Friday! Last 5 minutes at work… time for some Tippy-toe Runs!

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Random personal note:

Just did my taxes. I was worried about them, since last year was such a shit show, what with being laid off and everything. I didn’t get my W-2 from my old job until LAST FRIDAY. Note, young ones: don’t let a former employer jerk you around. Demand your shit!

Anyway, my tax return was actually WAY more than I expected! Yay! I can now buy my plane ticket to Chicago for the con AND pay off my Disney vacation! I’m so excited! 

“Nobody likes her.  Nobody wants her here,” Julia said.

“Such a loser.  She didn’t even turn in the major project for art, last Friday,” Sophia responded.

“If she’s not going to try, then why is she even coming to school?”

Diving right into the verbal abuse, are we?

This is a pretty standard tactic, in fiction at least, where the bullies talk to each other as if the victim isn’t there, but clearly mean for the victim to hear it. This way, it creates the impression of “this is what people in general think of you and say behind your back”, mixed with “you’re insignificant and it doesn’t matter that you can hear us”.

If these things worm their way into the victim’s brain and they start believing it, the bullies have won.

Despite the way the conversation sounded, they were talking to me.  They were just pretending to talk to one another.

Yeah, exactly. I actually considered saying it approximately this way.

It was both calculating in how they were managing plausible deniability while at the same time they were acting totally juvenile by pretending I wasn’t there.  A blend of immaturity mixed with craftiness in a way only high schoolers could manage.  I would have laughed at the ridiculousness of it, if it hadn’t been at my expense.

“immaturity mixed with craftiness”

If there’s a better concise description of the way bullying in fiction works, I don’t think I’ve heard it.

Happy birthday to me! UPDATE:

I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA. I haven’t been active on social media for some time. I am active on IG 300reasonswhy if you want to be friends there! So a few updates.

I am 22 today! And as of last week Friday, I met my first weight loss goal of 298. I wanted to be officially under 300 pounds, and I did it!

I almost completely lost my DD’s. But I’ll take what I can get, boobs are just boobs. Big or small. I have more stamina and can walk forever and not whine about how it hurts. I also got a new tattoo yesterday, so when it’s healed, I’ll post it.

It’s the little things, you guys. I’m so happy.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I don't really get any likes/reblogs on my fan art and I'm wondering what I am doing wrong (I mean I've tagged stuff as well etc). Any tips for that?

Well if it’s in the YouTuber community right now, I know a lot of people won’t touch the tags with a 10 foot pole. I know I haven’t gone in them since Friday of last week.

Other than that, it’s probably timing mostly. And that’s all luck based.

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Nicknames: chacha, cherryberry

Height: 5′0 im smaller than the person who said they were smol D:

Time right now: 10:16 pm

Last thing i googled: “trig identities pdf” because i always forget lol

Favorite music artist: im lame i dont have a #1 fave and this is going to sound lame too but i love… listening to c418′s minecraft tracks when i go to sleep

Song stuck in my head: pokemon sun moon malasada shop 10 hours

Last movie i watched: could’ve been kubo? i dont know i dont remember… im going to see lego batman this friday tho!

Last tv show i watched: the flash? its bad rn but im so attached

What im wearing right now: a school t shirt and pajama shorts

When i created this blog: ive been on the site since like.. feb 2011 and i think i remade like a year ago?

The kind of stuff i post: overwatch :’)

Do you have other blogs: nope lol

Do i get asks regularly: no :(((

Why did i chose my url: my first battletag was ghostpants which was randomly generated and it was a cool name but i grew to love genji so much….

Gender: female (cis)

Hogwarts house: ive literally taken the test a billion times and gotten every house at least once. probably hufflepuff if im being honest

Pokemon team: mystic ♥

Favorite colors: bright blues or blue/greens, been really into pink lately though

Average hours of sleep: try to get 7 but my shit roommate keeps me up i got 3 last night

Lucky number: 4

Favorite characters: genji, mei, mccree, hanzo, hmmmm also this is random and i dont really keep up with comics any more but i love Tim Drake

Dream job: i get to sleep a lot

Number of blankets i sleep with: 1 but its really heavy and big

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Novel Length Friday

Philes!  We have a feeling you’re going to hate/love us for this.  This week we are doing a  recap of the last few months to allow everyone to catch up on novel length fics, and to read anything that may have been missed.  Trust us, each one of these stories is so worth cancelling any and all plans for.  So, please, scroll through and read till your heart’s content.  

Each link provided below takes you to the original post, which contains the length, rating, trigger warnings, and a synopsis. 

Lots of love, and we will see you with something fun and fresh for Smut Sunday!

And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Jean Helms

As by Dri

Diary of the Second Holocaust by Megan Reilly

A Legacy by dlynn

Twelve Tales of Christmas by Anne Haynes

The 13th Sign by Prufrock’s Love

The Sins of the Father by MD1016

Summer’s Lease by Brandon D. Ray

All Things Bright and Beautiful by dlynn

An Alluring Indiscretion by Beduini and M. Taylor Harrison

Original Sin by Syntax6

Lost Time by Spider

Portions of Eternity by Dianora

City of Light by Bonetree

Butterflies All Tied Up by Bugs

Mesabi Ferum by Zoonr

And We Remain by Shannono

Queens Gambit by Suzanne Schramm

*Please note:  there is a post from August which contains a list of earlier novel length fics.  We can’t find it, but if you do, feel free to read those as well!