Forgiveness in Time - Bucky Barnes

Summary: You had it bad for the school charmer, but let’s be honest. who didn’t? After letting your wall down, the unimaginable happens, but will you have the heart to let him back into your life?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

Words: 2,802 (another longer one)

Warnings: angsttttttt, mentions of sex, some swears, steve being the cutest best friend, fluffy ending, fuckboy!bucky

Parts: Part 1, Part 2

A/N: second fic! i got an absolutely crazy amount of love on my last fic so thanks guys sm <3 again, i don’t know if any of y’all are into this but it was so much fun to write!! (if you like peter parker fluff check out my other fic!!)

Everyone seemed to warn you of the man with the killer smile.

He had literally charmed the pants off everyone he had met.

But lord help you, he was your type.

And goddamn he was attractive.

Bucky Barnes was known as the school charmer. Everyone knew that. His dark brown hair, mysterious eyes, strong jaw, and gorgeous smile was enough for girls to drop their panties.

Including you. You were absolute smitten for the boy prancing around school with two girls tucked underneath his arms and the entire football following him.

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Everybody´s got somebody but me.

Requested: No

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: With the broken heart that Y/N has, she’s sure she’s not going to be able to put up with Valentine’s Day and she does not think of anyone else. Soon she will realize that maybe the world does not revolve around her ex boyfriend.

Warnings: No one…?

Word Count: 1316

A/N: Hello! So this is my first imagine, and I really hope you like it and feel free to request something! Also this was inspired by the song Everybody’s got somebody but me, by Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz 💕
You can listen to the song here.

Dedicated to @lil-spidey, my first reader ever ❤️

Since you woke up, you knew it was not going to be just another day.

Why? It was Valentines’ Day. And you couldn’t stop thinking about how Sam, your ex boyfriend, broke up with you.

Yesterday morning you were wondering what it would be like today. If Sam would make you a special gift since today was your first anniversary. Exactly a year ago, he was standing outside your door with a bouquet of roses along with a note with the big question.

And yesterday evening, he was breaking up with you, with the notice that he didn’t feel the same way as he felt months ago.

And he left you, not caring how the tears fell on your cheeks as you felt your heart snapped a little while everyone was looking at you.

You leave your flat and as soon as you saw how you neighbor shared spit with his girlfriend you knew it was going to be a long day.

Walking through the hallways of Midtown High and looking at every couple giving gifts to each other made you feel unbelievably upset.

You entered to the studies hall and you took out some homework to distract yourself, you thought any sign of love or affection will be showed, but in the moment when a guy appeared with flowers and a big teddy bear going straight to a blonde girl, you left out a growl and you quickly started picking up your stuff to get out of there.

“I’d love to take a pin to a heart shaped balloon” you thought as you rolled your eyes.

You opened your locker and you found all the photos of you and Sam. It was hard  remember all the good times and all the memories came back. You weren’t going to lie, you miss him. And very much.

You suddenly felt a knot growing in your throat, and you couldn’t help but drop a tear. The bell rang and you came back to reality, you closed your locker and you ran to your next class.

Not noticing how a brown haired boy was watching from afar and wondering he knew why were you crying.

“Dude, you really have to talk to her” Ned said, making Peter startle.

Before you went out to your classroom, Peter approached the moment to give his reason to Ned.

“Okay, so look at her” Peter started turning around to you along Ned “Then look at me” he asked “She’s a ten, I’m a six” he explained, making Ned confused.

“Come on man! You know Y/N is not a superficial girl” Ned argued.

Peter left out a sigh. He decided to leave the theme and grab his books and start walking to the lab.

“And for the record, she has a boyfriend” Peter insisted.

“Actually, she just broke up with Sam” Michelle said out of nowhere with a book on his hand and the same selfless expression as always, scaring the boys.

Peter widened not believing what he had heard.

“W-What?” he stammered “Is s-she single now?” he saw the excited expression in Ned’s face.

“Which part of ‘she just broke up with Sam’ you didn’t get, dumbass?” Michelle said sarcastically “So? Are you going to finally ask her out? Or are you going to be a coward and watch how someone else does it?”

Peter was in shock.

Apparently, Michelle’s sermons made Peter realize that it was the truth. And although Peter really wanted to go out with the girl who had been admiring in secret but he doubted that someone like you would like someone like him.

“Go ahead, Peter” Ned said again “What’s the worst thing could happen?”

He looked at you hopelessly, asking himself the probabilities he had.

You were at you favorite ice cream shop, after school and all this thing about Sam, you decided to go and spent a little time there.

You were in the queue behind of a tall brown haired boy with a squared shirt and blue sweater.

“Hello there, Y/N!” the worker greeted. When he said your name the boy in front of you seemed to tense and began to rub his hands in his pants “Same order?”

“Yes, please. It’s been a hard day” you snorted trying to catch the face of this guy, but he looked away avoiding any eye contact.

The guy received his order, he was willing to leave when you saw how a ten-dollar bill felt out of his pocket.

“Hey!” you called, the boy couldn’t do anything but stop.

He turned to you, and you finally saw his face.

The boy, looked pretty nervous. You saw his face (or more specifically) his cheeks turning red as he smiled shyly. In comparison to you, he was a few inches taller. Also, you can see how his eyes had a little sparkle. You couldn’t stop looking at those eyes. It wasn’t like he had red eyes, but there was something special about them. His hands were on the back of his pants making it more obvious how he slightly swung from front to back.

He was very cute. And very familiar too.

You stopped your watching before it gets weird.

“Uhm, I-I think this is yours” you said as you handle him the bill. When he heard your words, Peter reacted and began to nod awkwardly “Do we know?”

“Y-Yes, well I k-know who you are but…” Peter stammered, he composed himself quickly “We share a couple of classes”

You squinted, trying to remember his name, you were sure you knew.

“Parker” you said happily “Peter Parker”

He looked very surprised, even though excited.

“Of course! You are the best in chem” you continued “Sam told me someth-”

You cut yourself, and the little smile  you had disappeared quickly.
From one moment to another, you did not look so lively anymore. And Peter didn’t know what to do.

He hated seeing you sad, even though you didn’t know that. He was sure that a break up wasn’t that simply, and watching how the cute and lively girl was turning off the amazing personality he loved, made him feel worried.

“I-I heard about… you two. I’m sorry” he began, but you didn’t seemed to be better “You know, I don’t even understand why he left you”

That caught your attention.

“I mean look at you, you are funny, kind, intelligent and a magnificent student!” he talked more to himself “And have he seen you!? Have he seen how gorgeous you are!? My god he is so blind!” he exclaimed incredulously.

For your part you couldn’t believe what was he saying. He continued saying this things you thought anyone knew. That little actions anyone notice.

But he did. You barely know him and he knew everything.

You were drinking in his words, and you felt how your heart melted to that sweet and dorky words he clumsily and unconsciously had said.

Some second later he stopped talking and he realized of what he just said. His eyes widened and he was doing the same he did on the queue.

“Did I said it out loud?” you grinned while nodding “Well… shit”

As you saw how nervous he was, you suggested that you two sit at one of the tables in the shop.

