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Tell us about who you are going out with Monday. Do you like him?

Dude! His name is Mike, he’s 37 and he works at a huge printing company. We’ve been talking since last Friday, he’s seriously such a nice guy. No kids. We are gonna go to meet at Starbucks then maybe grab lunch if it goes well. I’m pretty excited to meet him.

Not As They Seem... - 3 (Barry Allen/Reader)

Part One  Part Two

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You walked into the lab smiling. Today was a better day. Better week all thanks to a kind gesture last Friday. 

You’d lost a friend that day and were hoping to find some solace in the arms of your boyfriend, but ended up making a friend. Who really helped you when you needed one. Since then he’d checked in on you and it was nice.

Julian looked over you, “Y/N…were we supposed to meet today?”

“No.” You walked over to him kissing his cheek, “I’m here to see Barry.”

“Allen?” He made a disgusted face, “What for?”

“We are having lunch.” You told him cheerfully, “We’ve become good friends recently and he offered to take me to Cajun Asian, since I know you don’t like spicy I thought it would be a win win.”

“…” He looked over toward Barry grabbing his coat, “Really…”

“Mmhm.” You smiled at him stepping over to Barry, “I promise to get Mr. Allen back in an hour and a half. I’m sure you’re both very busy.”

“Very…” Julian watched as you both moved to leave, “Allen, a moment…”

“Yeah, sure.” He stopped watching you walk out into the hall, “What’s up?”

“What’s up?” Julian repeated, “Why are you taking my girlfriend to lunch?”

“Because…we’re friends…and friends do that…” He told him squinting his eyes as the obviously bothered man in front of him. He wouldn’t admit to him but he was happy to see Julian ruffled.

“Since when…are you two friends?”  Julian said curtly glaring at him.

“Since she came in here nearly in tears looking for you because he friend passed away.” Barry told him, “But you were too busy to pick up your phone, now if you’ll excuse me…I have lunch to get to.”

“Back off Allen.” Julian called after him.

“Yeah…whatever…” Barry muttered ignoring the comment.
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I feel absolutely terrible. 

So here’s a story that start about ten years ago, when I got my braces I had the worst dentist I’d ever had. He was blunt, rude and just rough with me. Back then I was thirteen and I saw him until I was eighteen. Every time I saw him he made me feel like crap and put me through unnecessary physical pain, one time even forcing me to throw up. The last time I saw a dentist was apparently 2008, but I went to have my braces removed in 2009. 

Anyways, fast forward to 2011 and I’m having the first migrane I’ve ever had because my wisdom tooth is forcing its way through and puts me through terrible pain, which I thought was normal, about every six months or so. Come last Friday, my mouth swelled up and I was in so much pain that I just wanted to lie down and sleep (feel the same way now). 

So I went to the doctor and he told me to go to the dentist and the dentist says I have gingivist, so apparently I’ve been brushing my teeth all wrong for years. I just feel like such an idiot for being afraid to see the dentist for years, I’ve grown up a lot since then and I’ve got health problems all over. I’m just so tired of this, it’s one thing after the other with my body, I was only up the doctor’s last week getting injections. Anyways, it’s treatable and I just have to be very careful and spend more time and care on my dental routine. 

I’m gonna take the medicine and brush my teeth, do what prompts are in my inbox and go to sleep. Peace.

i went to a nice café where i dropped my CV last friday because they were supposed to call me yesterday but didn’t but now i can work there on friday for a couple of hours and if i do well i can work there!! finally good news!! let’s just hope i actually get enough hours because i Need a full time job, part time just about covers paying for accommodation + food but since my plan is to work for 3 months and then just travel for my last 4 months in NZ i have to save up and if it’s just part time then i have to look for some extra work for accommodation to combine it with but the only hostel i’ve seen looking for live-in housekeepers atm is supposed to be pretty shitty and the nice hostel i spent my first nights in has no positions available rn… tbh the best thing from a financial pov would be to work full time + do work for accom but then i suppose a 60h week would be pretty Not Good. so yeah i hope i can work full time in that café because i have a good feeling about the place and find a nice room in a flat since that’s sometimes cheaper than a hostel and if i don’t find a full time job/part time + work for accom then i’m going to leave wellington for the south island, i keep checking and apparently there’s still vineyard work available in blenheim and nelson so that would be good + i could save up more money for travelling since living there is probably cheaper than in wellington with all it’s nice cafés and bars and pubs and museums and theaters and markets… but like.. i was having a hard time trying to find out what i want, or still kinda have a hard time but i’ve finally come to the conclusion that i’d like to stay here so now everything has to work out because i don’t wanna be here much longer without a job.
but long story short, i finally have a nice job opportunity so that’s good! but the true highlight of my day was that you could get 2 avocados for $2 at countdown today <3 !


under appreciated films challenge - favourite film
the last unicorn 

There has never been a time without unicorns. We live forever. We are as old as the sky, as old as the moon! We can be hunted, trapped, we can even be killed if we leave our forests. But we do not  v a n i s h