Imagine it’s super late but Bjergsen has been super hyper, keeping you from sleeping. You finally managed to get him to come to bed, but he’s still not making it easy to sleep. He’s making weird sounds, weird faces; you laugh because you love him, but you also love sleep. Finally you tell him, “if you don’t stop, I’m kicking you off the bed and you can sleep on the couch.” He immediately cuddles up to you, all of a sudden much calmer. You kiss his cheek, mumbling a thank you.

Imagine Bjerg video-calling you. He wants to take you on a tour wherever they go- the hotel, the city, the venue; He wants to show you everything, even if you can’t be there. The other members and you think he’s going a little bit overboard- you have your own life, too. But you try to make as much time for his [virtual] tours, because you wish you were with him, too.