And from then, neither of you could describe what happened.

You couldn’t describe all the laughs, all that dorky jokes, the cute smiles, the way he looked like there was nobody except you.

Peter couldn’t describe all the looks, the talks, the feeling of finally being understood.

After all, it had not been such a bad Valentine’s Day. On the contrary, you made sure that you were never going to be able to have another day like that.

And that there was no one so unique and irreplaceable as Peter Parker.

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Prompt: Tony Stark and social media. Sometimes shitposter sometimes sappy family feels sometimes important sociopolitical matters and sometimes advertising for his philanthropy and charity events and sometimes frustrated tweets/posts about the bots being clumsy. Maybe the avengers find out after the dust settles post Civil War?

It was a mistake to give Tony Stark access to “his” personal social media accounts.

A very very very big mistake. Usually, social media was something Tony Stark wouldn’t bother with, his “personal” accounts were only ever used to advertise some sort of big event for Stark Industries or “kissing up” to lots of the Maria Stark foundations biggest donors. It was fine, people knew Tony wasn’t actually behind the screen, and they didn’t really care either. Most of the followers were either tech nerds, Other major companies in affiliation with Stark Industries, and Iron Man fans.

Within two weeks of Tony gaining complete personal access of his social media accounts, his already impressive follower account tripled everywhere. That was not the mistake.

The mistake is anyone believing Tony would take it even slightly seriously. He was famous, thousands to millions would be notified when he wrote anything. Be serious, Be Respectful, don’t mess around. 

Within five minutes there is a post: 

What the FUCK is a meme? Why is my surprised face a meme? Is that a good thing? A bad thing? I–what–WHAT? HOW DO YOU SAY IT? WHY IS IT SPELLED LIKE “ME ME” WHEN IT’S PRONOUNCED “MEEM” I’M–SOMEONE EXPLAIN NOW.

A new meme sprouts up because of that post.


within the first few weeks, Tony had doubled the number of posts he had made in the past decade. Tony Stark was on social media often

when one brave soul tagged him and asked why he spent so much time on here yet always seems to be moving or busy, Tony replies: 

I never paid attention to meetings anyway. What did you think I was doing behind those sunglasses? Paying attention? 

Another meme sprouts up: What did you think I was doing behind those sunglasses?


Tony Starks first photo uploaded onto his personal account was taken by Rhodey. It was Tony drinking out of a mug that had an arc reactor logo imprinted into it and tony raising one eyebrow at the camera. 

Someone finds and asks Rhodey why Tony is having so much trouble and displaying inexperience over social media after Tony posts asking what a “hashtag” was. Rhodey explains that in Tonys mind, everything simple is made overly complicated, and everything complicated is simple. It’s not that Tony doesn’t know how to do everything, he’s just a weirdo. And also tells people to cut him some slack, because he’s old. 

Tony replies to that post with the photo Rhodey took of him and says:

What the fuck did you just say?

It’s another meme.

After that more and more photos start popping up on Tony Starks social media. Usually there’s some sort of breakfast photo with Rhodey uploaded on Tuesdays. And a photo with several of his Avengers listed as “datenight” They all try to tell him that’s not the use of that word, Tony doesn’t change it. 


The first video Tony ever uploads is taken by DUM-E. 

It starts off with the frontal camera recording, hard rock music is blaring in the background and Tony typing furiously away at a computer. DUM-E is staring at the phone curiously, then reaches out and grabs it, and switches it to the back camera. He brings the phone up to Tony and makes noise. Tony makes a “ssh.” sound and keeps typing. DUM-E starts making more aggressive noises and Tony reaches his hand out and seemingly pets the bot. DUM-E is louder than the music at this point. Tony finally stops and looks at him. Then looks into the camera. Tony doesn’t break eye contact as he reaches out on the keyboard and hits a few keys, the music stops. 

“You know that thing costs more than you do right?” He asks.

DUM-E makes noise.

“I don’t care if you don’t like it, it does.” He replies.

DUM-E makes quieter noises.

“No.” Tony replied. "That’s not it at all.” He reaches out and seemingly pets the bot again. When he stops, suddenly the phone goes flying through the air.

There’s a big, audible crashing noise and the last thing we hear before the audio cuts out completely is Tony shouting “DUM–!”

The caption says: guess who has two thumbs and had to get a new phone because his idiot robot thought it was going to replace him? This guy. (He’s gotten his hand taken away from him as punishment for the next week.)

This is when the #dadTony starts being used by people. 

After he starts posting more videos with the bots, and picking up Tonys phone from wherever he left it in the lab and recording videos becomes one of their favorite pastimes. The most liked video they have is one that seemingly wasn’t started by one of the bots at all, and had all of them dancing to some sort of exotic music. The caption on this one says: Very cute, FRIDAY, very cute.


Of course there’s political stuff sprinkled in throughout too. Tony Stark begins promoting programs like Alcoholics anonymous and charities to help fund and care for disabled people that need financial help. He makes a big deal out of every single event the Maria Stark foundation puts on and actively participates in all events. He attends and goes on walk-a-thons and visits little kids in the hospital. Not because any of it makes him look good, but because it’s something Tony wants to do and participate in. He’ll post photos of him participating at Pride, as a supporter or as a member of the lgbt+ is up for everyone’s interpretation. Tony dodges the question.

He helps speed up the process for cleaning up after big or destructive battles by using the suit to help lift the heavier objects out of the way and scan to see if people are trapped underneath rubble. He gets other avengers to help and other volunteers often take photos of them to put online. 


There’s little to no mention of the accords on his profile. No mention of the rogue Avengers, he ignores it when people ask him about it. Ask him about what happened and if they’re all “Avengers” anymore. He doesn’t bother seeing if any of them had social media profiles themselves before they became fugitives. Tony doesn’t want to know. 

He just doesn’t want to know.


