The Room is the cult classic that is widely considered to be the best bad movie ever made. It’s mind-bogglingly awful, yet painstakingly produced – it was not a lazy project by a disinterested hack. It was a full-fledged $6 million production by a desperate, unrelatable maniac.

Because of this, the entirety of the $6 million was funded by writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau. How did an obviously insane Eastern European man come up with that kind of money? Nobody has a goddamn clue. He had no wealthy relatives or successful business ventures that anyone knew about. He simply showed up one day with a bag of crazy money and a bigger bag of crazier ideas. He’s stated in interviews he got the money from Korean yo-yo and pleather jacket distribution, but that’s more a pile of strange words than a business plan, and he’s been so misleading and cagey about his past that nothing he says can be trusted.

The mystery surrounding the money has sparked a number of conspiracy theories, and they are batshit insane, but not as insane as this man having a perfectly ordinary backstory. Castmates have alleged in interviews that Tommy had mob connections in San Francisco, and he amassed his fortune doing favors for them. Others have taken things a step further, alleging that Tommy Wiseau is actually D. B. Cooper, the famous plane hijacker who stole $200,000 then jumped out into the stormy nether below. Was he never seen again, or did his head hit 25 different trees and turn him into Tommy Wiseau?

The Bizarre True Stories Behind 6 Crappy Movies

Às vezes no silêncio da noite, eu fico imaginando: que graça teria a vida sem música? Sem ela não há paz, não há beleza. Nos dias de festa e nas madrugadas de pranto, nas trilhas dos filmes e nas corridas no parque, o que seria de nós sem as canções que enfeitam o cotidiano com ritmo e verso? Quem nunca curou uma dor de cotovelo dançando lambada ou terminou de se afundar ouvindo sertanejo sofrência? Quantos já criticaram funk e fecharam a noite descendo até o chão? Que atire o primeiro vinil quem jamais caiu na contradição de dizer que odeia rock e cantarolar “We are the champions” no chuveiro após ser promovido. Tudo bem… Raul nos ensinou que é preferível ser essa metamorfose ambulante do que ter aquela velha opinião formada sobre tudo.
Magnus Bane Sentence Starters

“Only trust yourself.”
“Does he normally just lie on the floor like that without moving?”
“I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly.”
“I have a deep understanding of the human psyche, at least that’s what Freud always said.”
“Mad men rarely make sense, mostly they just hate.”
“Marriage is a wonderful institution… not that I would know.”
“Last chance to save yourself.”
“A regrettable choice of words,”
“Is he more of a flower or cologne man?”
“Pretty boy, get your team ready.”
“Right, we should… join the party.”
“Move it along, teenagers. The only person who gets to canoodle in my bedroom is my magnificent self.”
“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, ____.”
“For almost a century, I’ve closed myself to feeling anything for anyone.”
“You’ve unlocked something in me.”
“They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite.”
“I need your strength.”
“Let me spell it out for you, I wanted to see you again.”
“I’m not being cryptic, I’m being coy.”
“Come in. And try not to murder any of my guests.”
“True love cannot die.”
“He hated us enough to kill us all.”
“I love a challenge.”
“I’m tired of you only wanting me around when you need something.”
“You’ve inflicted worse.”
“This fight’s far from over.”
“To us.”
“So if you were planning on teaching yourself the lambada on a greased platform over a pit full of knives, I wouldn’t.”
“There’s no turning back.”
“Maybe you should start living for yourself, do what’s in your heart.”
“Your heart beats faster when they walk by, your skin tingles every time they enter a room…”
“The good suffer, the evil flourish, and all that is mortal passes away,”
“I know you feel what I feel.”
“When things get crazy, don’t push me away.”
“You continue to surprise me.”
“You should leave him here. I could hang hats on him and things.”
“I don’t care how many people you haven’t been with.”
“I’m not okay, because you’re not okay.”
“But you are different, and it’s a good thing.”


La Lambada by Kaoma [1989]

Foreign language songs on my phone: Masterpost

A list of songs in languages other than English that I have on my phone.

Languages included in this list: Sami, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Polish, Italian, Armenian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Albanian, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Greek, Turkish and Norwegian.


Sofia Jannok

• Irene 


Elena Gheorghe 

• Ecou 

• Antidot 

• Autograf

• De Neînlocuit 

• În Bucăți (featuring Glance & Naguale) 

• O Simplă Melodie 

• Până Dimineață (feat. JJ) 

• Lăcrămioară

• Mama (feat. F.Charm) 

• De Crăciun 

• Polul Nord (Brrrrr…) 

• Acasă La Noi 


• Tu (Inima şi sufletul) 

• Condimente (feat. Nosfe)


• Lasă-Mă-Mi Place (feat. Raluka & DOC)


• Ieri Erai 


• Ceva nou (feat. Corina) 


• A lu’ mamaia 

• Da, Mamă 


• Autobronzant 

Nicole Cherry

• Vara Mea 

• Fată Naivă 



• Uno Momento (feat. Ministarke)

• Uzbuna 

• Tarapana

• Italiana

• Generale (feat. Učiteljice) 

• Slaba Na Slabiča

• Tango

Jelena Rozga

• Bižuterija 

• Dalmatinka (feat. Connect) (there’s another version on iTunes which I prefer)

Nina Badrić

• Nebo

• Ne Mogu Ti Reći Što Je Tuga

• Takvi Kao Ti

Nina Kraljić

• Dej Mi Bože Joči Sokolove

• Zajdi Zajdi


Milan Stanković

• Ovo je Balkan

• Face (Feis)

