Sarah’s a much better actor than Cosima is. Cosima playing Alison is a disaster, but Sarah can get away with playing Rachel in a way because she’s just more manipulative. I enjoy playing with that. For me, it’s always about making sure the base character, whoever is doing the acting, is strong and let them play the character. Let them try their best. Let Sarah try her best to be Rachel, and let all the cracks show and all the mistakes happen.
—  CLONES ON CLONES ON CLONES…  Tatiana Maslany on playing a character playing ANOTHER character (x)

“And this just happened! The erasure of Black women is real! When Serena Williams can’t even be #SISportsperson without the LA Times wondering whether a race horse was snubbed, you see how the media and this world we live in doesn’t believe a Black woman is entitled to a cookie crumb much less a magazine cover commemorating the top sports PERSON of the year.” #SayHerName  


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Steampunk-inspired roller coaster dives into haunted gold mine

“A Netherlands theme park will unveil a $20-million roller coaster this summer featuring a level of thematic detail rarely found in massive steel thrill rides.The Baron 1898 dive coaster at Efteling theme park will combine a 19th century Dutch gold mining backstory with a 90-degree free-fall drop into a subterranean tunnel.Similar to the Krake dive coaster at Germany’s Heide Park, the double-inversion Baron 1898 built by Switzerland-based Bolliger & Mabillard will reach a top speed of 55 mph over a 1,600-foot-long course.

Set in 1898, the backstory of the new coaster retells the mythical tale of greedy mine baron Gustave Hooghmoed, who discovered a system of old tunnels underneath Efteling just before the turn of the century.Deep inside the subterranean labyrinth, Hooghmoed made two surprising discoveries: Mountains of gold and a fright of ghosts. Known as Witte Wieven, the white women spirits of Dutch legend were sworn to protect the fertile soil and everything it contains, including the gold.” 

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