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  • requested by anon: high school au with a jock seungcheol and reader confessing 
  • he was your lab partner
  • choi seungcheol, captain of the basketball team, loud and boisterous, currently leading his team to nationals, practically had everyone’s attention in the room whenever he talked
  • and you, you were somewhere in between, you bounced from group to group, knowing everyone and most people having at least heard your name
  • but you’ve never officially talked or met seungcheol
  • so when you two were assigned as lab partners, it was a new opportunity to make a new friend
  • and it was highly awkward at first
  • you two were complete strangers, you could talk about basketball but you knew absolutely nothing about it, the initial introduction led into a quiet silence as you two pondered on your chemistry notes
  • it was seungcheol who spoke first, suggesting to use one of the test tubes on the table, only his hand bumped into some of the liquid chemicals on the table, it spilled quickly before covering your hand
  • ‘Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry’
  • as per request from the teacher, seungcheol took you to the washing station to help wipe off excess liquid on your body
  • his expression flustered and concerned made you laugh and smile sweetly
  • ‘it’s okay, don’t worry, it’s not as bad as the time Mingyu accidentally spilled his entire solvent on me. It literally went everywhere’
  • Seungcheol stared for a moment, until his lips turned upwards, a laugh falling out of his mouth before he ran off on another story in which Mingyu kept his name as a clutz
  • and besides the rocky start, the road there was smoother than you had initially thought it would be
  • labs went by quickly as you two worked efficiently together, when you finished early, conversations of other classes, other friends, basically anything sprouted
  • it had even worked out that Seungcheol’s next class was near yours
  • when it was time to pack up, and you were taking a slower time than usual, Seungcheol often stayed behind to walk with you, not even caring one bit if he was late to class by a few seconds
  • It was all smiles and laughs when you two were together
  • and suddenly, when you’re listening to one of his stories while recording lab notes, you see this sparkle in his eyes, the way his cheeks perked up with his smile, and this warm feeling in your chest
  • you liked seungcheol
  • and it was driving you crazy
  • because you couldn’t tell if he liked you back, sometimes he fix your hair, or hold your books, sometimes he’d lean a little closer than usual, sometimes he packed up slowly with you at the end of class
  • but was it because he was your friend?
  • or did he like you?
  • Seungcheol on the other hand, in his own little world, he was a mess
  • he liked you so much, his stomach filled with a zoo and his lips just would not stop smiling when he was with you, heck he even smiled when he said your name, or even thought about you
  • but he was so confused because
  • was he in the friend zone?
  • could you possibly like someone else?
  • every time you talked with your sweet voice, he couldn’t help but rack his brain with questions of if you liked someone else.
  • you were excitingly talking about a movie that had just come out, explaining what you could to seungcheol from what you had watched on the trailers
  • ‘do you want to see it together?’
  • your words were caught in your throat when seungcheol asked that question, your heart beat rapidly while staring into the eyes of your long crush
  • ‘yeah sure’
  • now your mind was going off
  • was this a date?
  • or a friendly get together?
  • you sat nervously in his car when he picked you up, you fiddled with your thumbs while listening to the car radio
  • it was a nice night, from the entrance, to sharing popcorn, to watching the movie, but when you exited the theatre, your mind was still jumbled
  • ‘can i ask you something?’
  • Seungcheol had pulled up on your driveway, he looked at you with curiosity, a hum coming from his lips as he anticipated your question
  • ‘Hypothetically speaking, if i liked you’ a blush filled your cheeks as you could see the surprised look on his face, ‘what would you do’
  • it was very silent
  • for a long time actually
  • ‘maybe i should go’ you suggested
  • but Seungcheol halted you, ‘Wait! No! I’m just trying to find the right words’
  • You stayed still in the car, the awkward atmosphere killing you from inside
  • ‘Okay.’ Seungcheol looked at you, ‘hypothetically speaking, if you did like me, i would probably cry because i literally had a crush on you since we were at the washing station to get off the liquid i spilled on you’
  • it was still, a small smile perked up on your lips before one reflected on seungcheol’s
  • ‘so we like each other’
  • ‘yup’
  • ‘by the way that movie was just so boring’
  • you snorted a laugh ‘it really was, it looked so much better on the trailer’
  • Seungcheol grins at you, ‘by default, you owe me a better night to make up for this one’
  • Small laughter filled in the vehicle, before seungcheol watched as you disappeared in your home. Accelerated heartbeats connecting the both of you as you two separate.
Pink Panther - Avengers x Stark!Reader

Originally posted by dailymarvel

Words: 870
Pairing: Avenegrs x Stark!Reader
Featuring: Bucky, Sam, T'Challa, Tony
Requested by @imaginesofevery-kind and @yourcaitlinraye via kik
something or other about Sam and Bucky hacking into FRIDAY and everytimg T’Challa enters the room the pink panther song plays” (my shortened version)
Authors Note: this was funny and sometimes funny imagines are nice because we need a break from angst and too much love

Masterlist. Request List.

“I don’t know who is going to kill you more, Tony or T'Challa?” You giggled as you stood behind Sam and Bucky who were trying to break into Tony’s lab.

“Tony,” Sam and Bucky replied at the exact same time.

“And why am I here again?” You groaned, pushing the two out of your way and quickly unlocking the door with your key. Well, the key that you stole from your brother.

“You grew up with Tony; you know how his mind works. That, and, you probably know his passwords,” Sam smirked, following you into Tony’s lab.

“For the record, I didn’t really grow up with Tony. He was way older than me and always seemed to be out partying; unless mom and dad made him stay home and watch me,” You told them, walking over to Tony’s computer. “God, Tony is going to kill me. I’m telling him you guys forced me to do this.”

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So these two freshmen have been dating since band camp (but the boyfriend is a bit of a cheating asshole shh…), and earlier this month the two were called to the principal’s office. Turns out, the boy (who plays tuba), decided it would be a good idea to finger his girlfriend (who plays trumpet) in the biology lab. Someone recorded them, and the video got around school. So they got called into A) talk with the girl’s mom, and B) get the video taken down.
—  Anonymous

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Googles tying their SO down to a lab table and recording their reactions to different toys they put in them. Googles referring to their SO as "my/our human". Googles taking turns for hours and hours until the SO physically can't handle it anymore and is on the verge of passing out

But they know EXACTLY what you like and dislike, they just need to see your reaction firsthand

AU where Tord never left, he was in his lab all along, and had a robot and all, but there’s so much more in there!

He also has more of a lab underneath the house, so he buolts people-sized robots and cat robots and stuff, and also has a chemistry lab, s recording room, a kitchen, a bedroom, an indoor taret range, and all sorts of odd things, too.

The only reason anyone knows at all is because Tord dropped something, and Tom heard it. So Tom goes in there, and finds Tord (who has been missing for nine years) and he gets really upset because he didn’t know Tord was still there the whole time, watching that broken wreck he was. Everyone just assumed he left without telling anyone.

Instead of the end happening, Tord just came out to their info room and more or less said: ‘Hey, I never left and I have this stuff sitting right under our feet.’ (Matt is convinced that Tord is a hobo and there’s a train under the house.)

teabookspopcorn  asked:

Hi! Looking through your tags I came across a cool photo of your lab notebook, and I was wondering if you could share your "set up", and tips etc! I'm a baby scientist and would appreciate advice :)

Hey there baby scientist! I’m glad to be of help!

First things first: the fact that my lab uses binders for our lab notebook is actually not how it’s supposed to be done. The proper way is to use a close-bound notebook with numbered pages (like this one from Target), that way it’s temper evident if someone rips a page out, etc. Idk why my lab uses binders but I’m too temporary here to shake the system up /shrug/. Ok! So now that disclaimer’s out of the way…

Wait another first things first: a lab notebook has many purposes–but basically it’s so you can keep a good record of your experiments so you have something you can go back to for manuscript writing, or for audits, or someone 10 years down the road wanting to know what you did. Don’t trust your brain to remember anything. Write down all lot numbers of reagents, every little observation, every calculation, all the reasoning and logic behind why you’re doing this and that, etc etc. Basically just be in the mind-set of “ok if my lab is accused of fraudulent data manipulation, will my lab notebook justify that it was not I who effed up”. And don’t procrastinate–write in your lab notebook in real-time. Don’t let your brain work harder to remember things than it has to :)

Also keep in mind every institution or lab prefers their lab notebooks in slightly different ways, so the first thing you should do is ask your PI what format they want, and then maybe look at some examples of your lab mates. 

