Tonight at work a lady has mich angekeift, because I forgot to give her change… I apologized profusely and tried to lighten the situation as I gave her the change, but she clearly wasn’t having it… turns out she reported the my mistake to the guy at the front desk, who then came to talk to me…

Front Desk Guy told me he’d been very interested in this lady’s rant about an employee being “out to get her” by refusing to give her change and robbing her and just in general being a terribly insolent person. Once she told him my name, however, he said he knew she was just an irritable person with too much free time… and told her he’d talk to someone about it (me)… thank you Front Desk Guy… we’ve never really talked, but thanks for standing up for me… 💕


I first heard Empire Of The Sun’s new single last Friday when it was debuted during a DJ set at Popscene. I’ve been waiting for High And Low’s official release ever since. While I’m monumentally ecstatic that Walking On A Dream has found new mainstream life after it was featured on a Honda Civic television advert earlier this year, there’s nothing like some fresh ebullient alt dance and synthpop from the beloved Australian duo. Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore make a grand re-entrance with the ravishing anthem. High And Low comes with the announcement of a new full length, Two Vines, to be released October 28th. Pre-order from iTunes.

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theres this girl that ive been interested in all last school year and friday after our orientation me and my friends are going out to eat and i invited her and she said yes. i even offered to pay for her and shes gay too is this a good way to flirt with her? oh and can u tag this post as #ask or somthin so i see it thanks !! :)

I think am to late because I got this last sorry I hope everything went well… okaay but for the next time, yes its a good way to flirt, you let her see that you are interested and she is gay sooo 100 points for you. Just talk and be nice to her, maybe touch her arm softly, and look is she pulls back or just let it happen. Give her compliments and look how she reacts :D 


Ever have that “wait, what?” moment?

That moment where, in the middle of a conversation your inner dialogue just goes “wait, what?”

Mine was when he said…

That he saw us at The Fillmore in San Francisco…

On ‘The Burning Red’ – “Year Of The Dragon Tour” back in 2000…

When he was 13 years old!?

“We blew him away.”

….that is so crazy to me.

16 years ago, this dude, who is essentially one of the biggest artists in the world right now, was a Machine Head fan.


Yep, last Friday I took Genevra, Zander and Wyatt to an EDM show and we fuckin’ loved it!

I LOVED “watching the DJ… pressing the space bar… on his fucking laptop!!” But actually in the case of Skrillex, he does a HELL of a lot more than that!

I hadn’t been to a show this high energy in years. We’re talking non-stop, off-the-rails energy. The show was the SuperCityFest at Oakland Stadium (where the A’s play) with Krüella, A$ap Ferg, and many others.  The top decks were closed, but the rest was packed and the vibe was so different than anything I’ve experienced lately.  The entire floor jumping, hands waving, dudes head-banging up front, girls screaming, we’re talking Beatle-mania-loud…

And the girls…



Holy shit, if I were a single dude and really on the hunt?  One of the last places I’d be is at a metal show!  I’m telling you my horny toad brethren, the ONLY place I’d be hanging at is an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) show.  It was easily 50 percent girls. It seemed like damn near every female that strolled by was a young 20-something-ish whose outfit consisted of short-shorts where half their ass is hanging out, furry boots, and basically a 2 inch strip of cloth across their boobs.  It was jaw-dropping!

My wife (who was clothed and a tad uncomfortable) was like, “that girl over there is wearing nothing but panties and a bra!” I was like… “nah.. no way…? She’s… uh… holy crap… she’s wearing nothing but panties and a bra!.  Look at that kids… WAIT, don’t look at that kids!”

The term half-naked doesn’t even apply, more like 7/8th’s naked!

And it’s not like it was a bunch of groping/letchy guys drooling everywhere. Quite the opposite, the girls were eyeing the mostly shirtless, 20-something-ish dudes, and every dude I saw was just buzzed and "enjoying-the-view”.  A sea of girls (and guys) dressed like belly dancers, or in day-glo costumes, or just normal college-age folks kicking a hacky-sack, drinking’ beer/smokin weed.  

Funnily enough all the dudes were stoked as hell to see my 2 sons hanging there, giving em “what up’s” and fist-bumps.  It was a strange world we stepped into, and I liked the vibe.  Super positive, super mellow, kind of an Urban Woodstock, half-hippie/half-hip hop.

Then my second “wait, what?” moment happened.

There were literally HUNDREDS of Nirvana shirts.


Wait, what?!

If you love EDM, you love Nirvana too?

Skrillex mashed-up KISS’ “Rock and Roll All Nite,” and everyone knew the words. He mashed-up the Metallica hook, “We’re off to never-never land” and everyone sang it.  The Eurythmics – “Sweet Dreams” was a HUGE sing-a-long.  And the most interesting piece of the night was when he played an EDM/Dubstep mash-up of “Chop Suey!” by System Of A Down and everyone, we’re talking an entire STADIUM of people, sang it!

Who are these people?  What is the musical connection? How do they know KISS, Metallica, Eurythmics, and System Of A Down, LOVE Nirvana, and yet love dance music?!  Did I miss the memo on millennials?  Are they required to know all music genre’s?  Aren’t these people supposed to clueless to this shit, stuck in their own world, paying endless fealty to the past like metalheads?  

I couldn’t figure it out, and still can’t, but it was incredible to watch!!

Skrillex (Sonny) was amazingly cool to us, welcomed us into his dressing room, took photos with my kids (who are absolutely bonkers about him), let us watch him warm up on his “3” turntables and organize his setlist, and then gave us passes to watch side-stage.  My kids couldn’t believe it.

