lie to me - chapter three

- a deal for a devil -

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Chapter Excerpt:

Risks had been his lifeblood for eighteen years of his life and every day since he’d been removed from the Order had been a struggle not to start a bar fight or break any and every rule he could think of. But this was something new and exciting, something he had never thought of doing until Rey came along.

The two sat on the bench, side-by-side, drinking their beers and looking out the open garage door as the sky got slowly darker. An odd sense of peace had settled over them, but underlying it was a network of livewires, sparking and buzzing with life and danger. They saw it as nothing more than a fresh opportunity for change and deadly vengeance. It awakened their senses. It brought them to life. It connected their souls in ways they had never imagined possible, and would soon come to realize.

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After Crait - Chapter 11

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“What is it, Ben? I’m sort of busy right now.” She’s bent over a set of lists, brow knitted in concentration. Her tone is distracted. He’d hoped for something tender, but half expected anger after their last encounter.

Not the one in which Dameron had come knocking on her door.

It had taken him three galactic standard days to overcome his rage at the idea of the hot-shot pilot anywhere near Rey.

Eventually a voice inside his head had got through the churning fury, insisting that the pilot would naturally have contact with Rey, and that seeking her out did not mean he was organising some kind of secret tryst with her.

It was he who was going behind the back of the First Order.

Rey who was ignoring her loyalty to the Resistance.

Because neither of them was making any kind of serious attempt to stop their connection.

In fact, it had gone further than that the previous evening …

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The Supreme Leader and his Empress. Because honestly, I kinda wanted this to happen, just a little bit. 

 Completely done in autodesk sketchbook mobile.


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“There is no horizon for us”


The perfect song , but I’m sorry it is in Russian

Мумий Тролль: “Карты”

Всех морей не пройти.
Прям в начале пути растерялись, подзадержались.
Карты выучили, знали все языки…
Да, вот, остались - подумали лучше пройдут если тучи.

Как будто не знали, что
В этом тумане надо жить не по Солнцу.
Ночью нам в Океане горизонт тут не светит,
Там идут не по звёздам - там сердцем идут.

Всех полей не вспахать.
Ста смертям не бывать.
Зря что-ли метнулись,
Зато улыбнулись!

Как будто не знали, что
В этом тумане надо жить не по Солнцу.
Ночью нам в Океане горизонт тут не светит,
Там идут не по звёздам - там сердцем идут.

Let me get this straight

So Kylo Ren gets his face sliced open by Rey in TFA

Originally posted by pixelrey

Literally cut open like a steak 

And about 24 hours later, she just pops up in his room while he’s getting tHE EXACT WOUND STITCHED UP

This, this is how he responds?

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don’t forget

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oh and this gem when realizes using the force is not game plan number uno when talking to this girl

Originally posted by thecrueleststroke

This guy has it BAD

This girl literally was so pissed at you that she sliced your face open and left you in the snow on an exploding planet (can I call that a planet?) 

You should be salty in some capacity 

But instead, we get the worlds largest kicked puppy 

Originally posted by satiines

You can see that it’s literally a, “Am I dreaming?” moment. He’s out of his mind that his super crush has materialized in front of him. 

Hell, he’s not even the tiniest bit pissed at her! 

Why? You ask. 

I’ll tell you why - It’s two reasons. First, because she’s the first person to see him for everything he is instantly.

Not because she’s crazy powerful (even though she is)

Not because she’s got a natural talent with the force 

No, because she got him right off the bat. 

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“Your afraid?” 

She knew right away that he was scared of never living up to essentially any of his family members and was deeply confused by this, but he didn’t spook her what so ever

Nah, Rey is tough as shit

She’s like, “On Jakku, you fight and do what you need to do.” She doesn’t have time for his fear. She gets it, he’s human to her in this moment. 

He’s mesmerized. 

This brings us to reason number two - He was fascinated with her the moment he saw her mind for the first time. She’s suffered just as much as he has and he sees the instantly with the first look in her mind. 

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He has one conversation with this girl and two mind reading sessions before he’s essentially all in. 

Give her whatever she wants

Or what he thinks she wants

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Of course he’s not mad at her

He’s already falling in love with the girl 

She’s the most like him person he’s ever met in his entire life

He will try to give her anything he thinks she could want

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He will figure it out eventually

A ripped up face didn’t stop him