Now onto my lab notebook if you need ideas:

We label each experiment organized as such: year, user initials, experiment number. For example, the first experiment I did in 2016 is labeled as 16JC01. I put that label on all everything related to that experiment, such as file names for data analyses, print outs or presentation slides for lab meetings, etc so everything related to that experiment is “linked” (for example, if I’m giving my PI my fabulous Western blot printout, or I’m entering a concentration of protein in a shared lab-database–I’ll label it as 16JCxx so in the future, if anyone has any questions about it, they can easily go find that experiment in my notebook). The top right corner of every page in the notebook that’s related to that experiment is also labeled as 16JCxx.

The first page of my notebook is my table of contents. It’s a working document (I’ll fill it out as I go), so if you’re using a close-bound notebook, leave the first couple pages blank for this. It’s organized as such: experiment number, short description. You can also put in page numbers following the short description. The experiment number is just 01, 02, 03, etc as I organize my notebooks based on year (so 15JC01 is not in the same notebook as 16JC01). Of course you can use more than one notebook per year if you’re super proliferative!

And now, the colorful sticky tabs that you saw in the picture–those are all the experiment numbers. So tab “01″ is 16JC01, and tab “02″ is 16JC02, and so on. This way, when I’m looking up an experiment (say my PI whips out a print-out of something from 15JC35 and wants to know some molar concentration), I go to my 2015 notebook, find experiment #35 on my table of contents, find my “35″ tab on the side, and flip to that experiment. It saves so much time! 

I use this format when recording my experiments:

  • Date, Experiment Label, Title
  • Purpose (can also add your Hypothesis) (if I’m repeating a previous experiment, I’ll just write “Repeat of xxJCxx but with the following changes…)
  • Conditions/Variables
  • Protocol (usually typed out because they’re shared among the entire lab, so I attach it on the next page and write “See next page”–I usually write down any interesting observations directly onto the protocol so I know which step I observed it at, along with lot numbers, etc)
  • Calculations
  • Observations/Results/Final thoughts (sad faces optional haha) (I had attached print-outs of my results following the Protocol page)

Other lab-notebook-rules:

  • Only use pen to write (black or blue ink preferred)
  • Initial & date the bottom of each page as you’re done writing in them
  • If you’re pasting in a print-out (like a protocol or printed figure), initial the print-out so half the text is on the print-out, and half on the notebook paper (so if the print-out is removed, you can easily tell there was something there)
  • If you intentionally leave a page blank, use a single diagonal line to cross it out and initial & date
  • If you make a mistake, cross it out with a single line and initial & date
  • Lab notebooks are supposed to be locked away when not in use but no one really follows that rule bc it’s kinda a pain like no i am not buying a whole new cabinet when I have a bookshelf right here. But old completed lab notebooks or ones with sensitive info really should be locked up (usually in the PI’s office)
  • Lab notebooks are property of your institution–not you or your PI. So neither you or your PI can take it when you leave/move. What you can do though is make photocopies/scans and take those. But the original notebook has to stay. 
  • Because nowadays so much data analysis is done on the computer, it may be unrealistic to print those out (think genomic sequences). If that’s the case, you can reference the file directory if it’s on a public lab computer or network. 
  • Legible handwriting is a must! You can also type out everything and paste it in (just remember to initial it)

Well that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.. again, your best resource would be your PI and other members in the lab. Assuming they have good lab practices in their record-keeping, it’s best to use their method and be consistent across the lab. 

Hope that helped! Let me know if you ever need anything else :) Have fun!

other things i ❤ about quantum break

spoilers and in no particular order

* after the time machine creates the fracture one of paul’s first words to jack are “make sure will’s okay”

* paul commenting on jack’s inability to respect people’s personal space when jack reads paul’s private emails right in front of him

* beth listening to toto on the car radio

* the nickname beth gave herself

* the hours between amaral and paul’s emails to each other after she asks him what he’s doing for dinner

* if paul surrenders to the chronon syndrome he sends out an email about how killing amaral “broke his fucking heart”

* emily burke’s signed copy of alan wake’s last novel

* how lonely and out of place charlie looks in the lifeboat

* martin hatch at riverport university before the fracture introducing himself to you and then disappearing when you turn around and look for him again

* you can also see him in the time machine if you look closely

* the liam burke psyche eval: he has deduced-quite correctly-that he was being trained for a specific scenario Monarch believes will happen. He is also painfully aware that if and when that scenario arrives, he will not be part of the solution.

* TIME KNIFE made me laugh so hard I cried dammit


* beth’s second journal is the most tragically depressing thing, wow. how she spies on jack before he ever meets her. how weak paul is when she finds him and how she basically shoots first instead of talking and what that might’ve changed. I’ve come to accept my mission was a lie.

* the way courtney hope plays beth in 2010 vs. 2016

* watch how remedy constantly emphasizes jack reaching for/touching/holding beth’s hand until you reach that climactic scene where he absolutely cannot (this is why your heart hurts)

* ps: paul’s ‘mystery woman threat neutralized’ post-it on the july 2010 whiteboard ouch

* that beth has been dead for SIX YEARS when the difference for jack seeing her before she died was only like minutes

* when paul gets back to 1999 he literally has no one to explain to him what was going on at the end of time ie who beth was and why she was trying to kill him which is REALLY TRAGIC when you consider

* when paul gets back to 1999 he literally has no one

* in episode 2, if you choose personal, and paul and jack talk in the interrogation room and jack asks him, “do I stop before you’re dead?” paul is so visibly hurt he can barely talk. “when you’re ready to cooperate, I’ll be here.” my heart!

* also paul’s hurt face when he sees the lab entrance records and hatch has set sofia up (which makes it even more powerful if you pick him choosing to believe her in the face of that “evidence” anyway)

* if you choose control, let us all contemplate paul willing to give up his humanity in order to save it til the end aggggh jack why couldn’t you see

* re: that: paul calling jack his greatest disappointment at the final confrontation in the above scenario :( he was so hurt and they could’ve done so much good if they worked together

* these lines of dialogue:

“come with me and we can see this through or hold on to your hope and burn with it.”

“answer me this question, paul: in everything you’ve seen, do I stop before you’re dead?”

I never felt good doing this; it was the only thing I knew how to do.”

“I will keep the lights on when the world goes dark.” 

especially the last one

* because you can fucking time travel but you can’t even save the people you know you’ve lost! how awful and how beautiful

* this game is so good it makes me want to write

Some Tips for University/ College Physics

So @theravenclawstudent requested a post on how I do physics at university, since my major is physics. The undergrad programme at the university I’m at follows the same formula each year - lectures, weekly whiteboard tutorials which are basically problem-solving group work, weekly problem sets and a lab component. There are a few class tests and an exam at the end of each semester.

