MDZS Chapter 119, Extras 2 — Incense Burner 2: Patriarch!Xian vs Young!Wang Ji, Curb-Stomp Battle (part iii.)

I can’t believe — but it’s also slightly expected — this is easier than translating poetry.

Here we go. Very very nsfw.

Incense Burner 1: part i., part ii. Incense Burner 2: part iii. part iv. part v.

The two had initially thought that the power of the incense burner would dissipate after two days. But on the third night, Wei Wu Xian woke up in Lan Wang Ji’s dream again.

Black-robed, he wanders down the white-cobbled streets of the Cloud Recesses, Chen Qing swaying at his hip. Soon, the sounds of schoolboys reciting books drift into his ears.

It’s coming from the classrooms*.

*I…don’t remember, was the ‘Lan Shi’ was any room in particular?

Wei Wu Xian saunters up to the classroom, and saw the expected students sitting inside for the evening class. Lan Qi Ren wasn’t around, and Lan Wang Ji had been put in charge.

This Lan Wang Ji is still a younger self, although he seems around the age when they fought the Xuan Wu at the bottom of its cave, around seventeen/eighteen. Handsome as always, already with the air of maturity, yet still retaining a bit of youthful countenance.

Wei Wu Xian hangs around outside the classroom for a bit, leaning on the support pillars, then hops lightly onto the eaves, and brings Chen Qing to his lips.

Inside the classroom, Lan Wang Ji shows a sliver of disquiet.

A disciple asks, “Sir, is there a problem?”

Lan Wang Ji replies, ”Who’s playing a flute?”

The disciples look at each other blankly.

Momentarily, someone ventures, “There is no flute, sir.”

At that, Lan Wang Ji’s expression wavers, and he takes up his sword and strides out the door; right at that moment, Wei Wu Xian keeps his flute, and leaps lightly over to another eave.

Lan Wang Ji, sensing movement, calls out in a low but commanding voice, “Who dares to trespass!”

Wei Wu Xian lets loose two clear whistle notes under his tongue, already thirty meters away, “It’s your spouse~!”

At the voice, Lan Wang Ji’s expression wavers, saying, uncertainly, “Wei Ying?”

Wei Wu Xian does not answer, and Lan Wang Ji pulls down Bi-Chen from his back to pursue. After a few flying leaps and bounds, Wei Wu Xian stops, perched on top of Cloud Recesses’ high walls; finding solid footing on a piece of tile, he straightens.

Lan Wang Ji stops ten meters away, Bi-Chen in hand, his forehead band, sleeves, and robes billowing harshly in the night wind, the overwhelming image of immortality.

Wei Wu Xian tucks his hands behind his back and grins. “Handsome face, impressive skills… Now, if only there I had an altar of that wonderful Emperor’s Smile, this would be perfect.”

Lan Wang Ji’s gaze is steady, after a moment, he says, “To come uninvited at nighttime, Wei Ying, what purpose do you have?”

Wei Wu Xian laughs. “Guess!”


Lan Wang Ji snaps, “Nonsense!”

Bi-Chen flashes forwards, and Wei Wu Xian evades effortlessly. Although a teenage Lan Wang Ji is highly skilled for his age group, he is no match nor threat for this Wei Wu Xian. A few parries and an opening, and Wei Wu Xian slips inside his guard to slap a seal on his chest. Lan Wang Ji seizes up, unable to move, and Wei Wu Xian tucks him into his arms, making a straight line towards the back of the Cloud Recesses mountain.

Wei Wu Xian finds a secluded and densely wooded area where Lan Wang Ji is set down. Leaning against a white stone, he asks, “What are you going to do?”

Wei Wu Xian pinches his cheeks, and in a serious tone he says, “Rape you.”

Lan Wang Ji can’t tell if he’s joking, and begins to pale. His says, low, “Wei Ying, you…don’t joke around.”

Wei Wu Xian grins. “You know what kind of person I am, I just like to joke around.” With that, he reaches a hand to beneath Lan Wang Ji’s numerous, solid layers of white robes, and tightens his grip around a notable area.

This touch is neither strong nor soft, showing a particular skill, and instantly Lan Wang Ji’s expression shifts into something peculiar. The corners of his lips spasms, and he bites his lips, finally reclaiming control of his expressions, forcing an air of calm.

