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The Unearthed Paintings of Richard Thorbird

Born in 1937, Richard Thorstenson “Thorbird” is originally from Duluth, Minnesota. With a degree in Art from the University of Minnesota,Thorbird moved to Topanga Canyon at the beginning of the counter-cultural revolution of the 60s. For the next decade and half, Thorbird would create hundreds of paintings in the seclusion of his home that aside from close friends, no one would ever see. 

Less than a year ago, it was discovered that Richard Thorbird possessed a treasure-trove of over 150 of his original paintings dating back to the mid-60′s thru the late 70′s. 

His works are brightly painted, psychedelic time capsules of the “endless summer” era.  Similar to his Southern California contemporaries, Thorbirds paintings possess a utopian, dream-like aesthetic heavily influenced by his elemental surroundings.

Richard Thorbird, now 78 years old, is facing foreclosure of his home in Topanga Canyon. Without family or funds, he needs to raise $17,500 by April 30th, or the bank will repossess his home, he will become homeless and will quite literally lose everything. Please watch the video below, visit his indigogo page here, DONATE and share! Check out his Instagram feed to view more of his work @richardthorbird 


Camilla Taylor, “Cipher”, Prohibition Gallery, Feb. 21 - March 14, 2015

I’ve been following Camilla’s tumblr for a while now and it was great to see her work in person, especially at a gallery that’s two blocks from my apartment! There’s a theme of color saturated abstract art going around the Culver City galleries and it’s nice to see something monotone, representational, and different. I also make representational work lacking in the color department, so Camilla’s show was great to see. 


Marc Folly | Numeroté Signé (France)

Amoureux des lumières fortes et des couleurs puissantes, Marc Folly a le goût et l'art des sujets décalés et complexes, souvent liés à l'ordinaire des rencontres. Sites urbains ou industriels, il témoigne des empreintes de labeur inscrites dans les ateliers d'artisan. “Le sentiment de la nostalgie est un travers que je ne peux pas emprunter quand bien même il me force le coeur.”

La reproduction de l'artiste est maintenant disponible sur Numeroté Signé