 I’m going to be quite honest - I don’t do that well at physics. I generally pass my tests and I passed my first semester, but my marks are usually between 50-65% so these are NOT tips on *How* *To* *Ace* *Physics*. This is just what I do in class, how I study physics and some things I learnt being a physics major and some things that I wish I did more often. They’re also things to remember. Here goes:

1) Physics is difficult. It is SO difficult. Accept this fact, stop thinking you’re not smart enough for it and accept that you’re not going to know a LOT. You have to get pushed off the cliff with respect to difficulty at some point, so expect it. Ask questions and work with other people. 

2) Detailed notes on theory isn’t going to help you much. What you need is lots and lots of practice by doing problems. And solid calculus. Calculus needs to be your best friend. Physics at university builds your problem-solving skills and intuition. You’re not going to learn this unless you get a lot of practice.

3) You do need *some* notes and a good textbook. My strategy is to write down whatever my lecturer puts on the blackboard and write, in my own words, whatever he or she says. If there’s a mathematical step in a derivation or worked example that I think I’ll forget, it also gets written down. Equations go in a box with a coloured border. Basically, my notes consist of everything I’ll need when I’m trying to do a problem sheet. Any important theory gets bullet-pointed. I’m posting some of my class notes from my quantum mechanics module below so you can get an idea of what they look like.

4) Use every opportunity to draw a diagram if it will help you understand something better or solve a problem.

5) Do. Worked. Examples. On. Your. Own.

6) Read your textbook the night before.

7) Don’t neglect your lab work. Speak to the TA who marks your lab-work and ask how you can improve your reports. The lab is where you can really score well if you do the work properly. It’s far easier to get a good lab record than a good test record. Take advantage of that and put in the effort.

8) Do your freaking problem sets. Don’t copy question 5 from your friend and don’t copy question 3.2 from the solutions manual you illegally downloaded because it’s 12 p.m. on Sunday evening and you’ve procrastinated all week and now you’re stuck. Attempt the questions yourself, even if you get stuck and have no idea where to start.

9) Use Wolfram Alpha for shitty integrals only if you do actually know how to do the integral. Use Wolfram when it’s tedious, not when it’s difficult.

10) Look at everything as a challenge and an opportunity to learn, rather than something difficult and stressful. 

11) Ask questions. Your lecturers are often more than willing to talk about their work and show off how smart they are. Ask difficult questions and ask stupid questions. Stick your hand up in class or go to the lecturer after class while they’re packing up their stuff or go to his/her office hours. Ask the TAs. Ask your friends. Ask questions.  

12) Enjoy physics.

Feel free to add to this. Like I said - this is just what I do or what I wish I did. I’m not an expert, but if there’s something here that you might find useful please try it out

xx Munira

Em just chillin’ in the lab back in 2005…He’s a self proclaimed studio rat and so am I …. Damn I should go outside and get some vitamin D but its always raining outside.

I’m an emcee/producer who loves Hip Hop. Visit the links below to hear what I do.

Instrumentals ->

Music –>


Pre-war times, he is a witness of a crime. His testimony might be rejected in court because of his alt-mode, but still important enough that he gets kidnapped. The world is big, Rewind is tiny, but he is not gonna let it scare him.

Or Rewind’s documentary about a group of MTOs, fresh from assembly line, still figuring themselves out, in the middle of the war. He is a hitchhiker in their unit, and they are dismissive about him at best, but step by step they warm up to him (and each other).
Rewind has many recordings of them pouring their hearts out, talking about their fears and insecurities, their first experiences at EVERYTHING - what fuel tastes like, what are their first dreams, what they find attractive, what they can do best. They tell him about each other and ask for advice. He always cuts out his answers, because it’s not about him, it’s about them.
He tries his best to micromanage the group and to help them but they are young and incompetent AND INEVITABLY DIE ONE BY ONE

because let’s face it
Rewind is an artist, and I mean both as an operator and a director. Remember little victories? That was a tragicomedic masterpiece.
Prowl bans that MTO chronicle thing from destribution. Too pessimistic to allow free circulation during the war.

and oh god I entertained myself with this for several hours REWIND’S DOCUMENTARY ABOUT KIMIA
He hops from lab to lab, recording stuff. Part of out is, of course, his job - he saves a lot of visual data and is an official archivist of the facility. But what actually gets in the documentary is everything but science

- For example, he shows at a set up for an experiment. It’s all very official. There are solemn scientists in protective goggles and gloves. Somebody makes a small speech - it’s an important breakthrough, yadda-yadda. Scientists shake hands. They count to zero. Footage stops.
After flashing a blank screen for a second, footage starts again. There’s fire and screams, bots running blindly, hilarious injuries being mentioned in pathetic crying voice. Bots colliding in the doorway trying to evacuate. Rewind laughing off-screen

- Rewind secretly films ironfist carrying a huge pile of datapads. They keep falling down, and when he tries to pick them up, he loses even more. It’s very cute.

- SWERVE’S PRANKS just imagine
Skyfall wakes up, and his crotch is magnetized. Rewind puts together a dozen of short clips of small things sticking to skyfall’s crotch. Pins. Datapads. Small debris. Someone’s id. Tray for energon cubes in refueling area.

- AND a part where Rewind goes “Guys, today I’m on Brainstorm duty, wish me luck”, and walks in a lab. Following scenes are short and confusing. A huge control panel flashing about two hundred indicators – Brainstorm’s voice “hey give me the doohickey, you know, the thing. The thingy”, Rewind’s hand picks something from a pile of tools on the floor “here you go”, Brainstorm looks at the doohickey, his eyes go wide “NO not this one whERE DID YOU FIN –” CAMERA SHAKES BRAINSTORM SCREAMS SOMETHING BLOWS UP – it’s the lab again, brainstorm looks at a thick layer of sticky notes at his desk. He is puzzled. – Someone’s screaming at brainstorm via vid comm, brainstorm doesn’t look guilty: “…unbelivable! Ten bots dead, fifteen injured! Do you understand the severity of..?” – Something blows up. Brainstorm is laughing manically somewhere in thick smoke. – Brainstorm and sticky notes again. He scratches his mask and asks “Who wrote this?”. Rewind’s voice: “You did.” – Things are floating in the air. Rewind’s voice: “Help” – Things are burning. Rewind’s voice, urgent: “Help!” – Thick smoke, Rewind’s voice, angry “Help!” – complete silence, empty room. Revind’s voice, weak and unsteady: “Help” – Rewind’s quarters, Rewind stumbles in: “i’m alive it’s over THANK PRIMUS IT’S OVER”

- A part, where Rewind goes full Cecil Boldwin: “And this is a workplace… of a very important specialist… with steady, precise, beautiful hands… and a beautiful smiiile…” and Chromedome just goes “ADSFLGFKSD rewind stahp don’t do this to me”
you know

or anything! Rewind reaching out to people. Refusing to be intimidated. Telling other people’s stories. Rewind’s humor. His mischivous nature. His keen eye for details. More Rewind. MORE REWIND

Tony makes an AFV video
  • Tony: Jarvis, bring up the lab's video feed. *hits record button*
  • *watching on the screen*
  • Darcy: I will when you stop sneaking up on me!
  • Loki: Me sneak up on you?
  • Darcy: You did the poofing thing again! You know I hate the poofing thing!
  • Loki: It's called translocation! You work in the most advanced lab in the world. Get. The. Name. Right.
  • Darcy: If it gives me a weekly heart attack I can call it whatever I want.
  • Loki: It does not give you a heart attack. Jane has not once had to call an ambulance over someone translocating.
  • Darcy: *turns taser on again*
  • Tony over the intercom: Geez, get married already. You're bickering like an elderly couple.
  • Loki & Darcy: SHUT UP, STARK!
Opposites Attract- snowbarry

Story by: hoffkk

Request by: Anonymous

Prompt: Caitlin becomes killer frost and barry tries to help her but of course there will be some fight and love between two of them. You know what cisco said, cold and speed are opposite. :)

Characters: Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow ( with short appearances by Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, Cisco Ramon, and Joe West.)

