Normalize disabled voices

Echolalia, monotone voices, stuttered speech, slurred speech, labored breathing between words and sentences, mechanical AAC voices,  AAC or sign users who consider those to be their voices, selectively mute voices, disorganized speech, speech with vocal tics, speech considered to be of “inappropriate volume”, speech with vocal stims, all disabled voices and the ways they present

Normalize disabled voices

I want Keith to notice something’s up with Lance. I want him to notice how Lance’s eyes don’t light up nearly as bright anymore as they did before, how his smiles seem strained and fake, like he’s putting up a mask for everyone else’s benefit.

I want Keith to find Lance one late night back in the control room looking at the map of stars and somewhere in there is earth.

I want them to talk and eventually Lance starts pouring out his insecurities.

And all the while Keith is just looking at him confused and he interrupts Lance and starts spilling out about how great Lance is, and how he really is the team’s sharpshooter and pretty much the heart of their team and if it wasn’t for him none of them would be where they are now with Voltron and a family and just…everything.

And he doesn’t realize he’s gone off on a tangent until he stops and his breathing is labored and he realizes it’s gone quiet and the overdue anxiety comes back tenfold as he realizes Lance is silent.

He chances a look up to see Lance with eyes shining and watery and he could’ve sworn he saw a blush across his cheeks too but he’s not given a second glance before he turns away, face burning, hoping what he just said didn’t ruin whatever tentative friendship they had before.

And he’s pretty sure his face is burning when he feels soft lips press against his cheek and hear a small thank you and Lance is leaving the room quickly with his shoulders hunched and fists clenched in embarrassment. And Keith is just sitting there definitely sure his face is the same color as his lion but he holds up fingers to press against the spot where Lance kissed and before he knows it he’s up and running to catch up with Lance.

so how bout Lance, Hunk, and Keith as kids??

  • Hunk was a chubby kid so a lot of other kids picked on him and bullied him for his size. Lance was the thin, lanky kid who always always defended Hunk, even if it got him pushed around
    • this boy SMALLER and YOUNGER than Hunk would just jump in front of him, arms flailing, and yell things about how they shouldn’t be mean to Hunk
    • Lance was a Pal™ and gave Hunk all the confidence he needed
    • Hunk gets teary-eyed every time Lance springs to his defense and hugs him so hard he can’t breathe
      • Lance, with labored breath: “SEE. BIG HEART.”
  • Keith is the kid who says “FUCK” and Lance is the kid who’s like 😱 😱 😱 😱 
  • Hunk bakes cookies for the first time and they honestly taste like sand but LaNCE SWALLOWS THEM DOWN AND TELLS HUNK HE’S GONNA BE A WORLD FAMOUS CHEF/BAKER (look at him now boys)
  • Lance used to throw small, wadded up pieces of paper at Keith’s head and found it 100% amusing that the little pieces would stick in Keith’s fluffy hair
    • Keith gets reALLY MAD when he finds out about the paper thing and Lance becomes genuinely afraid that Keith hates him so Hunk gives him a pep talk so Lance can muster up enough courage to apologize for it
  • Lance tries to tell Hunk jokes in the middle of class but Hunk has very very loud laughter so that always ends badly
    • Lance starts sobbing because he feels so frEAKIN bad and Keith is standing there like “oh no oh no oh no i’M GONNA GET IN TROUBLE I ACCIDENTALLY HURT HUNK I’M GONA GET IN TROUBL–”
  • the kids all have to play kickball for P.E. and when it’s Hunk’s turn, he goes to kick the ball, misses, and fALLS DOWN
    • Lance immediately runs over like “you ok buddy?? you good??” Hunk just gives him a thumbs up from the ground
  • one day, the kids pick on Hunk when Lance is home sick so Keith steps up and actually whACKS THE BULLIES WITH HIS PLASTIC SWORD AND TELLS THEM TO BUZZ OFF
    • of course they tattle on him so Keith gets sent to the principal’s office where his precious plastic sword is confiscated for the day
    • it’s pretty obvious Keith is really upset, and Hunk feels like it’s his fault so he goes to the playground, gets two sticks (one short and one long), and ties them together into a makeshift sword which he gives to Keith as thanks
      • to this day, Keith has that little wooden sword in his room :’)
    • he helps Hunk bake and cook since he isn’t allowed in the kitchen without someone else
    • he plays swords with Keith and lets Keith beat him up (though he’s honestly gotten some pretty painful bruises from Keith’s plastic sword…the strength of a child can be terrifying)
    • he often entertains Lance by allowing him to “style” his hair
      • aka put so much gel in it that it looks like a grease bomb :’)
Side to Side

Pairing: Tom Holland!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Prompts: None

