this my favourite of Rachel Kiley’s instagram photos from tonight.

- To be honest, the plate was a little jealous.  He overheard that Rachel had decided to take a photo of the candle that Ashley sat beside.  He would never understand why he couldn’t be enough.  He had once held the tasty gluten-free tapas that Ashley had eaten.  Why wasn’t that enough?

Honestly, what did a plate have to do to get a little respect.  

If he had legs or arms or breath, he might have attempted to smash or push the candle off the table, or, if that failed, blow the stupid candle out.

But the more the plate looked at the candle, the more he began to admire it.  It’s flame did lick along the inside of the glass so elegantly.  And really it was the mostly warm and welcoming yellow colour.

His thoughts turned until the plate was enamoured with that candle that he completely understood why that Rachel girl had spent all of her time framing it just right.  He only dreamed of being closer to the glamourous and elegant candle.  His only wish was - 

Suddenly, the plate was flying through the air, gripped from the side and below by soft fingers, leading him through time and space, further away from his beloved candle.  The place where he would have had a heart if he had been anything but a plate cooled the longer his journey lasted.

He knew that it might be days before he saw his candle again.  He fell, quickly and violently, down, down, down.

“Shit.  I broke another one.”  It would be the last thing he ever heard.