Notes: I do not own any of these characters or anything related to DC comics.  I apologize for any errors, grammatical or otherwise.  Enjoy! ;)

Opposites Attract

“Another one bites the dust!” Barry said as he hung his extra suit on the mannequin in the Arrow Cave.  Barry had spent the day with Team Arrow tracking down a metahuman who had been threatening the citizens of Starling City.

“First it’s Cisco and his movie references and now you and song lyrics?”  Felicity arched a brow.

“Hey, at least I didn’t make a lame pun.” Barry fired back.

“My puns are not lame. They’re hilarious.  Right, Oliver?”  She said smiling over her shoulder at her boyfriend.

“Of course.  No one does them better than my girl.” Oliver affirmed, hugging her from behind and placing a quick kiss on her cheek.

“Whipped!” Barry coughed into his fist before smiling toward the couple.  Barry loved to tease them, but in truth he was happy for his friends.  He watched them both pine over each other for a while and was glad that they finally found a way to be together.

“Your just jealous because you’re still single.” Oliver mocked.

Barry’s smile immediately faltered and sadness entered his eyes.  His love life was torturous.  Everything had gotten so messy with Iris that they never truly recovered.  They were still friends, but it just wasn’t the same as it once was.  Then, just as he was ready to open up his heart again to a certain Dr. Snow, the incident happened.  A few days ago, Caitlin had been looking into the late Dr. Lincoln’s research and was fiddling with her Self-Sustaining Thermodynamic Ultraconductor Engine, when something went horribly wrong, causing the machine to explode.

Caitlin was okay…sort of. After spending the last two days in a coma, she had finally woken this morning with skin cold to the touch. Cisco started getting things ready to run some tests when Barry got a call from Felicity.  He didn’t want to leave her side, but Joe insisted that he and Cisco would watch over her.  He also pointed out that there was nothing Barry could do for Caitlin until they knew exactly what they were dealing with and that Felicity wouldn’t be asking for help if it weren’t serious.  So, reluctantly, he headed off to Starling.

As soon as Felicity saw Barry’s reaction to Oliver’s words, her face dropped and she elbowed her boyfriend in the gut.

Feeling her half-hearted attempt at a reprimand, Oliver realized his error.  "Sorry, I didn’t mean…“

"It’s okay.” Barry brushed it off.

“How is Cait?” Felicity asked.  She was the only person who knew about Barry’s feelings for Caitlin and of course she told Oliver.  They have no secrets.  They were also the only one’s outside of Team Flash to know about the incident.

“She’s…she’s doing okay.  Cisco is running tests as we speak, so we should know more soon.”

Barry was debating whether or not to tell them about her temperature change when his phone rang. Fishing his phone from his pocket, he saw Cisco’s face displayed on the screen and answered quickly, skipping over pleasantries.  "Is everything okay?  How’s Caitlin?“

"Its…she’s…how exactly would you define okay?”

Cisco.”  Barry scolded.  He was in no mood for jokes.

“Look, it’s nothing major, but you should probably get back here as soon as possible. Caitlin…well, she kind of locked herself in meta jail.”


“It sounds worse than it is.” Cisco amended.

“How did this even happen?” Barry wondered aloud.

“The explosion seems to have infused ice particles into her DNA, resulting in some pretty awesome ice-based superpowers.  It’s awesome!”


“Sorry.  Anyway, we were experimenting with what she can do, and… you know, it would be easier to show you than tell you.”

“On my way.” Barry said, ending the call before Cisco could respond.

“Is everything alright?” Oliver asked, face full of concern just like the blonde in his arms.

“It will be.” I hope.  Barry added silently. “But I gotta go.  I’ll see you guys later.”

“Call us if you need anything, and I mean anything.” Felicity reinforced.

Barry nodded and sped from the room, moving his legs as fast as they could go, all the way back to Central City


Barry arrived at STAR Labs in record time and headed straight for the makeshift meta-prison. Near the front of the room, he found Cisco and Joe talking.

“What the heck is going-whoa!” Barry interrupted himself.  "What happened to you?“ He said to Joe, noticing a bloody bandage around his bicep.

"Apparently, Caitlin can shoot ice crystals from her hands.”

“For real?” Barry couldn’t believe this was happening and to Caitlin of all people.

“Sweet, right?” Cisco chimed in, smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

“I’m fine by the way.” Joe commented. “Just a graze.”

Both guys gave him a sheepish smile before continuing with the conversation.

“So, where exactly is Cait now?” Barry queried, scanning the room for the woman who stole is heart without even knowing.

“When I got hit with the ice, she freaked out.” Joe explained.

“Then, like I said before…” Cisco added, “She ran away and locked herself in one of the metahuman cells.”

“Which one?”

Cisco pointed a thumb over his shoulder. “Killer Frost is in the first cell on the left.” he stated sarcastically.

“Don’t call me that!” Caitlin yelled, her voice hoarse.  It was obvious she was scared and had been crying.

Barry gave Cisco a hard look, angry at his latest nickname and for not taking things more seriously. “Why didn’t you just override the locking mechanism?”

“I did, but she sort of froze the door shut, so I called you.” Cisco clarified.

“Right.” Barry said, fully understanding the situation.  Looking from Cisco to Joe, he nodded once.  "Why don’t you give us a minute.“

As they left the room, Barry sped over to the cell.  He knew he had the right one, because it was covered in a sheer layer of ice and freezing cold to the touch.  Unfortunately the cold fogged up the window, preventing him from seeing Caitlin sitting inside.

He walked over to the door and knocked with his fist.  "Caitlin?  It’s me…Barry.  You okay in there?”


“Come on, Cait, it’s just us now.” Barry pleaded.  "Talk to me.“

"About what?  How I’m a frozen freak? Or how I nearly killed Joe?”

“It was just a scratch. No harm, no foul.”  Barry assured her, before continuing on. “Besides, if you’re a frozen freak, then what does that make me?  A fast freak?”  He was hoping to diffuse the situation with humor, and it worked somewhat as he heard a slight chuckle come from the other side of the door.

