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I feel like I didn't say anything to you guys yet. [Insert amazing motivational quote here] *curls up into a ball at whoever reads this first feet's and falls asleep* night 🌌

*It appears as though Curls is the first to read this, despite it currently being 3am in her timezone. She places a blanket over you, laying with you and joining you in slumber* Night Neojet! Thanks for the inspiration!


Black Dress. A wardrobe basic. And this is perfect for spring and summer. Adjustable straps and cute snap detail on front. Snaps do work. 37 inches long. Soft Ribbed Fabric. Rayon, Polyester, Spandex. SMALL fits 0-2, MEDIUM fits 4-6, LARGE fits 8-10. Bust on a large laying flat, unstretched is 34 inches.🚨PRICE FIRM UNLESS BUNDLED🚨

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It was not expecting this, my day was good pretty uneventful. When I woke up this morning my cat was laying on my face. Which is kind of funny because I had a dream about suffocating.

O yeah i have dreams like that all the time except instead of a cat I was suffocating myself by putting my head under the covers

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sorry I went a little overboard with this, I forgot about the 6 sentence thing lol.

25. journey

Raven packs her things and leaves Arkadia just before dawn. It’s easier that way – she’s never been good at saying goodbye, and the only people she’d want to say goodbye to are either dozens of miles away or six feet under.

Raven brings her wrench and screwdriver and a notebook. She brings a change of clothes. She bridles up a horse. And she leaves. It’s all easier than it should have been.

Raven goes east, the remnants of the Ark laying still in the valley, the skeletal carcass of some great beast.

She didn’t look back.


Luna startled awake. She couldn’t remember her dream, exactly, it had been something with the endless forest and the nightblood coming down like rain. She pushed aside her sheets.

Luna walked over to her balcony, the metal floor cold beneath her feet. The salty breeze coming in from the shore felt warmer on her face – something had changed. The world had gone off its axis by just a centimeter.

Or maybe she was imagining things again.


Raven travels over hills and valleys. She stops a few times, staying in tiny trikru villages and paying them with the dried meat she’d brought with her. When that ran out, she’d lay out her bedroll and sleep at the base of pine trees.

For the first time, Raven had no allegiance to anyone, no obligation to come home for anyone. She was free.

Raven reached the seashore three days later. And she never could have imagined anything like this – the gray sky reflecting on the churning water, steel waves crashing into the sand.

The men come at nightfall. Raven remembers Lincoln saying something about this, he had said to drain the vial and let the waves take you. So she knocked back the bitter green-tinged oil. The word faded to black.

When she opened her eyes, she was in a metal box. No, a shopping container, rusty and shot through with sunlight. She pounds on the walls. Clang, clang, clang. It’s another half hour before she sees another human being.

A woman, appearing in a blaze of white light.

“My name is Luna,” the woman in the doorway says, her robe and skirts trailing behind her, whispering along the floor. “They told me you’re the girl who fell from the sky.”

“That’s me – My name is Raven.”

“Raven,” Luna echoed, her name sounding entirely different in the stranger’s mouth, the syllables stretched out and earth-toned. “I have a lot to show you.”

And so Raven followed her into the blinding sunlight, and she felt as if the journey was over, as if every road led here.

She was safe now.

send me a number and I’ll write you a mini fic :)

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Hi there :) I would love to learn a little bit more about sacred geometry, I feel deeply connected to it! Could you tell me some things I should know before I start reading about it? Do you have any stories? One night a few years ago, I was laying in the field with my best friend staring at the stars. Right before our eyes, a grid appeared in the night sky. I have never seen anything like it since. It was incredible. Infinity & geometry seem to me the basis of this universe. pce~

Hello. Thank you for reaching out and following this blog!
To start, the word sacred is relative. 
I do not study geometry. It is simply a bi-product of meditation for me. 
It’s too much to type here but it will be in the preface of the book coming out.
There is nothing to know. Just start your journey. 
Let me say this to you though,
Experiences are fun but they are just something else to let go of.
They are causal and causal things have no ground of their own.
Seeking out experiences takes us off the path.
Experiences are like thoughts. They arise, they change and they go.
If we chase them or cling to them then we are not being conscious.
They do however re mind us that we don’t know everything.
They remind us that there is much more at play here. 
Subtle energies that we can only access if we become quiet.