But, having gotten away with that Wei Wu Xian wants more, and in quick movements his robes was loosened and the inner layer discarded, and Wei Wu Xian pulls out the flushed and heavy cock, so different from Lan Wang Ji’s expression, and gives it a good, solid stroke. “Han-Guang-Jun, you really a truly gifted from a young age!” And he has the nerve to flick the head afterwards.

Having his intimate parts handled thusly is unacceptable to Lan Wang Ji, and he looks to be choking on his blood in anger. Refusing to be distracted by the mention of the ‘Han-Guang-Jun’ stranger, he shouts, “Wei Ying!!”

Wei Wu Xian grins. “Go ahead, scream, no one will come even if you scream your throat raw.”

Lan Wang Ji still wants to retort, but then Wei Wu Xian stops laughing, tucks a lock of hair behind his ears, ducks down and wraps his mouth around him. At this world-shaking development, Lan Wang Ji is shocked speechless, and his whole body freezes.

The seventeen Lan Wang Ji holds an air of youth, but in private matters he is generously endowed. Wei Wu Xian goes down slowly, and doesn’t manage to fit everything in before its tip is rubbing against the back of his throat. The shaft is thick and hot, and the pulse of blood coursing through veins can be clearly felt within his mouth, and his face also swells as a result. Despite the effort expanded, he patiently swallows everything, to the base.

Wei Wu Xian’s treatment of Lan Wang Ji’s cock is practiced, a thorough and well-honed lavishing of every part of it, sucking and licking, complete with bright sound effects, as though he is heartily sampling an extra-fine culinary delicacy, and although Lan Wang Ji’s countenance is naturally pale, fair, and impassive, his neck and ears are now flaming red, breathing rapid and uneven.

Wei Wu Xian keeps at it for a good while, till even his neck muscles begin to protest, and still he hasn’t coaxed out a release. Puzzled at this, he refuses to believe his mouth can’t deal with a seventeen-year-old Lan Wang Ji. And then he looks up, and sees that Lan Wang Ji’s face is a study in desperate restraint. His cock is hard and straining for release, but just refuses to unleash its load, as though it’s holding back from crossing some sort of baseline.

TBC: part iv.


Hey, guys…

… To all of you who started hating on Jiang Cheng after chapter 73 of the novel – you have the right to have an opinion, but I have the same right. In my opinion your opinion sucks! THERE. Now you know where I stand. I’ll show you why I believe you are wrong in the next couple of posts, but right now, I’m gonna stay calm and be a good girl, I’m gonna stick to my schedule and do the part 03 as I was planning to.

You don’t have to agree with anything I say here. Part of the reason why I’m making these posts is to start a conversation. I love good discussions with strong opinions and passionate (not violent) arguments. As for the hate Jiang Chang is receiving I’ll only say this right now:

If you think they had a fight because Jiang Cheng cares only about his reputation and the reputation of his sect, you are wrong. If you think they had a falling out because Jiang Cheng was swayed by other clans and because his “jealousy” resurfaced, you are not paying attention to the dialog. If you think they had a fight because Jiang Cheng hates not only all the Wens, but even Wen Ning at that point in time and wants to kill him for revenge, you are completely blind to the situation Wei Wuxian had created. If you think the arguments of the Jins are stupid/lies and just a way to manipulate JC and a way to get the Tiger Seal, you are forgetting how Wei Wuxian deals with things. If you think MianMian was being “realistic” and unbiased in her defence, you are, just like her, taking sides and basically saying: They did it so Wei Wuxian has the right to be the judge, the jury and an executioner too. (A chapter ago, Wei Wuxian was accusing the Jins of the same.)

If you believe in all this – that’s fine, but I then seriously doubt that we are reading the same text. Or… You know something I am yet to find out. In any case, we are disagreeing.

So, yeah, I have strong feelings about Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng and I’ll share them with you in the near future. I just wanted to say – when you have a story like MDZS, please try not to make rash conclusions. Hate is such a definite feeling, you should always give people some benefit of the doubt before judging them. Just remember how many of you didn’t like Madam Yu until she slapped that bitch. How many people hated Jin Zixuan for hurting Jiang YanLi’s feelings? Fast forward to a couple of chapters ago and all of a sudden everyone is like: Aw, he’s such a cute little tsundere, I love this dork so much.