“That’s not what I meant…” Caitlin began.

“Then come out and explain it to me.”  Barry tried.

“No, Barry, I belong in here… away from innocent people.  It’s safer.”

“These cells are for villains, Cait.  You are a hero.”

“No, I am a danger. I can’t control these…these…abilities.”

“I couldn’t control my speed at first either.  It was terrifying.  Not knowing what my body could do or how to manage it, but you and Cisco…you helped me. You guys had me train and practice, and eventually I got better.  It got better, easier even, and now, I’m saving lives.”

More silence.

“So, let me return the favor.  Let me help you hone your skills.  We can get through this Cait.  Together.”

“I don’t know…”

Barry had a sense there was something more she was worried about.

“What aren’t you telling me, Cait?”

“It isn’t just the ice spikes that freaked me out.  Before…before the incident with Joe…we were seeing if I could freeze things by touch. And I could.  I did.  Cisco got excited and grabbed me by the shoulder.  I could feel his warmth instantly, it felt so good, and before I knew what I was doing, I grasped his arm and started sucking the warmth right out of him. It didn’t last long…Joe broke our contact before any harm could be done.  Cisco was fine, but I-I freaked.  Joe tried to come closer to calm me down, but when I threw my arms out to tell him to stay back, that is when the ice spikes flew from my hands.  Then Joe was bleeding…”  Caitlin couldn’t say anymore, the tears were falling too fast.

“Listen to me. Joe is fine.  They both are.  It was an accident.” Barry told her.

“Exactly my point. I hurt two people without even trying! I just…I can’t risk hurting anyone else.”

“How about this? How about we fix you a room in STAR Labs?  That way you don’t have to stay in a cell, but you will be away from the public.” Barry hurried to add, “Just for a little  while though, until you get a handle on your abilities.”

“O-Okay.  I guess that could work.”  Caitlin agreed.  Barry sounded so upset that she just wanted to placate him.  She wanted to do something good for someone today and perhaps balance out some of this bad karma.

Barry smiled. “Good.  Now move away from the door.”  He waited a few moments then placed his palms on the door, making it vibrate until the ice melted and the door popped off its hinges.   He place it aside, then waited a moment.

Caitlin slowly walked out of the cell.  She wore a pair of grey and blue STAR Labs sweats.  The skin he could see was much paler, and he noticed her lips and finger tips were tinted blue.  Her hair hung in loose waves around her shoulders and she had bags under her eyes.  The words “hot mess” came to mind.  No.  Barry thought.  Caitlin was a beautiful mess.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Barry as he watched her stop a good three feet away from him.

“Come here.  Give me your hand.”  He commanded softly, extending his toward her, palm facing upward.

“Barry…” Caitlin hesitated, wrapping her arms around herself.

“Just trust me.”

“I do trust you. I just…don’t trust myself right now.”

“Well, I do. Please, grab my hand.” he begged.

She was biting her lip, uncertain of what to do.  Barry let out a breath, dropping his hand.  "Do you remember what Cisco said a while back when Felicity was here and we faced off against Captain Cold?“

Caitlin shook her head, thinking back to that day.

Barry went on, "He said that speed and cold are opposites.”

Caitlin’s inner scientist was kicking into gear. “Oh.  Wait… so you think that there is a chance that we will be able to withstand each other’s touch, since I run colder than normal and you run hotter with your faster moving molecules?”

“There is only one way to know for sure.” He said, quirking a brow and taking a step closer to Caitlin, re-extending his hand in the process.  This time he held his palm up towards her, instead of the ceiling.

She gnawed on her bottom lip some more as she slowly reach out and touched his hand.  Her fingertip touched his palm, and she jerked back in reflex.  Barry didn’t move.  They locked eyes for a moment, and she reached her hand out once more.  This time pressing her entire palm against his. Their eyes watched intently where their skin made contact.

Caitlin smiled as she threaded her fingers with his in the space between them.  Barry smiled at her smile.

“I don’t feeling anything.” She spoke aloud, feeling incredibly relieved.  "Do you?“

"A little cold, but no pain.” He teased.

Caitlin nodded.  She could feel his warmth, but no pain and most importantly no overwhelming desire to steal it from him.

“Weird.” She mumbled as she continued to stare at their hands a moment longer.  He unconsciously began rubbing circles on the top of her hand with his thumb.  

Suddenly, Barry brought their hands down, pulling her in closer.   They were looking each other in the eyes once more.  To an outsider, they looked like any normal couple holding hands.

Caitlin bit her lip again, realizing that she was now actually feeling something: butterflies.  The sensation in her stomach felt a little awkward, but mostly it felt nice.  She decided that she needed to break the silence. “So…I guess speed and cold are opposites.”

“I guess so.” He agreed. “But you know,” he continued, pushing a few loose strands hair behind her ear with his free hand, “Scientifically speaking…opposites do attract.”

Barry then brought her even closer, waiting for a reaction.

She just smiled brightly. “That they do, Mr. Allen.”

He smiled back briefly before doing what he could no longer resist: kiss Caitlin Snow.  Barry brought his free hand back up to cradle her face, pulling her in slowly, bringing her lips to meet his.

With her own free hand, Caitlin clutched the side of his navy sweater, deepening the kiss.

They both definitely felt something then.  A good kind of something.  They felt sparks… sparks of love, of hope, of what could be.

They both knew that the path they had just silently chosen was not going to be an easy one, but no matter what challenges may lie ahead, they knew that it would be worth it because they would be together, and together, they could handle anything.

INTJ Manual: How to Obtain Your Very Own ISTP

As an INTJ, you’re a mastermind.
A criminal mastermind.

Unfortunately, you’re more of a puppet master than a DIY sort of guy, so you’re going to need a right-hand – someone else to do your dirty work and act as the face of the organization.

Your choice: an ISTP.

Why?  As the most mysterious type, the ISTP has far more potential as a figure of respect.  You’re betting on the ISTP coolness factor as a major component in minion retention.  The ISTP poker face and generally calm demeanor will be a valuable asset in negotiations – you know they can hold their cool under pressure – and they trust no one.  Furthermore, your motor skills are weak at best, and the boss figure really ought to be able to handle a weapon.

So, INTJ, how do you go about securing yourself a nice, enigmatic ISTP?  Let’s get started.

Step #1: Hold Auditions

ISTPs are lone rangers, and not easily persuaded to consort with others.  Luckily, you don’t need to find the ISTP; let the ISTP come to you.

“Lone Ranger Reboot: Open Auditions” – or so your flier will read.

Post these fliers strategically:

  • Dōjōs
  • Near the aluminium foil in the store
  • Conspiracy Theor- I mean, Illuminati Awareness Groups’ Lodges
  • Civil War Reenactments

Step #2: The Survey

One unfortunate aspect of your ruse is that despite your efforts to target ISTPs, some actual thespians are bound to walk through the door.  How will you positively identify the ISTPs?  How will you know which ISTP is right for you?

INTJ, you need to develop a questionnaire.

