Quick confession: he leaves me breathless and renders me speechless all the time

No regrets. I’d fall for you over and over again, even if it means that I’ll get my heart broken all over again.

-After all.. you were one of my favorite chapters..


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the kouhai war in fukorodani must be v chill (if there is one at all) since they only have two kouhai anyway: onaga and bokuto

anon you have to be more tactful you hurt his feelings

This is a call out post

For @x-benihime

*breathes in*

Okay so you’re rude, mean and an absolute tease and no one should follow you especially if they don’t want their heart to pace erratically while reading awesome well plotted fics that have everything from crazy ass fuck-with-you emotions to excellent plotting and character behaviour to goddamn cliffhangers that nearly physically hurt that have you nearly sobbing on the way to office like seriously why

To anyone not Hanna reading this: I warn you. Do not read her latest work Heartstrung - only the prologue and first chapter is out and I’m not the same. So perfectly angsty and friendships and full of the little details that matter and excellent pacing and our faves behaving like they would but in a totally different Soulmate AU? Please don’t. You shouldn’t. And if you still do, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Omh ;-;

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I dream of showing Dean the footage of 9x06 car scene because I almost died from second hand embarrassment while watching that scene like 'Oh my god Dean stop drooling!' Then I realised that the show literally has God who can do anything, which means on Dean's wedding day, Chuck's going to raise the standard of embarassing home video to a whole new level.

I can see Cas just getting up and walking out the room before they ever get that far if Chuck tries to do a wedding speech :P I’m not entirely sure who invited him. Maybe Sam trying to be nice/thinking it would be super weird and problematic not to invite God.

(He brings Amara, who is the actual worst aunt to have at a wedding ever)

(I’m trying to imagine a scenario for an extended family wedding that does not involve Lucifer showing up at the last minute like the evil fairy who wasn’t invited in like, Sleeping Beauty or whatever)

(I’m thinking to avoid fights Dean and Cas need to just elope and get it over and done with)

How to Prepare for an MIT Midterm
  1. Go to the review session the night before
  2. Make a study plan
  3. Get up early
  4. Eat a good breakfast
  5. Go to a cafe or your favorite study space
  6. Finish half a practice midterm before feeling antsy and uncomfortable
  7. Move to the library
  8. Panic and write a depressive, existential tumblr post 
  9. Give up slightly and almost cry
  10. Find some cool whizbang technology video on the internet to take your mind off things
  11. Wonder if you should go ask Student Support Services for an extension
  12. Realize you don’t have an excuse
  13. Become comfortable with barely passing
  14. Realize you have 2 hours left
  15. Laugh
  16. cry
  17. laugh 
  18. make a humorous tumblr post to make yourself feel better
  19. (2 years later) hopefully graduate and never do this again

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I told someone that I’m a quarter Okinawan and they were like yeah I see it in the eyes and then this little 13yo white girl looked at my eyes and said “your eyes don’t look Asian they’re not small” I’m dead

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explain the dan asked to punch you story?

he just walked into my house and punched me. and walked out. the end.