Value your opinions – those are your beliefs. There is no such thing as a wrong or a right opinion – it’s all in the point of view. If you are strongly voicing your opinion it means you can back it up, you believe in it, you will protect it. I’m not saying you can’t change them, people change, it’s completely normal. But if those same opinions are drastically changed just because of a small scene or a dialog, that could easily mean that your strong opinion was never strong to begin with. So why would you use HATE to describe it? I’m not saying you can’t change your beliefs out of the blue, but there has to be a good reason.

This is all fiction we are talking about, hate is not really hurting anyone, but, come on, try to be open minded and not so quick to judge. It’s a waste.

Again, I’m just a random person on the internet – you have all the right to ignore me. I’m not taking it against you. I still think MDZS fandom is one of the best I’ve ever been in. And I still think MDZS is one of the best written stories because you can love a character and agree with him in one scene and completely disagree with him in another. It’s like we are reading about real people and dealing with their real actions.  

And just for all of you who are jumping to conclusions:

Yes, JC is my favorite character and no, he is nowhere near perfect and I’m not pretending he is. No, I don’t hate Wei Wuxian, I actually really like him as an MC – we disagree a lot but I get him completely, I want him to be happy just as much as I want JC to be happy. And yes, I do believe people have double standards when it comes to Lan WangJi’s relationship with Wei Wuxian and Jiang Chang’s relationship with Wei Wuxian.

Ok, this is getting long. Let’s move on.

Before I begin I’ll just repeat this for the new readers:

I’m not a native English speaker so please bear with the mistakes I’m bound to make. I did read the novel, but only as far as the Exiled Rebels Scanlations translated it (thank you Rebels, you’re gods). I know a lot of spoilers, but I can’t say I know the whole story – If I start theorizing be aware that I’m just theorizing, I’m not actually telling the plot, but, just to be sure: SPOILERS ahead, I will use the facts I know for my analysis.

In this short series I’ll talk about the episodes, but I’ll also have long monologues about a certain topic.

EPISODE 05 – or, I’m a mother bear in this one.

This whole battle scene was so reminiscent of all the Chinese live action movies I’ve watched. Plus, the smart way that Wei Wuxian is fighting reminds me of Jackie Chan, especially when he climbs on the rooftop and the way he uses the jars in battle. The rain animation is also stunning. I’m not even gonna start with the music.

… Ok, I was triggered because of all the hate so I put this frame in too. But, it’s not like I have no reason. This is one of the first times we see how emotional JC can get when people he loves are being hurt (even if they deserve it). He is usually very strict himself, following all the rules, making sure to act as an heir, his feelings (especially the painful ones about his parents and his siblings) are always controlled and hidden. Even if we see those feelings on his face in certain situations he is usually not voicing them out – not in a sincere manner. His dissatisfaction and pain is always swallowed up, not because he is hiding his “jealousy”, but because the love he has is stronger and more important to him.

But when the people he loves are suffering he loses his control – he doesn’t act as an heir, he wants to voice his feelings and he is often denied to do so. There is an example of this in this episode. What I described now escalates until it reaches its peak in episode 11. And… oh boy, there will be a long post about episode 11.

My point – when you see JC acting “violent”, “irrational” and emotional towards his beloveds he is not being a selfish jerk that doesn’t understand, he is WORRIED. (ch73 - He is worried because HE CAN’T PROTECT WEI WUXIAN IF HE CONTINUES DOING WHAT HE PLANS TO DO. Not because he doesn’t want to protect him, but because he REALLY CAN’T. I am itching to copy-paste the whole dialog here and explain it, but I promised I won’t be doing that right now.) Just… remember what I said about JC and emotions, ok?

Lan Zhan, you are so… I respect this boy so much. Also, this is one of the first moments where consequences of Wei Wuxian’s acts can be seen. Consequences that not only affect Wei Wuxian, but other people too, consequences that cannot always be fixed and be forgiven that easily. It only escalates from here.

This whole exchange brings a big smile to my face. It also says a lot about the relationship between the two brothers – I’ll talk about it more later. This post is already filled with JC, people might think I’m a biased raving fangirl… Who am I kidding, I so am!  XD

Aaawww, who’s the proud big bro~?

… Fuck it. I’ll talk about JC for a moment.

Lan Qiren: “I have never taught a student so roguish and contemptible as Wei Wuxian.”

