things i witnessed today at LA Pride
  • LGBT policemen and fbi agents walking hand in hand with their partners and spouses. 
  • a cute girl running out of the parade to give @stormsdameron her number
  • cops openly embracing people in the street
  • a man who had been attending LA pride since 1976. he shook my hand and said “when I first came to pride back then there were 25 people here. look at us now.”
  • elderly LGBT people blowing kisses from a float. holding hands. 
  • a woman approaching us and saying “you are so beautiful, all of you, take care of each other”
  • elementary school trans children in gender ambiguous clothes. smiling and laughing. blowing bubbles. 
  • when an anti-lgbt church began protesting and walking along side the parade with a loudspeaker, the entire brigade of Dykes on Bikes revved their motor cycles to drown out the hate speech. no one could hear them
  • a man who gave us all a handful of condoms and said “take care of each other. be strong. your voices are so important”
  • women holding hands with other women. men holding hands with other men. 
  • trans women and trans men laughing and dancing. 
  • danny devito in a rainbow shirt pointing and waving at us
  • dennis from It’s Always Sunny wearing a shirt that says “You Can Pee Next to Me”
  • dozens of last minute signs and tributes to orlando. outcries of “we love you orlando” 
  • confetti. dancing in the streets. 
  • people supporting each other in every aspect. high fives. hugs. kisses on cheeks. affirmations. 
  • so many affirmations. 
  • words of kindness.
  • you are beautiful.
  • you are loved.
  • you are important.
  • stay strong. 
  • i love your shirt. 
  • i love your lipstick. 
  • stay strong. 
  • take care of each other. 
  • stay strong
  • stay strong
  • stay strong. 

I’ve officially decided that when you can’t decide on a color to wear, all of them is the best option. 🌈

LA Pride, 2017


“My name is Adam Lambert and I am proud to be a human.“

I’m also gay, cisgendered, redheaded, Jewish and a man, but that’s getting specific. We have moved into an era of intense categorizing in an effort to declare our identities. We use labels in order to help others understand who we are, and how we live. And sometimes we need them to figure ourselves out too, because we want to take pride in our individuality.    But do you sometimes feel that we have gotten a little carried away with all these labels? Cause at the end of the day, we’re all human beings. Wouldn’t you rather identify somebody by their name and their energy instead of their sexual preference, their race, their gender, their age or their religion? If we could do that wouldn’t that be more rewarding and allow for deeper connection? I know–that’s being very idealistic. It’s wishful thinking, and sadly, this is not the reality of the world we live in. Especially lately.    I typically avoid publicly speaking about politics because of its devisiveness. People get real sensitive, and I ain’t trying to piss anybody off. But, this year things have gone way too far. So I’m not speaking today about being a Democrat vs a Republican. Today is about right vs wrong. The current presidential administration has manipulated the country using fear and hate to gain power to divide us. Our differences are being used against us. And the shockwaves of this dangerous rhetoric has rippled throughout our community and beyond. And it f*cking hurts. We’ve come way too far to stand by and watch our social progress be yanked backwards. It’s almost as if they’re going ‘Eh, you’re different. You can’t sit with us.’ What the f*ck is that? It’s childish and it needs to end now.    Our pride parade is usually an all out sh*t show of a party where we all dress up like crazy unicorns and prance around through the streets. Yeah! It’s a celebration of the progress we have made–our liberation, our freedom, our glitter. But this year, we are facing such dark forces that pride has taken on a deeper purpose. PROTEST. So today, we stand together in order to support anyone whose human rights are at risk. We resist homophobia. We resist transphobia. We resist misogyny. Bi-invisibility. We resist racism. Xenophobia. And we resist extremism, and anything else that helps promote hate. We stand defiant and will not be brainwashed. We refuse to be sucked into that kind of negativity.    But, I ask you not to fight hate with hate. We don’t want to be hypocrites. So how can we resist? I’ll tell you what I think: With unity, with visibility, truth, inclusion, acceptance, and most importantly–LOVE. We got a lot of work to do, and a lot of ignorance to combat. But we know right from wrong. We know that we are stronger together than we are divided. So take some time today and connect with someone different from you. Recognize another human being. We all deserve to love and be loved. And that goes for all of us within the queer community, within this country and on this planet. After all, the only way our rainbow is a motherf*ckin’ rainbow, is with all the colors shining equally.

Singer Adam Lambert attends the LA Pride ResistMarch on June 11, 2017 in West Hollywood, California