L: “Light-kun, what color is this dress?”

Light: Dammit, it’s a trap. If I say blue and black, would that increase my percentage of being Kira? But if I lie and I say that it looks gold and white, would he catch that and increase my percentage anyway? Damn him.

Light: *small chuckle* “What for? Are you planning on wearing it?”

L: “5% chance of being Kira.”

Light: Son of a—


Nothing discernible to the eye of the spirit is more brilliant or obscure than man; nothing is more formidable, complex, mysterious, and infinite. There is a prospect greater than the sea, and it is the sky; there is a prospect greater than the sky, and it is the human soul.”  (V. Hugo)

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Can you do one with the genius trio and saying 'I love you' for the first time? Thanks!

L: "I love you, ____." You startled in your seat next to him, eyes fixing on him in surprise. "I— What?" He turned to face you, his eyes as blank as they normally were, but he repeated the words. You shook your head, sending your hair into your eyes, and smiled widely. "I love you too!" He looked relieved for just a moment before he said, "I know. I’ve known for a while. You weren’t hiding it very well." You rolled your eyes and sighed. "Damn detective."

Mello: He was unusually quiet the past few days, no random angry outbursts or snarky comments. You thought he was going to break it off, so you were preparing yourself for that. Then one night when you were getting ready for bed, he dropped a bombshell on you. “____, I love you.” You froze, looking over at him to make sure he was serious, before bursting into relieved laughter. Of course, he didn’t see it that way and stood up, ready to burst at the seams with anger. You lunged at him, wrapping your arms around him and pushing him onto the bed and said, “I thought you were going to— Nevermind. I love you too, Mello!”

Near: “I love you.” You didn’t skip a beat, turning around and throwing your arms around him, internally squealing with happiness. He looked surprised, a light blush painting his pale skin as he wrapped his arms around you, hiding his face in your shoulder. It wasn’t something he had meant to say, it had just slipped out in the heat of the moment. He was relieved at your reaction, though, so he figured it wouldn’t be too bad. “I love you too, Near!” Scratch that. He felt as if his face was going to burst into flames.



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Light,mello,and L finding there s.o who had been tortured (I hope this is okay if u don't want to write it I understand)

Light: He rushed to your side, wrapping his jacket around your blood soaked body and lifted you up. Numerous gashed marked your arms, and your formerly white shirt was red and dripping, telling him that there were more marks to find. Anger raged with worry, swirling around in his stomach until he felt like he was going to throw up, but he continued to run until he hit the road where the ambulance was waiting. You were clenching his shirt gently in your hand, soft breaths bubbling blood on your lips. Your eyes flickered open, hazy and disoriented, but you smiled when you caught sight of him. He forced a smile back and let the paramedics take you.

Mello: He was so angry. They had just left you in an alley to die. He held you close as he waited for the ambulance to arrive, staring at the puddle of blood he had found you in as more dripped down his arms. You were awake, disoriented, but happy as you buried your face in his neck. He ignored the raspy breaths escaping your lips, focusing instead on the fact that you were at least breathing. His gut clenched as he thought about the way you had reached out to him, his name soft and scratchy as it fell off your lips when he found you. You sounded so weak and scared. His arms clenched tighter around you, eliciting a squeak from you as it brushed the gashes all over your body.

L: He shooed everyone out of the way as he collapsed to his knees next to you. You were covered in blood, your shirt torn and showing off numerous marks on your skin. He gathered you up, struggling to maintain his composure as he sent someone off to call an ambulance. You were unconcious, breathing shallow but even and he breathed a quiet sigh of relief. He looked up, his eyes landing on Light, who stood in with the crowd of officers around him and you. He looked genuinely confused and worried, but L didn’t think that meant much. He looked back down at you and was surprised to find you awake, your eyes locked on him with an intense clarity. Your voice was ragged as you called his name and it caused his heart to jump.