You know… If you are jealous and if you hate this person because of jealousy you would not make this face when someone is bashing on the person you are “jealous” of. Jiang Chang feels bad for his brother, he’s sad that someone has such a bad opinion of Wei Wuxian. Sure, he’d joke about it and perhaps say such things to Wei Wuxian himself, but he doesn’t truly mean them. It’s just a way those two banter, Wei Wuxian does the same, it’s what siblings do. If JC grows to have toxic feelings towards Wei Wuxian it is not because he is jealous of him. Feeling inferior to someone and not liking to be compared does not mean to be jealous. And even if it does – jealousy doesn’t have to be toxic. If the jealousy is hurting anyone – that would be JC. He had never hurt Wei Wuxian out of “jealousy” (except perhaps when they were kids, but I’ll talk about that later).

Lan Xichen: “… it will take 3 to 5 days to heal.”

Jiang Chang: “What?!”

But when the people he loves are suffering he loses his control – he doesn’t act as an heir, he wants to voice his feelings and he is often denied to do so. There is an example of this in this episode.

And out of all the people, Wei Wuxian is the one to stop him from doing something he, by some rules and etiquette, shouldn’t do. Those two reversing their roles is very important to the whole plot of MDZS and, once again, it reaches its peak in episode 11. Wei Wuxian pulls him out of his loss of control and reminds him who he is talking to and in what tone. And look at the face JC is making – he knows he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing.

When Jiang Cheng realizes that he is stepping out of line he immediately shuts up. I think this is really sad and unhealthy, but it’s just the way things are. You can’t just DO whatever you want. It’s also a nice, yet tragic touch to his character. He really is someone who is rarely listened to.


Lan Zhan: “How did you get in?”

Wei Wuxian: Zewu-Jun blah blah blah~

Lan Zhan thinking: “Brother, you traitor-”

Lan Zhan: “Why are you getting closer?”

Wei Wuxian: “Seems warmer on your side.”

Bahahaha my son is so flustered. I love the voice work here. You can tell something is going on with Lan Zhan. Something other than just “I’m uncomfortable being around this future drop-out.”

The consequences. I said I disagree with a lot of Wei Wuxians’s choices, well, not so much with the choices as with the way he does what he does. He is aware of the results of his acts but usually too little too late and he doesn’t seem to learn from his “mistakes”. He’ll still do what he believes is right no matter what, which is admirable, but also… It’s complicated. Real life makes it complicated.

But what I really like about his character is how he tries to mend relationships with people he wronged. He always tries to fix his “mistakes” and he is brave enough to take responsibility for his actions (even when the responsibility/blame is debatable). His way of fixing things is not always the best but he is always doing the best he knows how. As the story unfolds he gets more aware of his deeds and takes a more active stand in trying to fix everything. He grows up and I’ll talk about it more for later episodes.

To some up - WWX is a good but a very flawed person, he’s a real human being, just like JC, LWJ and everyone else and it’s really refreshing.

Wei Wuxian: “I can never do that.”

Unfortunately… for a lot of important things he really couldn’t keep his word, yet at the same time he kept some big promises.  

Also, Wei Wuxian, stop flirting, you dense brat! You are aware that you are begging for attention, right? You do know that boys like to pick on those they fancy… when they’re, like, kindergarten age. How old are you? XD

Quote from the novel:

(ch71) Wei Wuxan, “I’m three already.” (My point exactly.)

Look at that pout. XD He really wants a friend. I’ll say it again – I love that they’re acting like kids. Wei Wuxian and his silly pranks like stealing clothes, Lan WangJi and his bratty behavior towards his crush. I swear, Lan Zhan was here experiencing that emotion when you don’t want your crush to know that you like them, but at the same time you are annoyed because they are oblivious to your feelings. He’s a confused teen and it’s showing. Love can be very confusing, especially when you think you shouldn’t be experiencing it, or when you can’t really understand why you love that particular person. A lot of self-exploring awaits you when you fall in love. Even when older, you are bound to sometimes act completely opposite to what you are truly feeling.

Your body is betraying you, my son. XD Why can’t you take a compliment? You have so much to learn.

I love the imaginative approach in the framing this show has.

This is really freaky. From the writing point of view, I like it a lot. You kinda get the sense of why demonic cultivation is forbidden, why it’s unhealthy and wrong. You understand more why cultivators seek to destroy any trace of it.

Episode 15 parallels anyone?

Once again, JC, you’re in the way of my post, ugh…

When you see JC acting “violent”, “irrational” and emotional towards his beloveds he is not being a selfish jerk that doesn’t understand, he is WORRIED.

