As you see, the hammer worked well. After my bio midterm, we headed back to my friends room to catch the end of the Lakers vs. Celtics game. We celebrated the test being done and a great victory at Boston with a bomb session.

After when I went back to my room. I was stunned. K wasn’t there and the room was spotless. Vacuumed up, packed away, and organized.

What a great day.

Lakers get a big win in Dallas

It’s Saturday night.

The Lakers won: Kobe had a little injury scare he is cool though, scored 16 and now has a sore ankle. Andrew Bynum continued to play like the real Andrew Bynum. Steve Blake actually did something for a change, hitting two three’s. Lamar Odom is still fucking a man on his free time and Pau Gasol scored 18 points. 

The rest of the Re-Cap is compliments of ESPN, It’s time to get DRUNK!

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Shaq 30 pts, Kobe 31 pts vs Iverson 35 pts, nba finals 2001, lakers vs 76ers game3