Decided to paint this to see if this scene still hurts. The answer is yes. Yes, it does.

the girl i offended from counseling (by saying i didn’t liked dogs) is sitting at the table next to me at starbucks but i don’t think she knows i’m sitting here and i don’t want to talk to her but what if she does notice and say something to me it’s not like i can pretend i don’t know her


h e l p   m e

the concepts of some of my favorite songs by the wombats
  • tokyo (vampires and wolves):yeah i had a gf once. i left her so that i could become anime
  • 1996:mr president, we need a weapon that can destroy every single 90's kid in existence
  • techno fan:it's not a techno song
  • flowerball:some cute boy needs to sing this song to me right now. also i could have sworn this song was called flowerBOMB.
  • jump into the fog:prostitutes, but like, aesthetic prostitutes
  • anti-d:hey there i heard you ordered some tears in the express mail, here's your delivery
  • this is not a party:everyone else mcfreakin losin it while I'm just contemplating what i've mcfreakin lost
  • curveballs:lmao whoops
  • party in a forest (where's laura):hun. you're looking for your friend laura? and you're in the middle of this trippy pine tree forest place? oh hun. *sweats* did you look down at the beach? trust me i listen to bastille i know where this is going and its not going anywhere good
  • our perfect disease:i guess you could say we had an...unhealthy relationship *thousands of people applauding*
  • greek tragedy:how many metaphors can i shove into one song? *opens box of unlit cigarettes* a whole damn lot evidently
  • let's dance to joy division:I've never seen a group of people so angry about being happy. also how the heck did they explain this to a children's choir.

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"Laura?" Xano called as she entered the house. "Laura, where are you?". She stopped outside of her bedroom, but figuring they were past that, opened the door and entered. "Laura? You were supposed to meet me a-". Xano stood still, surprised at what looked like Laura, dressed up and sitting on the bed, looking straight ahead. "Laura?". ((Nano-morph))

Laura wanted cry with happiness seeing Xano but all she could do was sit there and stare at Xano with a dull expression. Ever so slightly her chest would move, she could breathe.. She couldn’t blink.. She couldn’t speak.. She couldn’t eat, move, walk. She was a human.. Doll. But she was alive.

‘XANO! Oh thank goodness!’


Look at this BEAUTIFUL painting! I received this as a gift by one of my absolute very favorite people in the world, the little sister I’ve always wanted… padaleckidaddy. Lauren’s thoughtfulness combined with her sheer talent brought tears to my eyes as I was peeling back the paper to reveal such a gorgeous piece of art. This perfect human is just that - perfect! I implore you all to follow my lovely Lauren, as she is always a bright ray of sunshine in my life! Being her friend means the world to me and I admire her so, so much. She’s an inspiration! 

Lauren, you’re amazing! xx