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I fear that one day I will bump into you on the street or inside a restaurant then my world will zero in on you and I will feel the same way as I did that day I had to let you go. I’m scared that years from now, when we have seemingly moved on with our own lives and living it with different people, we’ll still be each other’s greatest what-if.
—  Why La la land fucked me up / deepthoughtsofanobody

Line work in progress 🖤🖤🖤 Good night ✨#sashatattooing #sashamasiuk #tattoo #enmanierenoire #engravingtattoo #tattoo #tattoola #LosAngeles #tattoopage #tattooartist #california #la #besttattoos #ink #inked #tattooist #instagood #blackart #blackwork #blacktattooing #dotwork #linework #art #style #toptattooartist #engraving (at Berlin, Germany)

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He wasn’t the kind of guy all the girls fell for. He wasn’t tall but he wasn’t short. His hair didn’t swoop nor was it the perfect shade brown, and he lacked a flawlessly chiseled body. But despite all this, he did have a chiseled soul, so incised that its only explanation was buried within the hammer and nail of God himself. He had freckles on his shoulders, and his teeth weren’t perfectly straight. But damn, the way his eyes wrote novels when he caught her looking at him through the cracks in the crowded room was enough proof of a fiery soul and wicked mind for anyone who dared to notice.

I’m having a sketch day, so I won’t really have any new images worth uploading for a couple days. Instead, I wanted to share the older piece of mine that is my biggest inspiration for my current body of work that I am creating for Antler Gallery:

“Coragyps atratus”, 2015, Ball point pen, Ink pencils, Acrylic ink, Marker, Colored pencil, Graphite, and Gel pen on Hot-Pressed Watercolor Paper, 18 ¼ x 24in. sold.

This piece was my favorite from my first solo show. It was at the amazing, but sadly no longer around, Roq La Rue Gallery.


What’s holding me back? Guilt. Feeling unlovable. Feeling lovable but only to an extent, only on the surface. A lot of insecurity. Fear of how I come off to others. Fear of not being a lady or not being girly enough. Wondering if they think of me as often as I think of them. Wondering if he remembers as much about our relationship as I do. Fear of my future and not having found my passion just yet. Fear of failure. Regret. Self-doubt. Major trust issues. Lack of self-worth. Not being able to believe that I’m deserving. Worry. Constant anxiety about my family and their hardships. Constant. Fear. What’s holding you back?

I miss doing these kinda pics. 

I kept seeing MobBoss! Bendy and Abel on my dash today and I got inspired. And one of my favorite casinos has such nice architecture to work with art-wise. 

MobBoss!Bendy belongs to @thelostmoongazer
Abel the Angel belongs to @the-vampire-inside-me

Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight

I’ll be doing a series of 3 illustrations inspired by Travis Scott’s second full length album. For this first illustration, I tried to create an image that represented the themes and vibes that I got from the album as a whole. Next week’s illustration will be inspired by my favorite song from Birds.