Little mermaid au where she sells her soul to become human and can only stay that way with true love’s kiss, little does she know, her true love is the sexy pirate who ironically can’t swim

(I think there used to be an AU like this? Sadly I don’t know who was responsible or if its even still a thing but this probably isnt related to it)

Yoυ’ll ɴever ĸɴow wнαт нιт yoυ, woɴ’т ѕee мe cloѕιɴɢ ιɴ. I’м ɢoɴɴα мαĸe yoυ ѕυғғer... Tнιѕ Hell yoυ pυт мe ιɴ. I’м υɴderɴeαтн yoυr ѕĸιɴ, тнe devιl wιтнιɴ. Yoυ’ll ɴever ĸɴow wнαт нιт yoυ!

“Magical Girls must continue to fight. That’s the reason why she willingly gave up her own life to bring us salvation”
God is Tot!