LA hair


Sadly the tumblr staff felt that my Amara La Negra appreciation post(which proudly received over 7,000 notes)  needed to be deleted & I don’t know why:( …. Well here’s a new one,enjoy(:


Original illustration tee. 6.1 ounce heavyweight, Pre-shrunk 100% cotton. Full color/baby blue.

If you’re attending AX I will be selling these first come first serve, you can pre-order on my website and pick it up at the event (I’ll be at AA table C75 next to Billies and KL) and catch yourself one ahead. Quantities are limited to 37 because I don’t know who would want some (left overs will be sold online and/or Saboten Con OR if no one buys it ill just have pajamas for life lol)

 If orders go beyond 37 online in the next 24 hours (lol yaright) I’ll reconsider printing more… /sweat I didn’t have much time to open preorders earlier sorry!!

Reblogs appreciated u///u


Shangela & Sonique on “LA Hair”