What are you hoping to find?
What do you want?
Yes these are loaded questions but play along anyway. ;)

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Can a lay person perform toritsugi if he/she develops the depth of faith or what is requires to mediate to Kami-sama?

Hmm… this is a tricky question

This is the official statement,

“ While Toritsugi at churches is typically performed by ministers, lay members are also encouraged to perform Toritsugi in their daily lives to help others. 

When they meet people who are suffering, the Konkokyo way is to listen to their problems, support them, and pray for their wellbeing and happiness.

 Tenchi Kane no Kami wishes for all people to become a mediator and help others. “

So in other words, only a minister can officially perform the rite of toritsugi - mainly at the hiromae/church, or through other means of communication.

However, while a lay person cannot perform toritsugi in the form of a rite, or relay the direct advice of Tenchi Kane no Kami-sama (that is what minister training at seminary helps you refine and practice) or at the church/hiromae itself -

 a lay person who follows Konkokyo is still  encouraged to listen to others with the same heart as is done in the rite of toritsugi mediation - to listen to them, support them, and pray for their happiness. If you feel like there is some advice or teaching to share with the other person you are helping, you should share it within reason if you know the person would be helped by hearing it.

However, toritsugi is always something requested by someone else to you. It is never  solicited. In other words, no one, not even a minister, can speak for Tenchi Kane no Kami-sama, or purposely force a message from Kami-sama without the seeker’s/person’s consent or desire. The person/seeker must *always, and only* come to you first. Consent is of utmost importance.

As well, the other equally important thing is confidentiality. If a minister or lay person has been requested for advice or help on a problem, and it is taken as mediation, you must never speak about the problem to anyone but Tenchi Kane no Kami-sama. You can never tell another person, not even another minister,  otherwise it breaks the sacred rite of toritsugi and can harm the person who came to you - ultimately harming, and not helping them. The sole purpose of tortisugi is to help others. So that is also of utmost importance to realize. If anything is to be revealed, it is always with the seeker’s permission, and never revealing their identity.

So in other words, it’s as if there are two levels of toritsugi mediation

1. The formal and spiritual rite of toritsugi mediation by an ordained minister/priest/priestess - can be done at a hiromae (worship hall)/church, or other forms of communication - for anyone and everyone regardless of their faith or other background. The minister formally and ritually prays and relays the request to Tenchi Kane no Kami-sama, and in return also formally and ritually relays the advice or words of Tenchi Kane no Kami-sama to the person and continues to pray for them, after recording their prayers and wishes in a confidential book.

2. The toritsugi  mediation done by a lay person. Not a formal rite or formal setting, not in a hiromae/church. Usually happens when casually speaking to a friend or family member, or someone close to them, or even a coworker or acquaintance seeking advice. By listening to their story, you can passively mediate the story in your heart to Tenchi Kane no Kami-sama,  and sincerely try to help and support them. If you feel some sort of advice or feeling pop up in your head, you could tell them if you know it would help them and not harm them. 

In both levels, both the minister and lay person must keep things absolutely 100% confidential, and they can neither “come to” anyone / solicit anyone without their asking or consent. 

