I like Lapis as a character, but she was not forced to fuse. She is a powerful hydrokinetic who had an entire ocean at her back and Jasper was already weak. If she tried to fight, poofing her would not have been hard. Instead Lapis agreed to the fusion and violated their mutual consent by forcing Jasper to stay in the fusion as she tried to break free. I don’t understand why people can’t see this. — Anonymous

shoot ok

Y'know that headcanon where Quill, Lockwood, and Jess were best buds and Quill loved Jess? I’m all for it, but wouldn’t Quill and Jess be loads older than Lockwood?

Lockwood is nine compared to 16-17 quill and 15-16 Jess

lockwood is like

a tiny son and jess and quill are the parents


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Nujabes & L Universe | Ain’t No Mystery | 1999

On Feb. 26, 2010, a traffic accident claimed the life of 36-years-old DJ and producer Jun Seba, who recorded under the name Nujabes, one of Japan’s most revered hip-hop producers, and whose posthumous fame has only surpassed the renown that he had enjoyed during his lifetime. Seba’s musical career started in Shibuya in 1995, where he opened his record store Guinnes Records, and later in 1998 he started to work seriously on producing beats while at High School, releasing a clutch of well-received mixtapes. His first 12-inch, “Ain’t No Mystery”, featuring bilingual japanese rapper L Universe, was released in 1999 on his own Hydeout Productions where he would release almost his entire oeuvre. 


JLANetwork Challenge 9

An AU of any Book -> The X-Files and The Lux Series Crossover

Daemon Black goes to alien conspiracy theorist Fox Mulder for help getting Katy back from the DOD.

Ain't No Chronology
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Vocals: L Universe & Nujabes - Ain’t No Mystery
Beat: BeNeVoLeNcE - Only Time Can Tell (Chrono Cross)

Today’s mashup is L Universe (AKA Verbal of M-Flo) mixed to a Chrono Cross related beat. The cool thing about this particular beat is that it’s actually a medley. I think the first theme sampled is “A Child Lost In Time” but I’m pretty sure the next two are “Arni Village” and “Fields of Time” (those track title translations may vary). Enjoy the mashup and feel free to download it here.


so… i drew stuff from this fic, http://archiveofourown.org/works/5342135

basically lapis is apparently a fuckboi who uses the ;) emoticon ironically with a dead look on her face, and peridot is desperate enough to make a kik account when lapis asked her for her kik.

((transcript: first - pic ‘so i heard u want to lose ur v-card’, and second pic - ‘plz. don’t be shy baby, all u just need responsible adult at the wheel of popping that cherry express’, and a very seductive lapis lazuli with ‘daddy’ written on her shirt))

I guess i should tag the author, lol @insomniac-arrest