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hey Kat <3 could you write me 'hugged/kissed wrong person in a costume like my friend’s' for your holiday fills please? I love you <333

Thanks for the prompt, Ine! I tweaked this to make it a bit cheekier, shall we say… Hope you enjoy :) Happy Halloween, everyone!!

Halloween fell on a Friday night Clarke’s sophomore year. Given her very full course load, she hadn’t been to a party since early September, but Wells had begged for her to join the festivities at his school. She definitely felt the need to blow off steam at this point in the semester, and Wells was apparently going to be wearing a Chewbacca costume due to some bet he was losing. There wasn’t a chance Clarke was going to miss seeing that. She was feeling lazy in regards to a costume of her own, so after her last class on Friday she dressed all in black, grabbed a pair of cat ears at CVS, and drew some eyeliner “whiskers” on her face in the car on her way out of town.

She left her own campus at 5:00 and reached the address Wells had given her a few hours later. The off campus house was packed with costumed college kids when she arrived. The music was loud, the drinks were flowing, and the dancing had already started. Clarke grinned. After two months of spending all her free time in the library, it was exactly what she needed.

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Last Friday night, I was privileged enough to meet this absolute angel.

I want to say a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart @taylorswift for inviting me, and to @taylornation for making the event happen.

Taylor, spending my evening with you was the most magical night of my life and I’ll never forget it, but sadly there was a couple of things I wanted to say to you that I didn’t get the chance to say when we met, so I want to say them here in the hopes that you’ll see this post.

First of all, hi, Taylor, I’m Ellie (but if you want to give me a nickname then please please do). I’ve been a fan of yours since I first heard your music, and meeting you was an absolute dream come true that I never for even a moment dared to believe could happen to me.

I first discovered your music through Love Story, when I was ~10. As a preteen and teenager, Fearless as an album has meant so much to me. Countless times I’ve been afraid, and I’ve turned to the letter in the back of the album, in particular the line “fearless is not the absence of fear” and I’ve jumped despite my fear, and I’ve landed on my feet, but I never would have made that jump without the support from your music. Had I been able to ask for an autograph when we met I’d have asked you to write “fearless” for me, so I could get it tattooed and have a permanent reminder to jump anyway from the woman who’s made such a massive impact on my life.

More recently, when I was 15/16, I was starting to realise that I like girls as well as guys. Around this time, Welcome To New York came out and it really helped me to accept myself for who I am, a process which took months, and it took further months before I told anyone, but now I’m out to most of my friends and proud to be so. The line “you can want who you want - boys and boys and girls and girls” has been a real support for me when I’ve felt scared to come out or been scared to fall in love with a girl because of what other people might think. Your comment on Leonie’s live stream the other week about dating a guy or a girl also put a massive smile on my face, so thank you so much for the support.

No matter how many times I say thank you, it will never seem like enough, because not only do you give us your time and your love, you give us your secrets and your trust.

To everyone who hasn’t been noticed by Taylor, or hasn’t met Taylor yet, that does not mean she doesn’t love you. It does not mean you’re less of a fan, or that you don’t deserve her attention. My friend that went with me to the Secret Session had never been noticed by Taylor, but Taylor still greeted her with literal open arms and told us she loved us both. Maybe she just hasn’t found your blog yet, or maybe she’s waiting for the right moment to surprise you, or maybe you’re on her list to meet on tour - you just do not know. One day, I’m sure you will meet Taylor or at the very least be noticed by her online, and it will come at the moment you need it most, because she’s magical like that!

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wtf is wrong with you, hating on her and posting garbage on simsecret. your a piece of shit.

So first of all dear Anon, @midpoosimmer and me are friends.

Her and I always jokes that you’ve made it if you are on simsecret. So I sent this beautiful screenshot to simsecret last friday hoping she would see it for her birthday but sadly it wasnt posted and instead was posted yesterday. 

I guess you are too special to see the sarcasm in her answer and that is why you are sending me some hate. Anyway byeee.


