Adventures in flight

-stayed up way too late repacking my bags. Oh well.
-Did well on my last test for a summer course
-got on the road and thought life was grand traffic was just fine and no issues getting to ATL
-Domestic Terminal South parking was full. Shit. Drive around to go to North parking. End up on the road to the international terminal. Shit. Get turned around and back to North parking (phew)
-First kiosk is fucked and won’t scan my passport. Adrenaline is full on and I’m about to freak. Second kiosk works, thankfully
-Security line was stupid long. Flight started boarding at 3:40, I got to the gate at 4:05. Flight left at 4:20. Had to check my carry on at the gate
-Smooth flight to LAX, nice seatmate, not the smoothest landing
-Didn’t know my carry-on would be checked through to Sydney. Spent 30+ minutes waiting for my bag and then more time talking to a service representative. I’m glad I grabbed what I did!
-So hungry. Got a burrito and beer. Happy Coley
-I’ve been walking around the terminal at LAX cuz I know I’m about to be trapped for 15 hours. Aisle seat was a solid plan
-I’m really ready to just get to Sydney and see my beautiful girlfriend kelskicksass

At the OLC in Bend, I brought 2 dyed/strung goalies, 5 dyed/strung shorties,1dyed/Peace Pocket, and 3 dyed shorties. This is all heads I came back with…. Sold the Cell III galaxies and riot cuffs, and brought in five orders that I’m shipping right back out on Friday…. That’s my drive and commitment. Don’t let anyone tell ya couldn’t do something. And keep the peace in the crease bro’s. I’m out by peace_inthe_crease