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@ Vancouver EXO-L’s: I hope all of you are happy with what you did. Not just at the concert but at the airport as well. The fact that EXO had to ask you guys 3 fucking times to take a step back in the pit is just sad. You put them and other fans in danger. Their first impression of the city must be horrible. 

To the other cities: Please be better behaved. We want them to come back don’t we?

EXO as things my bestfriend has said to me

Suho: *us walking by the elementary school* “God who let all these gremlins loose, put them back where they came from”

Sehun: “how am I still single, have you seen me I’m a goddess”

Kai: *I asked her what see wanted to eat* “chicken wings, beef, and macaroni”

Lay: “if we drink a drink why can’t we food a food”

Chen: “what if I just started screaming, would the teacher let me skip the test”

D.O.: “I may be small but I swear to god if you call me mini me one more time, I will force your body to be my height”

Chanyeol: “listen here you overgrown fuck, I don’t care if you can get things off the top shelf, I can kick your ass at limbo”

Xiumin: “I’m a whole year older than you, shut up you five year old”

Baekhyun: “If I was a puppy would I finally get attention”