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EXO When You Peck Them on the Cheek In Front of Other Members

I always think it’s so cute when the members of idol groups freak out over kissing each other on the cheek, but cheek pecks are so cute!
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Xiumin: As you get up to leave for an emergency at work, you give him a small peck on the cheek with your goodbye. The other members in the room stare at Xiumin when the door closes behind you as he wills the red to leave his cheeks.

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Luhan: Unfazed by your public affection, he just gives you a kiss on the forehead back before leaving for his photoshoot, shooting the others an annoyed look that says ‘at least I’m dating someone’ when they make fun of him for it.

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Kris: Caught off guard by your peck, he would turn to look at you with a confused look then give you a small smile before resuming his conversation with the others, acting like nothing happened but feeling a little bubbly inside.

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Suho: Being the first time he brought you to the dorm, he wouldn’t want to scare you away by being really affectionate in front of all these boys, so when you kiss his cheek unexpectedly he raises his eyebrows suggestively, making everyone in the room laugh.

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Lay: Although he would be a tad bit embarrassed when you give him a hello peck when meeting him after practice, Lay thinks of it more as a sign to show how sweet and cute you are in front of the other members than as PDA.

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Baekhyun: Totally used to your random pecks of affection by now, he just kisses your cheek back in response. Then, remembering the others were there too, turns back with a bit of a smug smirk, happy to be dating such an affectionate person.

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Chen: Not knowing how you would react to meeting all the members at the same time, he’s happy that you’re comfortable enough to kiss him in front of them, even if its only on the cheek and can’t help but smile through the whole ordeal.

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Chanyeol: When you peck him goodbye after visiting his dorm, the other members relentlessly tease Chanyeol about it, making him blush even harder. But, no matter how hard he tries he can’t get the blush or smile to leave his face.

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D.O: A little startled by your kiss, Kyungsoo would try to recover quickly before everyone else could see how flustered he is by it and tries to play it off like he is totally unaffected but doesn’t fool anyone and is forced to deal with their taunting.

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Tao: Probably the most overly affectionate about it, Tao would make a show of kissing you back, much to the annoyance of the other members. When he turns back to the conversation, he is greeted by a lot of eye rolling and sighs.

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Kai: When you shyly presses your lips to his cheek in an unexpected greeting, he would turn to give you a reassuring smile before pulling you down to sit next to him, introducing you to the other members, giving them a warning glance to be nice.

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Sehun: Not really used to public displays of affection, Sehun would be a little baffled by your peck on his cheek and wouldn’t really know how to respond. After a moment he would look at you and squeeze your hand, letting you know it was ok.

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