The Zemeckises twitter 2016.09.30

【速報】「The Zemeckises×VILLAGE VANGUARDコラボグッズ」発売決定!10月8日(土)よりヴィレッジヴァンガード渋谷宇田川店、10月14日(金)より新京極店にて全5種数量限定で販売いたします!(s)
[news] The Zemeckises wil do a collaboration with VILLAGE VANGAURD! Starting from October 8th for Shibuya Udagawa store (in Tokyo), and October 14th for Shinkyogoku store (in Kyoto) we will be selling limited quantities of 5 types of goods! (S)


capsule toys 7 types of badges / 500 yen for one try, 2 badges
collaboration t-shirt 3000 yen
letter set 500 yen
lunch bag 1700 yen
wire-Aku-key 800 yen