The days when you love yourself will be the best days of your life. Love radiates from being to being like a unstoppable force, loving yourself will result in you loving others. Find peace with who you are and how you feel, accept how you manifest and acknowledge the beauty in others. Loving yourself is the most beautiful thing you can do, for yourself and the universe.

L o v e by Amy Kennedy


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anonymous asked:

I love the fae college thing! There's at least one student who purposefully went into the magical time warping library zones and never really returned, did they? Because I would totally do that, even if I didn't need to study for anything.

Usually the come back, and mostly they come back the same but tired. But yeah every few years one’s lost and more rarely even the Fair Folk don’t know where they ended up.

(Once in a while the Library will also just spit you out in That Corner of a different college’s university. L-Space, ya feel)

S: Oh his middle name is Quartz.  That’s clever.  Like giving him his mother’s maiden name, kind of.  

L: You have a thing for names, don’t you?

S: Yeah…

L: I’m kinda surprised you haven’t mentioned it before.

S: I thought it would be boring.

L: Nah, talk about whatever is in your head.

S: Well…. I do find it interesting that Steven comes from Stephanos which means pretty much “that which surrounds” which means that his name is actually “that which surrounds the Universe”.  

L: I can’t believe you’ve been holding that in this whole time.