and some video games all six boys had crashed in whatever spot they were ay. The next morning you woke up bright and early to get ready for your date. You decided to wear a white summer dress with gold sandals and a white head band. Once E.Den was ready the two of you set out to a location only he seemed to know about. An hour later his manager dropped you off at an open meadow littered with colorful flowers. E.Den took out of the car trunk a blanket and a picnic basket which he set up in the middle of the meadow. You helped him set up the food on the blanket but before you could serve him he suddenly got off the blanket and plucked a flower. Coming back he place it on your left ear.
“______….” He said your name his voice a little shaky.
“What is it?” You ask curiously.
“Ummm…I…I want to tell you something.” He replied unable to look into your eyes. You giggle watching a blush form on his cheeks. Who knew he could be so cute?
“I’m all ears Jaedyn.” You say looking around. “I don’t know how you found this place but its beautiful. You turn and watch him still struggle to form his sentence. Now his ears were changing color too. You smiled and place both of your hands on each ear. He looks up at you and quickly away.
“I’m glad you’re happy…..and……..I….”
“Yeah?” You ask encouraging him.
“I….” He sighs and captures your lips in a long drawn out kiss. He bits your bottom lip and hugs you squeezing your body tight against his. He pushes you down and you watch him your eyes wide as he holds both of your wrists with one hand his other hand on your cheek. He couldn’t do this unless he was in complete control. He leaned down once more to kiss you but his lips barely touched yours. “I…..I love you…..______” He finally said and kisses you softly not allowing you to answer a dark red blush coloring his nose, cheeks and ears.

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