Found a bunch of new posters with Soviet republics emblems and patterns. And a bonus double-sided poster with the Russian alphabet. I don’t think I can find second copies of these, so first come first serve! Published in 1988.
(Sorry for the bad photos, we get aweful daylight these days with all the rains)

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Minoritized languages moodboard: Chechen

Chechen ( Noxçiyn Mott / Нохчийн Мотт / نَاخچیین موٓتت / ნახჩიე მუოთთ) is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in Chechnya and by the Chechen diaspora throughout Russia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia.

Following Jesus in many Central Asian countries is becoming increasingly hard. This is a picture of a small church in Kyrgyzstan. It was broken into by some local extremist Muslims. They broke furniture, stole equipment and wrote threats on the walls.

The words in this image chillingly say, “We will kill you”.

Pray for the members of this church and its leaders as they face threats, intimidation and pressure for their faith in Jesus. Ask for courage, peace, security and boldness. Ask that in the face of danger and aggression, God’s power would be known even more strongly - pray for miracles, salvation and changed lives!