“You can speak of it, but never do it.” And then he did it. It was not his intention and fault but he did it and for all they know, the second young master Lan who doesn’t seem to like Wei Wuxian and has already punished him for something small, could have made a scene resulting in Wei Wuxian’s death. Whole of cultivation world is against the heretic path, there are no exceptions – no matter who you are, no matter who your clan leader is - your punishment is guaranteed. Jiang Cheng can lose his brother because of this little mistake and he is emotional about it. Who wouldn’t be? He stayed cool long enough to chase Lan WangJi away, he hid Wei Wuxian’s hand from the view and similarly from episode 15 he acted like an heir/leader. The moment no one is looking he acts like a very worried brother.

When you were kids and did something dangerous like running out on the streets, did your parents had an hour long calm talk with you explaining how cars can kill you if you run like that? No. They probably smacked you, and only after their fear left them, hugged you and told you to always look first before you cross the street.

In his way, JC is trying to get through his brother and make him realize what he did and never do it again. “Demonic cultivation is bad” is not the point here. “Don’t do something that will kill” you is. I truly believe the hatred JC feels towards demonic cultivation has nothing to do with it being a heretic path and against the rules. It has to do with the fact that it was something that took his brother away from him and made his brother into someone who killed his sister. And because of so many circumstances, JC let it all happen. I’ll talk about that detail later.

Also, note the music during JC’s speech. It’s the melody that was played in episode 11 in the scene where we see all the corpses of their friends. It’s the same sad melody, played in deeper notes. What does that tell you?

And the poor child really means it. And when you see the change in JC after this you understand how much he trusts his brother to keep his promises.

Wei Wuxian: “Fine, I’ll give them (the rabbits) to someone else.”

Oh, Lan Zhan, you’re killing me here, dude.

Stop teasing him, you brat! You’re all talk and no bite when it comes to romance, you dolt.

And now we see who the more mature one is. Getting embarrassed like that shows the innocent kid in you, Wei Wuxian. My god… just kiss already.

EPISODE 06 – or, shit, this will be a long post! Having both JC and my babe Zixuan in the same post was a mistake.

Jin Zixuan: “What? Did I say anything wrong? If you really adore your nice Shijie that much, then ask for her father’s approval! He treats you closer than his own son anyway.”

Why did Wei Wuxian hit Jin Zixuan?

First of all, babe, you were asking for that punch. Wei Wuxian, my son, this is a horrible way to deal with anything, you have a bad habit of getting violent with Zixuan, and I get why you do it, you over-protective ass, but honestly this is such a delicate situation and it mostly affects other people so you should stay the fuck out of it. You have a bad temper and no patience with this guy, and my babe here is just childishly dealing with his dissatisfaction because of the wrong conclusions he made – again, he is acting completely reasonable from his POV, but we don’t get to see too much of it.

Also, notice how Jiang Cheng was the first to burst at Jin Zixuan’s words, but Wei Wuxian with his actions silenced him once again. It’s debatable whether Wei Wuxian is doing him a favor, considering how he made the matter worse. I do believe JC would have handled it a bit better (getting physical is unlikely). But, from Wei Wuxian’s POV this is his way of protecting JC and his heir status. From the onlooker’s POV this is cementing Wei Wuxian’s dominance over Jiang Cheng (the heir can’t control his servant), so the same deed has a totally opposite effects depending on the POV.

I’ll talk about Jin Zixuan now. I have to say, I was inspired by these posts.

With these my suspicions were confirmed (even though, we don’t really know the truth so far from the novel).

Let’s start from the beginning:

Jiang Fengmian met Yu Ziyuan during a night hunt and we can say that from that moment Madam Yu loved Jiang Fengmian, but he was not interested, he declined the marriage proposal. He was in love with Wei Wuxian’s mother who eloped with Wei’s father, a servant of the Jiang sect and Fengmian’s good friend. After this happened and under a lot of pressure from his clan he married Madam Yu who still loved him and pushed for the marriage. She, of course never admitted this, she was too proud. I think we can all say that after so many years Fengmian did fell in love with Madam Yu, but their marriage is not a happy one, especially after Fengmian adopts an orphaned Wei Wuxian, a son of a woman he loved and went personally to collect. He treated Wei Wuxian not as a son of a servant who betrayed him, but as his own child.

