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SCANDAL; “EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!” Live in L.A. (House of Blues Sunset 05.22.2015)

Video upload w/ thanks to Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi @ YT.

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Whoa..It’s been a while since I wrote anything

Good Morning to all of you sexy, sexy people.

It’s been some time since I sat down and wrote something and it truly wasn’t from a lack of trying.

A lot of new things have come up in my life to which I will share with you now. Feel free to be like, yeah Sam, fuck outta here - it’s Saturday morning and the last thing I want to do is listen to your bullshit. Dude/Dudette - I empathize.

So first things first - I got a new job - yassssssssssssss. I work as a Social Media Specialist at Business Insider and honestly, I don’t know how I lucked out into getting this job. I had an interview over the phone and one in person and a few weeks later landed the job. How? I still haven’t wrapped my head around the reasons. It’s been a great first 2 weeks trying to figure out what my responsibilities are and they’ve given me pretty much a carte blanche which is FANTASTIC. I’ll be focusing on launching Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest strategies so if anyone wants to give me any opinions, thoughts, or advice on those platforms - please do! At the end of the day social media is about the people on it and you beautiful people are the ones I want to target. Seriously. I love you all. I’ll write more about the job as the weeks go by but this may honestly be the best job I could have ever asked for. I’m contemplating calling it perfect.

Right before I accepted the job offer I went to Vegas/L.A. for one of my best friend’s bachelor party. I’m not a gambler, prostitute lover, baller or anything else that would make Vegas appealing to me BUT I still love it. It’s the same reason why I love Williamsburg - people are so weird. People of all shapes and sizes and colours and walks of life converge to one spot and bring and show off their weirdness without any shame. That notion makes me extremely comfortable because nothing I can do or wear will ever attract attention and there’s one thing I hate is being the centre of it. 

They had arrived the weekend of the May/Pac fight and they were lucky enough to book their tickets before the fight was announced. Unfortunately I had not so I flew in on the following Monday night where I immediately asked to be taken to In ‘N Out for the necessary burger. We ended up going to the strip club, which was fun enough but a stripper started leeching onto me which became rather annoying as I constantly reminded her that I have no money or any plans to spend any. I guess my rugged good looks made her quit wanting to chase that paper.

The next day we drove to L.A. and given that it was my first time in California - I was pleasantly surprised. My Jesus California is such a beautiful state. The drive from Vegas to L.A. was incredible beautiful and we ended up staying at an AirBnb in Santa Monica. Now listen to me carefully - I will move to Santa Monica in the next few years. Wow. It was unlike what I was expecting L.A. to be. Every woman, man and child was exceptionally beautiful. The sun was always shining and you know what the best part was? The people were all so nice. As a Canadian living in New York City, I’ve missed that. A lot.

Needless to say we did a whole bunch of touristy shit but for the most part all we ended up doing was shopping, eating, and walking around - which was amazing to me. 

I’ll be writing more about L.A. so I’ll keep it short for now. We ended up driving back to Vegas, seeing Calvin Harris live, who for the record was a shit DJ. Like yeah dude you’re a talented producer but just stick to that - I don’t want a 3 hour set filled with your own music.

That’s about it - honestly there’s probably more but I got bored writing all this stuff and if you’ve sticked around so far I sincerely apologize if this shit was dry and humourless. 

Again, I’ll write more stuff in the coming weeks but for now - stay weird everyone.

OHHH before I forget - I also bought myself a PS4 as a gift for getting the job SO if anyone wants to add me and we’ll play…something? (I honestly just played GTA) Let me know!