So I went to RP3 in Amsterdam last Friday with my sister and it was fun! :D Here are some of the photos I took, mostly of the pre q&a, since my camera hates the dark lol, bottom one was made by my sis for me with her phone. My favourite moment was the look on the guys their faces when during the cheer question the person on stage shouted ‘Waar is het feestje!?’ and the whole crowd yelled back 'Daar is het feestje!’. They were so stumped xD As if we had prepared something in advance lol. Go team Yoshi! xD Also poor Jack with those stagelights xD;; Jack couldn’t see jack sh*t.


this music video is a giant shitpost and im here for it LMAO

Five Seconds (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: When you confessed to Richie, you got the expected response, but that doesn’t mean it hurt any less. Not even a week later he decides to talk to you, not so subtly jealous about you spending time with Ben. Things sort of…escalate from there.

Warnings: Cussing and Kissing. (oh no, not kissing! *parents screaming, children crying, Ohio catches on fire*) This is a request. DON’T HESITATE TO SEND IN REQUESTS. (Don’t send in like 50 tho. I still need sleep.)

Word Count: 1,697

“Can I t-talk to you.”

Richie stops laughing at Stan and, still giggling, turns to you. “Yeah, what’s up?”

You glance over Richie’s shoulder to see Beverly shoot you a thumbs up. “I’ve been, well- It was Beverly’s idea! But for a while now…” You stumbled over words, trying to soften the embarrassing blow of ‘I have a crush on you’.

“I like you!” You blurt, deciding to get it over with. “I l-like you as more than a friend.”

There’s a moment of silence in which you count the seconds that painfully tick by.

One. Richie’s mouth opens and closes, you can see his eyes dart to the other boys. They’re whooping and hollering, pushing him and giggling like idiots.

Two. You can feel the headrush hit you hard, along with waves of nausea.

Three. Teasing smiles stay on the boys’ faces, but Beverly’s melts off. She knows. She knows what’s going to happen.

Four. Richie’s ears turn fire hydrant red as you grow pale and faint. His eyes once again scan the boys, who continue to tease without mercy. You close your eyes, wishing they’d stop. There would be nothing to celebrate.

Five. “I’m s-sorry…”

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Transference (M) – Chapter 07

cr. [X] 

Summary: You and Hoseok struggle separately to process what has transpired between you.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 7,733

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, mentions of alcohol, profanity.

A/N:  This chapter contains both the Reader and Hoseok’s POV and will be labeled whenever it switches. It’s a sad one, but necessary for the rest of the series. Hope you enjoy!

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

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They tricked us, so I tricked you lol not sorry
(This is still a dream if you want it to be tho~)

I also have the second one colored, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk, here:

I’ve been waiting to post this for ages so it could go up with the chapter it’s from and AT LAST!!! Happy Friday the 13th! (at least it is for me here)

My 2nd commissioned piece from @bev-nap who is a literal goddess among mortals. Look at this. Look at my grumpy son, isn’t he gorgeous?! I’m still squealing internally and externally over this and I don’t think I’ll be done anytime soon ^_^

Stuttering Hands

Summary: You go through college pretty much unnoticed, keeping to yourself and getting on with classes, until you bump into the object of your daydreams and your college experience is changed for the better
Words: 4.1k
Sam x Deaf!Reader (Stanford!Era)
Warnings: none

Your name: submit What is this?

You sighed as you watched him, a few seats away from you, take notes and listen intently to the lecturer.

He was in your Art History class, and Psychology, and American Literature.

It seemed that everywhere you went you were faced with this handsome stranger, as if the world was pushing you together.


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[ 05.10.2017 ]

Math, math, math, math, maTH, MATH EVERYWHERE. I’ve been working on a problem for a week now and I haven’t still been able to solve it??

I wrote my last finals exam for 2017 last friday and honestly it feels so weird! Next spring I have a couple of other exams and math is one of them and I’m lowkey screaming inside because nothing makes sense anymore…Probably lost my talent in math!