I probably shouldn’t say this but we both love the music of Taylor Swift or, as us real fans call her, ‘Tay Tay’. It doesn’t matter how bad LA traffic gets, if you’ve got “Shake It Off” blasting out the radio there ain’t nothing that is going to bring your mood down.
—  Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock on him and David Beckham being huge Taylor Swift fans. (x)
cipherhunt log 7

the clue has been solved:

it seems to indicate 2049 Century Park East, Century City, Los Angeles. which, well, you can see why.

that’s the biggest bill i ever saw.

i’m sure more cipher hunters are on their way to the building, but just like with Griffith Park, it may take  little while for folks to arrive due to LA traffic! and if you plan on going to century city: be safe and bring a UV pen!!

be patient and stay tuned ∆


endless list of favorite characters: stefan bekowsky

↳ ‘my standards are only as high as the last glass of whiskey.’