This manual cannot do all the work for you, as your needs will vary depending on the nature of your nefarious plot.  One fortunate aspect of your ruse is that many of these questions will not seem out of place.  Suggested questions include:

  1. Do you prefer a boss who clearly communicates your objectives?
  2. Are you comfortable adapting to new and possibly unforeseen… developments?
  3. Do you have any experience handling firearms?
  4. Are you trained in hand-to-hand combat?
  5. How do you feel about robots replacing human interaction in the workplace?
  6. Do you find this survey in any way suspicious?

Find the ISTP who constructs a hat out of aluminium foil in response to Question 6 and explain to them that such hats are not stylish.

Then hire them.

Step #3 Convince Your ISTP To Work For You

That ISTP mistrust is a double-edged sword: it will work both for you and against you.  You hand-selected the most suspicious ISTP; now you have to convince them to work for you.  As you negotiate the terms of your contract, you may have a similar exchange with the ISTP (complete with suggested responses):

ISTP: Why should I work with you?

INTJ: For me.

INTJ: Because most of your contact with me will be limited to Bluetooth and robots.

Note: You can work the minions into the deal later.

ISTP: How can I trust you?

INTJ: You can’t.  Though, I tend to be loyal and currently have a use for you.

ISTP: Sold.


Did it work?  Congratulations!  You are now the proud owner employer of an ISTP.  Go build that diabolical empire, free to spend all of your time in the lab instead of recording your demands for billions of dollars from world governments.  That’s what the ISTP is for.  Do you think they’ll look good in a fedora?

Gesundheit! - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt (requested by anonymous) // you sneeze in front of Liam for the first time and he thinks it’s adorable

Originally posted by fivesecsofdreams

After walking into Chemistry class on the first day of school, you immediately regretted signing up for the course.

You were trying to get into your dream school, and a more rigorous science course was a requirement for admittance. Plus, you also actually really kind of liked science experiments.

All of your friends, however, didn’t share your love for the subject. They had opted to take Earth Science instead, leaving you to find yourself feeling very much alone amongst a sea of unfamiliar faces.

Not recognizing a single person in your class, you picked one of the last unoccupied seats left in the room. It was the one closest to the chalkboard of the remaining spots, just how you liked it. The other students talked amongst one another, recounting their eventful (or in some cases, not so eventful) summers and comparing schedules. The room buzzed with chatter around you. Everyone seemed to know each other very well already, and you couldn’t help but feel like the odd person out.

You noticed the boy in the desk to your immediate left was sitting in silence, too. He looked distracted, as if he had a lot on his mind. He held his hands up to his mouth in a way that made you think that he was resisting the urge to bite his nails, and his leg was shaking up and down absentmindedly. He was cute – the messy brown hair and soft blue eyes were particularly endearing. You wanted to introduce yourself, but before you could muster up the courage, the bell rang.

The first day of school had officially started.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Headcanon with what social medias team flash has and what they're like on there

Before I answer, I’m going to link a similar headcanon that @quickwest answered about Barry and Iris’s social media activity because I really enjoyed her take on it, and so much of it is in-character!

I’m also going to do this separately for each “Team Flash” character because otherwise it’ll just be too long.


  • Facebook: So I remember in the pilot, Cisco had said that Barry loves Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” according to Barry’s Facebook page (which just LOL at Barry liking Lady Gaga). But that’s weird because that song was popular in like 2010 and that was 2014, so I’m going to assume Barry has a Facebook page that he legit just rarely uses anymore. Cisco only got the Lady Gaga Poker Face thing because he had scrolled through Barry’s page and found an old post which was Iris sharing a YouTube link to Poker Face to his wall with the caption, “Your favorite song! :P” (but she was making fun of him). He’s generally not a very social person, so of course his Facebook activity reflects that. We all know Facebook isn’t as fun as it used to be, so Barry’s been over it for years now. If you visit his wall, you might see a photo or two of him that he’s been tagged in by Joe or Cisco or Caitlin, but that’s it. You can still always see “Happy Birthday” wishes from his friends on his wall too (Happy Birthday, Allen. And that’s not an excuse to come in late!!! writes Captain Singh), and old photos from college, because that’s how little he uses it. He also has a few pending friend requests from some people he went to high school with that he doesn’t want to accept and likely never will. He uses  Facebook so sparingly that one day Iris realizes he never changed his relationship status after breaking up with Patty LOL like that’s how careless he is about his Facebook (and he only changed his relationship status anyway because Patty really insisted on it. She was one of those girls.). When Iris points that out to him, she expects him to just delete it because Iris herself doesn’t like to indicate her relationship status publicly either, but Barry custom changes his relationship status to “In love with Iris West, forever and always.” which gets him 100+ Likes, and it’s the most activity his Facebook has gotten in months. The comments are mostly from old college friends or people from high school and are overwhelmingly along the lines of, “It’s about damn time.” or “I knew it!” or “No surprises there!” One day Cisco is bored so he stalks Barry’s Facebook and “Likes” and comments on old ass embarrassing posts so they show up in people’s Newsfeeds and Barry deactivates Facebook after that.
  • Twitter: He does have a Twitter page, but again, Barry is just too busy to really Tweet and doesn’t have the personality to be active on any social media platform really. I agree with @quickwest: “Rarely does he post actual tweets, but when he does, his thoughts are random but hilarious.” or the occasional article Retweet. He also Retweets Iris whenever she shows up on his feed, no matter what she’s Tweeting about. He doesn’t just Retweet her, he’ll also “Like” her Tweet in question. Like it’s overenthusiasm about her and it’s adorable. He has maybe like 479 Tweets right now since he got a Twitter account years ago. His “Following” list includes Bill Nye, NASA, a “Science Porn” account, CCPD’s official Twitter, Minute Physics, and some Flash fan accounts (he can’t help it). 
  • Instagram: “His Instagram is private but it’s full of Iris. He’s taken a sneak shot of her a few times before and uploads them with the heart eyes emoji and posts selfies of them together, and if not, then he gets videos of Cisco in STAR Labs being ridiculous and records Caitlin’s reactions to Cisco’s antics.” Yup, I agree with this from @quickwest. I’ll also add that Iris sometimes yells at him to delete those sneaky photos of her that she thinks aren’t flattering. Also he regularly posts photos of her with the caption, “#WCW (Women Crush Wednesday)”. Sometimes he does it not on Wednesdays and he doesn’t give a single care. “It’s not Wednesday tho,” Cisco will comment. Barry replies with the sassy girl emoji 💁. He also posts photos of her and captions them, “No filter necessary.”
  • Miscellaneous: Barry doesn’t have a Snapchat. Iris begs him to get one and he does according to @quickwest’s headcanon, but he never really uses it so he might as well not have one. He has What’sApp and he’s in several chat groups. One is him and Joe, Iris, and Wally titled, “The Wests and the White Shadow,” and another is Team Flash titled, “STAR Labs Forever” which Cisco is the administrator of. The group icon for that particular chat is Cisco posing his head over Barry’s Flash suit.

I’m going to also do Iris, Cisco, and Caitlin.