• Nepopravljivo

• Od Mene Se Odvikavaj

Željko Joksimović

• Nije Ljubav Stvar


• Adio


• Čaroban


Sergey Lazarev

• 7 Цифр

• Пусть весь мир подождёт

• Даже если ты уйдёшь

• Идеальный мир

• Это всё она

• Лаки Стрэнджер

Ani Lorak

• Зажигай сердце

• Зеркала

• Медленно

• Оранжевые сны

• Разве ты любил

• Удержи моё сердце

• Уходи по-английски

Egor Kreed

• Будильник


• Кружит

Aleksey Vorobëv

• #Сумасшедшая

• Самая красивая

• Больше чем любовь (feat. Egor Kreed)

Max Barskih

• Dance (RUS)

• Не Любить

Alena Lanskaya

• Solayoh (Russian Version)

Filipp Kirkorov

• Сиртаки

• Химера

Leonid Agutin

• Пора домой



• Дикі танці

• Коломийка

• Знаю я

• Shalala (Ukrainian version)

• Рахманінов

• Мій брат

• Я люблю

• Скажи мені



• Гісторыя майго жыцця

Alexander Rybak

• Небасхiл Еўропы 



• Прецака ме

• Както желаете, Мис

• В едно огледало (It’s basically Salma Ya Salama in Bulgarian)



• Црно и Бело


Donatan & Cleo

• My Słowianie

• Brać

• Sztorm


• Zaryzykuj (feat. Mr X)

Czarny Hi-Fi

• Niedopowiedzenia (feat. Pezet)


Baby K

• Roma - Bangkok (feat. Giusy Ferreri)

Giusy Ferreri

• Volevo te

Nina Zilli

• L’amore è femmina

• 50 mila

• L’amore verrà

Marco Mengoni

• Io ti aspetto

Lodovica Comello

• Il cielo non mi basta


• Piccole cose (feat. Alessandra Amoroso and J-AX)


• Tutto l’amore che ho


• Cercavo Amore

• La mia città 


• Cambierà

Ricchi & Poveri

• Mamma Maria

Tiziano Ferro

• Perdono


• La nostra storia


• Un’ora Sola Ti Vorrei

Il Volo

• Grande Amore

• Questo Amore


Lilit Hovhannisyan

• Inchu Em Qez Sirum

• De El Mi

• Eli Lilit

• Gnchu

• Te Axchik Lineir

• Tu Tu Tu

• Ser Im


• Ser e Sa

• PreGomesh



• Alabina

• Salma Ya Salama (Olé y Ola)


• Salma Ya Salama (Sueño Flamenco)

• Flamenco “oriental”

Hisham Abbas

• Habibi Dah (features parts in Hindi)

• Wana Wana


• Husain Al Jassmi Ba Wadaak 



• Requiem


• Echo (You And I)

Sexion d’Assaut

• Désolé


• Papaoutai

• Alors on danse

Jessy Matador

• Allez ola olé

Kendji Girac

• Andalouse


• Jour 1

• Avenir (Radio Edit)


• Loin d’ici

Maître Gims

• Laissez passer (Pilule Bleue)


• Les passants

• Je veux

• Le long de la route

• Prends garde à ta langue

• Dans ma rue

• Inséparables (feat. Pablo Alborán) (Has parts in Spanish)

• On ira

Black M

• Comme moi (feat. Shakira)


Michel Teló

• Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Nossa Nossa)

• Curtindo Solidão

• Fala Coração

• Baquinho / Eu Quero Você

Luan Santana

• Te Vivo


• Quero Ser Tua


• Espanha

• Lambada

Nelly Furtado

• Força


Era Istrefi

• Bonbon



• Addicted to You

• Chantaje (feat. Maluma)

• Ciega, Sordomuda

• Moscas en la Casa

• Inevítable

• Ojos Así

• Estoy Aquí

• Gitana

• La Tortura (feat. Alejandro Sanz)

• Te Dejo Madrid

• Suerte

• Te Aviso, Te Anuncio

• Me Enamoré

• Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte

• Pies Descalzos

• Rabiosa (feat. El Cata)

• Sale el Sol

• Gordita (feat. Residente Calle 13)

• La La La (Spanish Version)

• Lo Hecho Está Hecho

• Años Luz

• Loba

• Waka Waka (Spanish Version)

David Bisbal

• Oye El Boom

• Buleria

• Lloraré las Penas

• Como Olvidar

• Ave María

• Silencio

• Al Andalus

• Almería, Tierra Noble

Pablo Alborán

• Toda la Noche

• Me Iré

Daddy Yankee

• Lovumba

• Limbo

• La Despedida

• Que Tengo Que Hacer


• Adrenalina (feat. Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin)

• Que Viva la Vida

Álvaro Soler

• Sofía

• El Mismo Sol


• Cómo Te Atreves 

(About 50% of my songs on my phone are in Spanish but I’m too lazy to put all of them down.)


Miss A

• Good-bye Baby

• Play That Music, DJ

• Breathe

 • Bad Girl Good Girl

• Only You

• Hush 

• I don’t need a man


• Bole Chudiyan (from the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham)

• Radha (from the movie Student of the Year)

• Where’s the Party Tonight (from the movie Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)

• Señorita (from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)

• Selfie Le Le Re (from the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan)

• Chaiyya Chaiyya (from the movie Dil Se)


Konstantinos Argiros

• Ερωτευμένος και Τρελός

• Μια νύχτα Κόλαση

• Είσαι οτι να ‘ναι

• Σ'Αγαπώ Μη Μιλάς

Loukas Giorkas & Stereo Mike

•  Watch My Dance


• Opa Opa

• (I would) Die For You (Greek Version)


• Erotas

Giorgios Alkaios

• Opa






• 5 Fine Frøkner