Jiang Fengmian is a mediocre cultivator, far weaker than Madam Yu, which is why she trains all the students at the pier. So, even though her clan is smaller than the Jiangs, in the cultivators’ world, she actually married down the ladder. Partners in cultivation strive for balance – their abilities should be similar in order to have the best dynamics. Partners should also be faithful. Faithfulness is something that is seriously doubted in their marriage. From the onlooker’s POV their marriage seems to be nothing but strategical - Yunmeng Jiang sect just wanted to better its blood by taking in a strong cultivator.

Jiang YanLi is not talented in cultivation and in the novel she’s not that pretty. She’s also older than Jin Zixuan. The marriage arrangement was made by Madam Yu and Zixuan’s mother who are childhood friends.

Now, Jin Zixuan is an heir to the big clan, he is considered very handsome and he is a powerful cultivator (he scored third in the archery competition). He’s also shown to be very proud and unyielding in important situations (protecting MianMian for example). His peers from the sect also seem to respect him and deem him worthy. He has a good head on his shoulder, but he is a bit spoiled and full of himself (he can be a peacock). He is also NOT his father.

“… then it wouldn’t be long before the cultivation clans become Wen clan’s lackeys.”

In other words, he doesn’t care because he’s having a blast with all the ladies back at his pretty sect. He’s weak-minded, unfaithful and if you count that SPOILER rape, he’s also vile.

I bet Zixuan doesn’t like his father. Who would like a father who openly cheats on your mother and has many bastard children around that he doesn’t want to even look at? I mean, you’d think Zixuan would have a bad relationship with all the bastard children resurfacing during the Sunshot campaign, but so far, I don’t see he has resentful feelings towards them.

Quote from the novel:

(ch69) “Don’t think that just because you come from a powerful sect that you can steal and trample other people’s feelings. Some people, even if they come from poor backgrounds, their character are much better than the former’s. Please watch your conduct.”

I know, he said this to the wrong person, but this is his belief. It’s a good belief.

His father is a laughing stock of the cultivation world. I’m certain one of his goals is to change the way people view his sect. His mother is a friend of Madam Yu, you can bet those two are similar – Jin Zixuan is his mother’s child, not his father’s.

The reason why he doesn’t like the idea of marrying YanLi is because from his POV she and her clan just want to use him as a strong cultivator. There are also a couple of moments in the novel where he misunderstood YanLi’s actions, thinking she was a scheming woman. He is not like that, but guess who is? His father. So, of course, he hates that character trait. But he’s also a bit naïve and easy to trust (people who don’t plot don’t see the need to plot and usually can’t recognize when someone is plotting something). But he is a good person and when he realizes his mistakes he tries to mend the relationship with YanLi. Sure, at the beginning, his sudden affection could be him experiencing guilt and shame. When he’s in the wrong he doesn’t try to find excuses, he’s not as arrogant to not be able to regret his choices - in that, he is like Wei Wuxian.

Quote from the novel:

(ch69) Wei WuXian spread his tough talk, saying that one day he’d definitely make Jin ZiXuan die in his hands, he told people to drag out the cultivator woman.

A round of questions later, the truth emerged, and Jin ZiXuan’s entire body was frozen. No matter how much Wei WuXian continued to curse at him, he returned neither words nor fists, his face dark. If not that Jiang YanLi held up her hand a while later, while Jiang Cheng and Jin GuangShan came to pull Wei WuXian away, it was likely that even now Jin ZiXuan wouldn’t be able to attend the hunt of Phoenix Mountain.

Slowly the true feelings bloom and surpass the guilt. I mean, once you get to know her, it’s easy to fall for A Li. But from Wei Wuxian’s POV this doesn’t matter much, he just can’t see this narcissist changing his mind. I wonder how they will end their relationship.

And yeah, Zixuan is an adorable tsundere. Don’t forget, babe, I always had faith in you.

In the end, Zixuan married an untalented cultivator (not a great catch for his position, especially after the Lotus pier destruction) – but he married out of love and I believe that’s what he was always hoping for, for his marriage to be completely different from his parents’.

I’m gonna cry when YanLi and Zixuan die. They’re such a gorgeous couple to me. YanLi is a strong, smart woman and Zixuan is a really nice dude (who deserves more screen time, thank you).

So… Why did Wei Wuxian hit Jin Zixuan?