Word Count: 2465

Warning(s): Some swear words, slight smut (Nothing crazy but it goes there)

Requests: I have like 10 followers so like none of you pay attention to me (jk jk you guys are cool)

Song: Side to Side  (duh) by Ariana Grande

Author’s Note: This is kinda crap but I’m totally obsessed with Tom Holland and Spider-Man Homecoming so come on this wild ride and be trash with me! Give me feedback please I promise I’ll get to it in like 10 years

Summary: Reader and Peter (slant rhyme woo) are friends and both on the Avengers. They’re training in the gym and things get s t e a m y…

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

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Bruise [ I ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6.7k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary:  He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by ylxlng

His lips were molded to yours, hands planted on your ass as you straddled his lap on your worn down sofa. A small grin spread on your lips as you leaned into him further, hands sliding their way up from his covered chest to his cheeks, tugging his head closer to yours, eliciting a smug smile on his lips.


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seven signs

Summary: Bucky feels like he’s falling in love.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none - pure fluff!

Word Count: 2.1k [yikes, sorry]

A/N: Here’s my submission for the ever lovely Gen’s @bucky-plums-barnes 8k celebration - congrats again, sweetheart! My prompt was: “You know I only have eyes for you.” - hope you all enjoy :) || masterlist

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Just a thought….

Harry comes home and he’s visibly upset. About what, you’re not sure. He doesn’t say much. Barely says two words to you. No “hello” kiss. No tight hug where he buries his nose in your hair. Not one question asking about your day. When he walks past you with a grunt and not so much as a head nod, you know better than to confront him about it.

“M'goin’ to the loo. Need a shower.” Is all he says before you the sound of his boots echoing up the stairs. You debate whether or not to follow him until a few minutes later when you hear the water turn on.

You’ve been waiting on him for far longer than usual and it worries you.
When you walk upstairs and open the door, he’s standing with his head bowed down while the hot water beats down on him. His strong hands braced against the wall in front of him. Shoulders rising and falling quickly from his labored breathing. His head turns slightly toward you, he must have felt the chill from open door, but he doesn’t say a word or make a move to invite you in, but he doesn’t seem to want you to leave, either.

He looks lost and tired. Too tired to ask for what he might want or need from you. So you do the only thing you know how. Shutting the door behind you, you rid yourself of your clothes and you step in behind him. He doesn’t acknowledge you or move from his spot until he feels your arms circle around his middle and your cheek pressed between his shoulder blades. That’s when you feel his hands cradle yours and slide up your arms to pull you around to face him.

He knows you won’t push him to talk, so he takes what he really needs from you, himself. It’s that complete, all encompassing embrace. The one Where he can FEEL you squeezing him so he knows you’re really there. That’s all he’s wanted on nights when he’s been on tour for weeks and you’ve not been there after a hard day. One of those days when he needed the solace of your arms and your words and the only touch that could ease his mind. One of those days when a Skype session just won’t cut it.

He needs to FEEL you. Have your hands clinging to his back. Your lips pressing over and over into his chest until you can feel his heartbeat slow down and his breathing even out. His arms lift from his sides and wrap around your shoulders, holding you closer than maybe he ever has. But still you don’t push, you just nuzzle in closer because you love him and you hurt when he hurts.

When you finally feel his body relax under your fingertips and you hear a deep exhale from his lungs, you know he’s back. His lips leave a trail from your forehead to your temple and onto your cheek. When you lift your head to gaze at him, it’s then that he opens his mouth. You think he might be about to tell you what’s wrong, but…. “I love you.” is all that comes out. He could tell you what had been bothering him, but by then, he knows you’ve already fixed it.

bts scenario: thigh riding

bts’ thighs are my kink tbh. anyway, i hope you enjoy!! i really hope you guys are still enjoying my scenarios, any and all support means the world to me. xx


raising money for my pet’s tumor removal

jin: “that’s it baby,” jin’s gravely voice was close to your ear, “don’t stop.” you pushed yourself harder down onto jin’s thighs, moaning lightly. jin threw his head back as he watched you come undone on his lap. your fingers gripped tightly onto his shirt and he held tightly onto your hips. “j-jin,” you stuttered as you pushed down particularly hard. “keep going baby, i want to watch you come undone right in front of me.”

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yoongi: yoongi’s breath could be felt in your ear as he guided your hips down onto his thighs. “that’s it baby,” yoongi whispered, “ride my thighs.” your arms were tight around yoongi’s neck as you became lost in pleasure. “are you close, baby?” yoongi asked. a whine was caught in your throat as you pushed down once again. “cum for me,” yoongi began to suck on your neck as you came closer and closer to the edge. 

