[160717] KaiSoo @ SMT Japan
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-that hold in waist!

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New work with Bear Grylls for Kyocera and remember to tune into GET OUT ALIVE WITH BEAR GRYLLS tonight at 9pm on NBC!

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New work with Bear Grylls for Kyocera!

Random thoughts about harsh comments abt WINNER

Today, there is almost no live update about WINNER performance. Although fans of WINNER know that they will sing (sure 99%) “Officially Missing You” and “Go Up”, they are waiting and even hungry for information, photos and fancams about these boys.

I accidentally found a tweet saying something negative about WINNER performance today. This time, the “victim” is another member. But I do not retweet or do not mention to ask the owner of that tweet. I chose to ignore it, then keep calm and wait for real fancam which is learnt from last performance’ lesson. Due to a rumor about Jin Woo which we couldn’t check at that moment of seeing the info, there were a lot of bashing comments about WINNER from antis and from fans of the other team - who - all - know.

Suddenly, I feel so sorry for WINNER boys. While they are working harder and harder to gain experience for their debut, many haters (who we almost know) try to bad-mouth them. The frequency of the bashing increases little by little. Haiz. Despite their childish actions, the result of WIN show cannot be changed. I wish they could understand at least the statement by Dae Sung: Flower blooms in Spring and Fall. The flower will definitely bloom, no doubt. One just endures and waits for it. 

I recalled a friend who told me about the saying “Like idol, like fan” and recently, another blog friend reminded me that fans also represent the image of their idols. I think WINNER fans will know how to keep their idols’ image and will become a wise fandom.

Well, I believe in the Law of Cause and Effect in Buddhism. So haters, just take care of yourself. In the meantime, the more you-haters bash WINNER, the more I hope their debut to be a huge successful and WINNER’s fans will support them more :)