Beside the obvious insult to his sister and his clan, he had another reason. What Zixuan said was basically: “If they want a strong cultivator they can have you. You’re adopted, but if you marry you’ll officially become a family. Problem solved, right? Make it official and no one will care about the rumor that is probably true (speaking from experience he had in his family). And if the rumors are true, how sick would that be?”  

He also insulted Wei Wuxian’s mother and spat on his relationship with Shijie.

Babe… I get you, but you deserve a beating for that foul mouth of yours. JC, lend me your Zidian, I’m gonna make him cry again. You’re gonna love it!

Why is Mo Dao Zu Shi a masterpiece? Because a single picture tells a thousand words in this show. Literally. How many thousands of words do you think I wrote so far?

You know… She has abilities similar to Lan Xichen. They are sweat manipulators, you just can’t help but want to be manipulated by them.

Madam Yu: “That kid (Jiang Cheng) finally made a good showing.” This hurts me, yet I know that she’s proud of him. I can’t handle these mixed feelings.

Talking from experience I presume. Btw, this whole scene is visually stunning. The colors can be interpreted either as romantic or unfriendly. The dialog is top quality. From seemingly unimportant sentences we find out how detached those two are from each other. They sit not looking at each other, obviously – they are not facing each other, they refuse to open up. You’d say they don’t love each other at all. The way they handle the hair pin, however, shows how much they miss each other and long for affection. We also, once again, have the clashes of POVs. Jiang Fengmian gives the hair pin as a peace offering, but also, this is his way of showing how he’s always thinking of his wife (the pin looks clear and lustrous to him, it’s pretty to him and you can tell he thinks all of this of his wife too). It’s his way of trying to show love and faithfulness. Madam Yu calls the pin useless, thinking this show of love is meaningless, yet she gently caresses the pin.

The way Jiang Fengmian talks about A Li and Zuxian, you’d think he’s also talking about his own experience with his wife, but from his gestures you begin to doubt it. And it’s true, there are parallels, but he’s not making them on purpose and in order to hurt his wife’s feelings. But, if we look at it from Madam Yu’s eyes, this whole conversation is just one more proof of her husband being unfaithful. So, the pin that she almost accepted turns into a bribe and she’s angry. That’s why she immediately brings up Wei Wuxian, carefully watching her husband’s reaction. She knows that “Wei Wuxian thing” hurts Fengmian and she wants to hurt him, exactly like he just did her.

I think, the reason why we don’t see Fengmian trying to explain/refute the rumor of Wei Wuxian being his bastard son, is because Madam Yu probably wouldn’t believe him unless he starts treating Wei Wuxian differently and he doesn’t want to do that. Also, the whole idea of him betraying his wife is probably outrageous to him and he himself feels betrayed because she believes in the rumor. He doesn’t want to humor anyone with the rumor talk because it’s demeaning to him.  

Madam Yu would probably believe him if only he acted better towards her own son. I think that is the biggest problem here. Yes, she is the second woman he loves, but she already knew that from the start. And, I think, they did have a satisfying marriage before Wei Wuxian. If only Fengmian showered both of his sons with equal love, ignoring the rumor would be easier for her. Sure, Wei Wuxian would still cause trouble and annoy her, but she wouldn’t have such bad relationship with him and with Jiang Cheng.

The thing with the Jiangs (plus Wei Wuxian) is – they are emotional people who love too much and are over-protective. What they do and what they say is usually in conflict, their deeds being the true picture of their feelings. They also have no fucking clue how to communicate… just like almost every damn character in this story, like, what the hell??? China, explain.

Two fishes in the pond come together almost “fish kissing” and then, without making contact, they turn around and run from one another. Have I mentioned these types of scenes have meaning in this show?

Is this a “old man under the moon” reference? Yue Lao, a god of marriage and love in Chinese mythology? I would not be surprised.

This was just so funny. And wow – look at the light here. Beautiful.

Bahahahaha! XD And it has a huge bump on the head in the next frame!!! 

He’s so cute. Brotherly love is powerful in this scene. Good job on welcoming him back, Wei Wuxian. None of the others in your family cared enough to do so. Good job, my son!

… Jesus Christ, this looks awesome.

Ok, guys, that’s all for today. Hope, you’re still enjoying my long ramblings. See ya!

