Tagged by @zelos-wilders to post 8 characters I relate to and a picture of me. Thanks Dakota this took some serious though, also you are so handsome in your picture! From the top middle clockwise we have Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil, Nei from Phantasy Star, Son Gohan from Dragon Ball Z, Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, Steven Quartz Universe from Steven Universe, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Beast Boy from Teen Titans and Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia.

I feel these ones best represent my personality and different areas of it. Naturally I feel more in touch with Steven to all sides of myself, he’s very much me at my most free. But there’s also the serious side of Nei’s want to be accepted and freedom, Roxas’ want to have an identity, Sora’s joy for life and friendship, Gohan’s nerdiness, Beast Boy’s silly personality and Milla Maxwell’s drive and want for justice. Maybe I’m looking too deep into it but I think this goes well.

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Filo and Kytes have some of the greatest interactions in the entire game. Filo is eleven and Kytes is ten; no one would expect them to be dragged to an unexplored sky continent on a dangerous expedition, and they handle the adventure like most kids would. They’re orphans; they don’t have all that much in their lives, and they appreciate every good thing they experience in Lemurés. Most of all, though, they appreciate each other. They know that their friends are what’s most important, and they never lose sight of that. But it’s inaccurate to say that that’s a part of their character development. That love of family is with them from the very beginning. What does change between Filo and Kytes is the way they use their friendship to interact with the world around them.


Less populer trans-masculine youtuber’s

*Carter Ray

*Devann Poe

*Percey Jasper


*Liam Christie

*Grey D

*Rion Blake

*Skyler Kyte

*Ian Cox

*Jeff Miller

anonymous asked:

Hi Kytes I'm really struggling with people not accepting me. I'm gay and I'm scared to come out to my family because they are super strict and I know they won't like it. I'm tired of feeling like nothing and like there's something wrong with me. I've read about your troubles and getting over your depression, suicide and self harming can you give me advice? I really need a friend right now and even though we don't talk I look up to you and would like your wisdom.

Hello there my friend! I take it from your message we don’t talk but either you follow me or we are mutuals? I’m not a professional or anything, I can only talk from my own experiences and feelings but I hope that they can help you.

From reading your message I take it that you haven’t come out to anyone be it family or friends? You can take joy in that you have come out to me even though you haven’t revealed yourself, you have let that part out so that is a great thing. Think of that!

What is it that you face with your family? Is it religion, their own personal prejudices or other things? I can’t even give you good advice on how to deal with that really, I’m not sure how I would because I’ve been lucky to have an accepting family. One thing is very important I can say is your friends. Is there someone you are extremely close to that you would feel comfortable coming out to or even just to drop subtle hints? You should never force yourself to come out until you know you are ready, let it come naturally. Friends are extremely important, both your physical and online friends. Physical and online friendships are EXACTLY the same, do not let other people tell you otherwise. Even though you are talking to them through screens they are important and you have bonded together.

You have said about having trouble being accepted, is this with your general personality to? All I can say is try to be yourself, even if you feel like you can only do that when you have your alone time. If it’s like that, be your complete self during then so you can let it all out. If you have to wear a mask or guard yourself slightly around other people you can let little parts out whilst still being protected. We always say being yourself is important and that is but we all know that sometimes in situations being yourself can be dangerous and scary. You can be yourself whilst still protecting yourself. Sorry I feel like I’m saying yourself a lot and it’s not coming across okay. What matters is that you are okay with your personality and light. If you aren’t completely that’s okay, it took me years to full like and love myself, actually really until I turned 26 I properly felt it. Look at the positive attributes you like and focus on those and the others will come to you.

On that last note depression, anxiety and self harm. It’s something so horrible and it’s so draining, both physically and mentally. From what I have went through I never ever want anyone else to go through what I did. I don’t know the full extent of your issues and demons but I guess you’re struggling with what you mentioned? One thing that really helped me during the darkest times was diving straight into my love for video games. Playing Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star and other games really helped me escape from everything I was suffering from. Sora’s personality, laughter, smile and love gave me the things I didn’t have. Another thing is FRIENDS! Like I mentioned earlier online friends are so important! Back when I was 16 we were still in a time where you didn’t have the proper relationships you have with online friends as now. They can be there for you, they can talk to you, they can go through things with you. I feel being able to express myself and talk about my issues with my online friends is so much easier than my physical ones. Not only because it’s easier to do it through text rather than physical expression but I feel much more connected to them. These are the two things I recommend to help combat them, lose yourself in what you love and speak to your friends. They WILL help.

I don’t know which country you live in but if you can go to a doctor to start the process of speaking to a psychiatrist/taking anti-depressants helps a lot. I was on anti-depressants for nearly 10 years on and off before I eventually stopped taking them because I eventually felt confident to no longer use them. I have a psychiatrist as well which put me on the right path. They can help you in many ways, don’t be embarrassed about seeking out help. There is nothing wrong with that.

Be proud that you are gay, what your sexuality is because it is something to be proud of. That’s why it’s called “pride”. There was something said on an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race which can apply to everyone but it really applies to the LGBTQIA people. “You know as gay people we get to choose our families, we get to choose the people we are around,” and that is powerful. I can tell you myself that my online friends, my best friends are my family. There are EXACTLY the same and so important. We are all friends, we are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, lovers to each other. Your friends are your family, we are family.

You’re not alone, never forget that. You deserve to have your life and to live it. I know you’ve probably heard it but, “It gets better,” and it really does. It can get better now, just please try to like yourself and get through those times because your future is bright, beautiful and full of light. Just like you are now.

Hey everyone! Detour is coming up and I wanted to let you guys know my cosplay lineup for this year!!! Comfort is basically it for this Detour. Debuting 3 new cosplays this year!! @shokenfi, @kyte-tran and @bearyoak are doing last years birthday outfits of our boys from IDOLiSH7!!! So excited!!! I also want to bring in my other sports children, hopefully. I have no idea when or what day I’m wearing each one, so, just keep a look out. See you guys at Detour!!