My kids were razzing me on the drive up “Skrillex doesn’t know who YOU are DAAAAAD!”

Let me tell ya, my dad-cool-points skyrocketed for at least an hour when he said he was a fan.

And while it may be Dubstep, make no mistake; it’s a ROCK show!  5 video screens playing all sorts of crazy drugged-out shit, pyro galore, CO2 jets, flame jets, sparkler jets, confetti, Skrillex up there hyping the crowd jumping off the riser, cutting the highs out of the PA, cutting the lows out of the PA, mixing in live effects like crazy… and the sound…  the fucking LOW END, it was crystal clear, super tight, and when the bass drops kicked in, your stomach shook.  It was awesome.

And I get it.

I mean, I don’t, but I do.

You see back when I was a single guy back in the 90’s, my friends and I used to go to raves.  That’s where the girls were.  And even though I couldn’t dance, you hoped a girl would just talk to you, and our sex hormones could take over and do the rest. The night I got together with my wife was at a rave called The Floppy House in East Oakland.  Back then it was all ravers and ecstasy and gay dudes and girls and what was called “House Music.”  The endless thumping with a girl singing over it.  

I remember touring on ‘Burn My Eyes’ through Europe in 1995 on or first headline run and we’d go into the anarchist/unincorporated part of Copenhagen called Christiana Park. Back then it was essentially lawless, where you went to score hash and other things, but it also had all-night bars and clubs and a great falafel stand.  I remember being high as fuck and going in one bar and hearing this super up-tempo hip hop beat playing, with crazy sub-drops, and asking a local “What is this?”  He replied, “it’s called Drum ‘n’ Bass”.  I liked it.  

Maybe it’s cause I’m an old hip-hop head but I easily draw the parallel between all these types of music, I know where the beats come from, where the samples come from, I know the history, see the evolution.

Dave turned me onto Skrillex, but I’d heard of Dubstep a little before that.

Back in March 2010 the last tour we did for ‘The Blackening’ was in Australia. The line up was Machine Head, Hatebreed, Bleeding Through, and Emmure. Emmure’s singer Frankie came into our dressing while I was warming up in Sydney and was like “have you ever heard of Dubstep?” At the time I hadn’t. He jumped on our Bose sound deck and played some crazy, dark, evil sounding shit and I was surprised.  Hadn’t really heard anything like it. It was new and fresh.  

A couple months later McClain turned me onto a dude he had just met through his ex-roomate Ross Robinson named Skrillex.  I instantly recognized it, “oh, this was that weird Dubstep shit I heard about.”  

Since then, many a late-night-drunken-bus-rager has ended with a few Skrillex tunes like “First Of The Year”, "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, or “Kill Everyone”.

And then my kids got into.

And as any parent knows, when your kids start listening to something, it’s on endless repeat for months.  And I’m not one of those parents who will tell their kid “metal/rock-n-roll only.” Fuck that! My parents kept me away from music and it’s safe to say that little plan backfired.  If anything it did the complete opposite!    

I originally played the debut album for my oldest son Zander, but he didn’t care much, it wasn’t really his time ya know?  Not long after, a friend of his played some of the audio clips from Skrillex’s YouTube page for him…  And it was over.  He and his little brother both went Skrillex-crazy!  

Ain’t that the way it always happens?  Your friend recommends it, and suddenly you listen.  

Since then Skrillex has become a staple in The Flynn household, mandatory listening on the lake while we board, seems like every new release becomes a mainstay on the playlist, everything from “Beats That Are Knockin’” to "Red Lips” to “All Is Fair In Love And Brostep” to "To Ü”.

An hour and 20 minutes later his set was over (though other DJ’s played til 2AM).  Sonny walked off stage to a throng of people, screaming girls, paparazzi flashing photos like crazy. He jumped in his all-black Escalade to head out to his plane, (he had another after-hours club show that same night in Las Vegas at 2AM!!).  My family and I walked toward the backstage exit, and as we walked past he yelled “MACHINE HEAD!!” and waved goodbye.

There’s a ton of new music out there, some of it’s awful, but some of it is like a new world waiting for you to walk into.  When you go to a concert, no matter the size or the scope, if you had a good time, chances are you walk away with “something.”

It can be something physical like a shirt or some other memorabilia…

Or you can come away with a new respect for something you maybe didn’t fully understand at first…

And maybe wondering if you’re missing out on something, but hopeful and excited that the world is moving forward.

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites:

System mash up:

KISS mash up:

Thanks for the congratulations, everyone.  I still have a very long way to go to get where I want to be, but this is a start.

I lost a friend last Friday, after a short and very sudden illness, and so all victories right now feel terribly hollow.  But for the moment, progress indicators are satisfactory.

I hope you’re all well. <3

Last Friday, the IT man installed a new program on my computer. So far this week I’ve had: a) a new login password because he couldn’t be arsed to come into my office to see what my password was, b) my email reset completely up to and including my signature disappearing, and now…c) my endorsement program (which is one of MY LEAST FAVORITE JOBS SO OF COURSE I HAVE A TON TO DO) is not printing. 

When that program doesn’t print, it means trouble. It means him poking at my computer. IT MEANS HIM POKING AT MY COMPUTER WHILE MAKING HUMMING NOISES BECAUSE HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT’S WRONG.

Obviously, I’ll put this off till tomorrow…ugh…