for your viewing pleasure, nerds getting upset bc people drew ponies wearing down with cis shirts

something to bear in mind is that a lot of the people in these caps are the exact same people who defended the existence of a mlp fan comic where one character repeatedly raped the other characters, because “free speech” / “media doesn’t affect people” / “it’s not really rape”. Interesting how they’re suddenly dedicated to “preserving the positive messages of the show” when they feel like they’re the ones being victimised. Huh.

indigozap asked:

i love it how a recent eqd post said "we don't do swears here!" as if they're family friendly but publicly mourned the loss of a rape joke comic and they have also sweared on multiple occasions

“we don’t do swears here!” [makes a post whining about a horse rape comic being taken down by hasbro] [publicly claims to support jontron for using ableist slurs] [constantly talks about how much they want to fuck the horses] “we’re so family friendly”

Also, a note : the only thing that “ruined” Metroid, which is a super feminist series of games, is a bunch of dudes working on it that don’t understand how women work, that we also have to thank for Dead or Alive : Extreme Beach Volleyball. They killed it so hard we haven’t seen a sequel since then. So, uh, thanks I guess?

for context, the person writing this comment is annoyed because someone told them rape jokes are gross and bad.

“You’re being so judgemental about my gross jokes ;w; stop making me feel baaaddd”

so i dreamed dad had bought us an “x-box 4x” with 5 controllers but no Kinect

the most unreal part of it is that dad would buy anything at all

in the end we didn’t even open the box (which had one of those toy box plastic windows to peek into the contents) we just argued about the odd number of controllers and whether a 360 kinect would be compatible