Originally posted by rapmini

hoseok: hoseok’s thighs were tense under your movements, trying to allow you to feel the most pleasure possible. “how does it feel?” hoseok asked as your breathing became shallow, “feels good huh?” hoseok knew for being a dancer he had really muscular thighs, and he was going to make you feel oh so good with them. “mhm,” you whined as your hands tightened on the hem of his shirt. “good,” hoseok smirked, “harder.”

Originally posted by kthish

namjoon: at first namjoon felt quite shy, knowing his thighs weren’t as muscular as jimin’s or hoseok’s. you pressed a soft kiss to his lips as you gently began to move your hips. “tighten your muscles,” you whispered against his lips. namjoon’s did as he was told and you let out a moan, “good?” he asked hesitantly. you nodded and began to push down harder, “so good.” namjoon began to harder at your ministrations, quickly getting used to the rhythm.

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

jimin: jimin’s hands held tightly onto your hips as he held you down against his thigh, “come on baby,” he egged you on. your eyes were shut tightly and your mouth was open, letting out a string of moans at the feeling. “j-jimin,” you moaned out his name as he pushed his thigh upwards. jimin smirked at the amount of pleasure he was causing you, pushing your hips down harder. “so good for me,” he said, “i want you to cum on my thighs.”

Originally posted by kookmint

taehyung: taehyung’s face held a permanent smirk as your breathing became labored from the amount of pleasure you were feeling. “that’s it,” taehyung whispered against your neck as he left kisses and hickeys on your skin. taehyung could feel how turned on you were, which prompted him to abruptly push up against you, which caused you to let out a yelp. “tae!” you said slightly out of breath. “hush, baby,” he smirked, “don’t stop. i’m enjoying the show.” 

Originally posted by kimtaehyung-gifs

jungkook: jungkook was guiding your hips back and forth as you pressed down against his thigh. “feel good baby? you love rubbing yourself off on my thighs huh?” his dirty talk only prompted you to push down harder which made you throw your head back in pleasure. “so dirty, baby,” jungkook chuckled, “getting off on riding my thighs.” with every word, jungkook pushed up against you, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. 

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The Long Game - Derek Hale Imagine

Requested by @derangedangelImagine request :) Reader is the same age as Scott & the others but has a crush on Derek & is always flirting with him but Derek doesn’t reciprocate those feelings because of the age difference. But reader is in it for the “long game.” Like a GMW Maya & Josh situation. A few years later reader comes back & Derek likes her back. Thanks :D

Word Count: 4,502

Warning: Derek being abused and injured. 

My Teen Wolf Master List

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Y/N couldn’t keep her lips from forming into a smirk as she saw Derek’s picture appear on her phone. She had just moved back to Beacon Hills earlier today into her new apartment. She had spent most of the day unpacking her boxes, and was already in bed watching a movie on her laptop. She quickly swiped her thumb across the phone and answered. “Hello, stranger. It’s after midnight. No guy ever calls a girl after midnight except for one-" 

"Y/N…” Derek interrupted followed by a loud growl. Y/N could hear Derek’s heartbeat going crazy and his labored breathing. What caught her attention was hearing another heartbeat. “I need you." 

His voice was filled with worry, which caused Y/N to sit up straight in her bed alarmed. "Derek, where are you?”

“I don’t know…” he whispered unexpectedly. He no longer sounded like he was in pain or fighting against someone. He now sounded weak and hurt.

“Derek, I need you to talk to me. What do you see?” She asked as she quickly got out of bed to get dressed.

“I can’t… see anything…” he mumbled. She rushed as she heard his heartbeat getting weaker by the second.

She swallowed hard as she closed her eyes, letting a tear fall down her cheek. She was absolutely terrified for him. “Derek… I’m going to come and get you, okay? But I need to call Stiles to help me. Can you answer the phone if I call you back?”

“My phone… is going to die…”

“Fuck!” She whispered to herself. She put on her shoes as an idea crossed her mind. “After you hang up with me, turn off your phone and save the battery for about 10 minutes. That’ll be about the time it will take me to get to Stiles’ office at the police station. I’ll call you back but you have to answer, okay?”

“O… kay…” he mumbled weakly.

“Derek?” Her voice trembled. He hummed a small ‘yes’. “Please answer the phone." 

"I promise,” he said before he hung up and turned off his phone like he was told to do. 

Y/N grabbed her keys before rushing to her car. Her fingers trembled as she dialed Stiles’ number. For some strange reason a flashback flooded her mind to the first time she went to Stiles for help with Derek.