I hope this was clear and could help you!

better days

better days ditty

we could live in such better days
once we recognize how crime pervades - & pays

while we’re left ducking, dodging the richochets,
bullets flying from the white house & from the beltway

slick provocations in tweets for click-clicks & a payday.

stoners in chronic’d haze eating frito-lays,
reminiscing on innocents in a pre-nuub-teen phase;

me - i crack wise, snack from fruit & cheese trays,  
taken aback by the decline, near-malaise & amazed -

as yes-men stepping to ‘Simon Says’ or ‘Captain May I’.

while i crop chimes in due time just to say - “hey i”…
choose to unwind & tweak minds with fleek lines

dropping rhymes, not rap - more refined - i’m a pap,
& reclined…

mind scribing pages as the spirit unwinds me
not donning a stage venting rage, crew behind me;

these days, they’re just passing - and I kinda sigh,
proud to be known as a helluva guy,

with a far-eastern soul and post-urban eyes,
an inner child grazing in the vast western skies.
3/17 - lebuc - better days ditty

closed- time away

Clarell had everything ready for the trip. The clothes and supplies were packed. Everything was perfect and ready to go. Clarell smiled when he came into the bedroom and saw Mos. “Are you ready to leave yet? Everything is ready.” He said coming over to lay a kiss on his cheek and nuzzle him. He’d become a little more affectionate the longer he was near Mosaic. 


officially gonna make my career goal babysitter

i just spent an hour and a half helping my little guy roll his d&d character (i DM for him and his friends) and now he’s in bed and i’m getting paid to lay on their couch w my laptop

i feel so bad right now
i still can’t sleep because … Idk
i accidentally deleted all data on my smartphone, also all whatsappmemos i’ve ever made or got.
it’s just
this was all i had of the last months, espescially of us & it feels a bit like something died in my mind & heart
i also have huge problems with my body as well, can’t look at the mirror instead sitting here & hatin’ myself & don’t wanna eat anymore it’s all too much for now, i can’t stand this situation, ich hate myself for being so sensitive & uncontrollable for weeks now, for all thoughts about death & wanting to fall asleep forever & that that this one situation back then, when i lay in bed next to you feeling my mind leaving my body while youre crying still rumbles around in my head…
at day i’m displacing all this surprisingly successful but now, at night, it is all i can think about
about the only thing i want to allow myself to give my body is tea or some soup, about all pain that still tears my heart into pieces, about the guy at trainstation i saw partly in january ; the guy with the heartwarming “hey you beautiful, stop staring into nothing like life’s a huge hole of pain, life can be nice & so you are” - smile i still want to see again.
i really want to stay strong but it’s so hard trying to keep myself alive. you now, you don’t need water to feel like you’re drowning, i swear.
and i also know there are a lot of things which send positive vibes, good grades in school, sounds of guitar as well as heartpeople tryin’ to be there for me, and seriously i’m so thankful for all those guys & girls & i’ll keep you’ll in my heart till the very end 💜.
Idk why but i had to let all this thoughts out of my head (& it’s better now, even tough i still feel shitty & sad & too much of body..), however at least i haven’t no longer the feeling of nearly exploding inside, that’s one good thing
I’ll try to sleep. It’s 3:53, omg
reading a bit of j.k.rowling will help a lot i think
have a good night/day/morning/evening

stay strong. i’ll try

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“Jemma Simmons, as I live and breathe.” H smirked, turning towards the woman with an impressed smile. He thought she was dead. He’d missed the funeral, but he’d seen the gravestone. That had been more than a year ago. 

But yet, here she was, unmistakably standing in front of him. 

“To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure? Shouldn’t you be laying about six feet in the ground about now? Did I miss a a headline about a zombie apocalypse?” 

Today was Tolkien Reading Day, the Gondorian new year and the day Sauron has finally been defeated. We gathered to read the Lay of Leithian, as the Tolkien Society theme for this year was “Poetry and Song”. 

Unfortunately, very few people could meet today, but it was great nonetheless.

Also, I had the opportunity to meet someone from tumblr in person, and I have to say, PEOPLE FROM TUMBLR ARE REAL

In the pic is Felippe, @guincoleridge, Bruno (our Thain), Erick, me and Naira.