「Goodbye & Hello」Mo Dao Zu Shi Ficlet

PAIRING: Lan WangJi x Wei WuXian
WORDS: 2,300+
A/N: Post-canon. There are spoilers on Lan SiZhui and events beyond the translated content of the novel in this story. I’ve come to realize that the way Wen Yuan hugs onto Wei WuXian’s leg is very similar to how my puppy hug onto mine when he wants something, haha! On a sidenote, I’ve always loved the relationship between Wei WuXian, Lan WangJi, and Lan SiZhui :’) If inspirations don’t hit me out of nowhere again (like this one) the next fic I’ll be posting should be a 25k-word story for Wei WuXian’s birthday. Till then! :)


Some things never change; some people are destined to be together.

“If you bring another sack of potatoes back, I’ll make sure you have nothing to eat for dinner!”

With that said, Wen Qing rammed the door in his face, right before Wei WuXian can say anything. Wen Yuan hugged onto his leg, staring at the door, then at Wei WuXian; he wasn’t showing any signs of fright, like he was already used to this scene, a pair of sparkly eyes portraying genuine curiosity as Wei WuXian sighed out loud and shook his head.

“I can buy food for myself in town!” he said at the closed door, then turning his back towards it.

“No food for a week then!” Wen Qing’s shrill voice echoed from beneath the door.

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anonymous asked:

Any single parent Wei Ying with Sizhui hcs?

I CANT BELIEVE SUCH AN ASK WAS BURIED IN MY INBOX??? Anyhow is this in the MDZS universe setting or modern au?? i gotta divide them bc “planting” a kid to make them grow taller is gonna have the cops on wwx’s door in a snap lol Lemme go with modern au setting:

- wwx is a DISASTER and lsz is more kept than he is (to no one’s surprise)

- wwx tried doing household work like cleaning (he ended up making a memorabilia of the stuff he found instead of throwing them out), cooking (lsz had to be rushed to the clinic in fear of food poisoning) - KEY WORD “TRIED”

- lsz was picked up by wwx in the streets one sunny day when wwx was still struggling in college (he moved out of the jiang household and went to an offbeat uni instead of going to where their crowd usually went to)

- he tried hiding it from his landlady, wen qing, but wq went up to the room wwx’s renting and saw kid toys (”what’s this” “toys” “why do you have them” “im a child at heart”) and when wwx thought he survived, wq saw a diaper and gave wwx a look (*wq look* “as i said……im a child at heart” *wq unimpressed look*)

- he further tries to hide it from EVERYONE even when he’s always on the phone with his adopted brother and sister; one time wwx was on the phone with jc and jc heard a child voice ask for candy (”who was that” “no one” “i heard a kid -” “ahhh xian-xian is 6 years old and wants candy”) 

- he managed to hide it from his adoptive family for a few months before they unexpectedly visited him one holiday break (”a-xian why is there a child in your place” “what child?? there is NO child??? shijie are you sick??? are you seeing a ghost???”) >> obv they found out despite wwx’s insistence that there’s a ghost in his place 

- lsz is so very polite that everyone immediately likes him and instead of giving wwx advice on how to care for a kid - they give the advice to lsz instead

- they have their ups and downs like one time wwx was financially burdened bc uni fees and whatnot and lsz found out and he tried not eating anymore so they don’t have to think about food bills and wwx was so horrified when he found out his baby boy was starving himself and they had a long breakdown talk 

- lsz always hears certain names mentioned from the conversations of wwx with his family and friends and one of the names is “lan zhan” whom his papa thinks is absolutely the prettiest person alive but “too bad he hates me we could have been best friends”

- one day a person knocks on the door while wwx was busy “trying to cook” so lsz answers it and finds a tall, intimidating (very pretty) man who apparently is lan zhan and wants to take wwx to “gusu” with him



【手书】【魔道祖师】卡路里~恭喜WIFI C位出道~!_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~

I don’t understand Chinese, but still love this vid :D :D 

Ficlet: Too Late For Amends

Missing scene from Guardian’s finale. Zhao Yun Lan’s body might be alive again… but Yun Lan isn’t. Zhao Xin Chi’s POV.

It’s the Fourth Uncle who lets them in. Zhao Xin Chi steps into the hut, letting the curtain in the doorway fall shut behind him, and then they’re alone in the dimly lit room. Alone with his son’s body.

Slowly, reluctantly, Xin Chi crosses the room to where Yun Lan’s laid out on a long, sturdy table. The people of the Snake tribe did their best washing his body and cleaning his wounds but the history of what’s been done to him in the last twenty-four hours is clearly written on his bruised and battered skin.

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