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Dark Lovers

An AU Series

Character Pairing: Demon!Bucky x DemonKing!Steve x Female Reader

Word Count: 2912

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut. M/M/F threesome, oral (male and female receiving) fingering, sexual penetration, female ejaculation (squirting), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!) and swearing. 

Request: can you write one where bucky and steve are demons and they fuck angel reader and she squirts and bucky goes “ well damn stevie look at this”  @apolla62200

A/N: Don’t judge me too harshly! This is my take on angels and demons! 

“I thought you’ve been told not to come to our neck of the woods angel face.”

You squared your shoulders and walked straight past Bucky. You heard his heavy boots turn to follow you.

“Defiance,” he said as he sucked in through his teeth. “I like it. I thought angels were supposed to be sweet and innocent. A bit on the submissive side.”

Glancing at him over your shoulder, you smirked, “Goes to show how dumb you demons are.”

Bucky lunged forward and grabbed your forearm roughly. He backed you against the nearest wall and pushed his big body against yours, pinning you in place. “Tread carefully angel, I’ll make it to where not even your precious God can save you.”

You quirked a brow at him as you chuckled, “Your first mistake is thinking that I need to be saved,” you pushed against his chest, backing him up a step. “Besides, your King summoned me here.”

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Imagine: Dirty talk with Sam.

Sam x Reader

Warning: Smut, Masturbation, Dirty Talk

Hand to the short curly haired man upstairs, this hadn’t been planned. It started with a bit of fun, a small prank. Although now, at this new point in time, you couldn’t remember what possessed you to think of this, you had changed your name in Sam’s phone. It was suppose to be a minor inconvenience. One you could laugh off later. Instead of “Y/n” your name read “Destiny”. The joke was a lot funnier at two in the morning as you were rushing to think of something while Sam was in the bathroom. You returned to you separate motel room next door before he was done.

That’s where the real fun started.

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The Healer

Request: Could you write a Reader x Paul Lahote where the reader finds an injured wolf (who is Paul stuck in wolf form because he is too injured to shift back) and she takes care of him? Maybe like Paul realises she’s his imprint and is nervous about how she’ll react when he shifts back and she finds out what he is and that she’s his mate? Thanks xo

Warnings: Slight angst 

Pairing: Paul Lahote x reader

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Testing Theories - Smut

Originally posted by wydobrien

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 1,067
AN: Sorry I’ve been MIA, I got sick last week at a show and I haven’t felt great since. It’s your typical stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing cold but it’s kicking my ass. I’m sorry this is short, I just needed a little Stiles PWP. Also, the above GIF makes me want to straddle him and push his shirt up and rub his back cause fuck man, he looks so tense I hate it.

Special thanks to @writing-obrien as usual and also to @sarcasticallystilinski​! She read this for me when I was afraid it didn’t make sense cause my brain was all fuzzy. xoxo

There was this small moment in the mornings, right before Stiles would wake up, that was your favorite. He looked so innocent and boyish while he slept, his face peaceful, without the usual worry lines creasing his forehead. You liked to watch him snore quietly, his mouth partially opened, face dusted with moles and slight stubble. He was a beautiful looking guy, and you knew you were lucky to call him yours.

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“More Than Roommates”

Request: I saw you asked for prompts. This one is pretty smutty. Can you do one where Sebastian and the reader are roommates and she comes home and catches him jerking off, which leads to more. Or if not Sebastian, then one of his characters. Thank you love your writing!

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Warnings: GRAPHIC SMUT, sub and dom relationship, little bit of fluff

Word Count: 2067

A/N: gimme a lance anon. i need it. i wrote this at school at someone stopped to read it and it was at the dirtiest part. 

Originally posted by blurredmelancholy

Lance Tucker was a pain to live with. He left dirty boxers on the floor and had no idea how to wash a dish. And not to mention the plethora of women he had exiting his room each night. He was your classic athlete. He could get all the girls and would never have to spend a night alone. Why you were living with him, you had no idea. He had been your best friend since you had moved to that small little town when you were six. You were there for him at every trial and you cheered his name as he won the gold and silver medals at the Olympics.

He didn’t know that you had a huge crush on him. You would never tell him. He wasn’t the type of man to do relationships. It hurt that you had to hear him fuck a different whore every night. None of the women he ever brought back were classy. In all honesty, they disgusted you. They sounded like pornstars or strangled ducks, but you still stayed with Lance. You would rather have him as a friend than nothing at all.

You were not looking forward to the sleepless night ahead. Work had been kicking your ass and today your boss yelled at you for no reason. You didn’t even get to drink your coffee, which was the most tragic thing of all. You slowly trudged your way up the steps to your shared home. In no way were you ready for the night. All you wanted to do was pamper yourself, but Lance’s fuck of the night would probably ruin that for you.

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